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Basic sweet strawberry recipe. Mix and vape no special instructions.

Best way to describe is it is a grape limeade. I didn't have any ice or koolada flavoring but you could easily add some of that into this as well maybe 1-2% whatever makes the taste buds happy.

Green apples and snickerdoodles what can go wrong! Mix until frothy, I warm up in the baby bottle warmer and cool topless. Then let sit for at least a week.

I haven't found any recipes out there for an oatmeal scotchie cookie, which is my favorite cookie, so I made one. It's really simple nothing fancy.

I was making juice one night and was running low on flavors and decided to make something to use them up. I thought why not make something that would just use them all up at once. It was like 3am and I needed to get to bed. So Shadow's Milk was created. Oh well I love it. Since this one is heavy on the creams I mix this one until frothy then I let it sit, until it's clear, then I mix until it is frothy again. Then I heat in the baby bottle warmer for 30 minutes. Then I let this one sit for 2 weeks.

Sweet tooth vape with a little bit of a dragonfruit twist. This one I mix thoroughly for at least a couple of minutes and heat up in the baby bottle warmer for 30 minutes. Then I let cool topless. Since it is a creamy vape I let this one sit in a cool dark place for at least a week before I vape. The longer you wait the better I've let it set for 2 weeks and it is amazing.

Dragonfruit with a hint of raspberry wrapped with french vanilla. It's another one of my special mixes I came up with personally while playing around in my "lab" (basement). As always mix until frothy then I heat up in a baby bottle warmer for 15 minutes then cool with the cap off. Then I let it sit for at least 2-3 days. Taste is all relative though...enjoy!


My specialty sauce I make for all of my vape friends and family. It's pretty simple but really delicious. Sometimes I will add some sweet cream or french vanilla if I am feeling adventurous. Mix until frothy, warm in the baby bottle warmer for 15 minutes the cool topless. Then I this one only needs to sit for a day or two.


My version of the sicker than most clone. Make it as a 35PG/65VG ratio otherwise the flavors don't really come out very well. I always steep my liquids afterwards in a baby bottle warmer for about 15 minutes and then take the caps off and let them breath while they cool. I then let them sit for about a week in a cool dark place. Then vape and enjoy! Let me know what you think.

I have been able to make this recently with an 80/20 mix I just boosted the flavors of the blueberry, strawberry, and sweet cream by 1%.

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