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A rich banana pudding lightly drizzled with butterscotch and salted caramel.


As its invigorating tart kiwi bite quickly gives way to full-bodied juicy sweetness, this exemplifies the supremacy of the Arctic Beauty variety of the emerald fruit over its fuzzy brother. Served cold as the winds on the snowy slopes of Caradhras, it makes for a guaranteed refresher.


Revised, reformulated, and remixed. It's been almost 2 years since I made the original
and in the last year it hasn't changed. But I'd kind of always wanted to go back and simplify
the mix. When I got my hands on some WS-23 one of the first things I thought after trying it
was that it was the "Frost" I needed in Blue Frost.

With new found inspiration I decided to strip Blue Frost down to the essentials.
I dropped the FLV Raspberry, FW Razzleberry and TFA Sweetener; the first two because they
are superfluous and the last because I never really used sweetener when I mixed it for myself
(and when I do Cap/PUR Super Sweet are the way to go.)
Wayne was right about the Razzleberry watering down the mix and the candied raspberry
effect it brought to the table was already covered by the combination of Raspberry Sweet and
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy.

Cap Hibiscus: I'd seen it mentioned several times that this flavor works well in slushee mixes and
in ConcreteRiver's review he describes a "Lingering sticky sweet mouthfeel, again more pronounced with
higher wattages. Almost like the way the syrup in a slurpee sticks to your mouth long after you take
a sip."

And, of course, he's right. It works well to bridge the gaps and enhance the syrupy aspect of Blue Slush.

WS-23: This stuff is the best coolant I've tried, hands down. I worked my way up from .25% and it kept getting
colder and colder with no perceptible off notes or funky muskiness like I get from Koolada (as low as .5%)
At %1 it's a perfect frost, adding all the cold without affecting any of the flavor. This stuff is amazing and
quite addicting, I kind of want to put it in everything now.

The original Blue Frost was 90% where I wanted it and after working on it so long, I was
satisfied with where it was at. Now it's 100% to my palate and officially done. So if you've
tried Blue Frost, please mix this up and let me know what you think :)


Strap-On is like a choose your own adventure recipe, just stick something in there and shake it up, it'll probably be tasty. I've tried many variations of @ID10-T's Strap-On and was surprised to find out that the Mango-Man himself hadn't thought up this one first. Finally releasing it to the world, behold my Manly Strap-On!

This is a tough round. I mean the last one had fewer ingredients and was vaguely about fruit
but this one encompasses so many possibilities it was hard just to decide where to start.

Ultimately I settled on nostalgia: Like most kids candy was my drug of choice. I remember negotiations with my dealer (the asian lady at the corner market) where I'd pour out handfuls of change and handfuls of candy and hope that I'd have enough to cover it all. She was meticulous and miserly but would usually let a few pieces go unpaid for, as long as I wasn't trying to pay for them with bottles and cans. But the corner store was all standard fare, the real treats were on the road. Every month or so we'd go visit my grandparents out in the middle of nowhere (and hour drive felt like a lifetime) and on the way home we'd stop off at a little country store.
They had a rainbow of colorful sodas in glass bottles and literally barrels of candy. Not only was the candy in barrels, the candy I loved was shaped like a barrel.

"Barrels of Yum"
It was years later that I figured out what they were called. Years after the taste and excitement was a distant memory. But thanks to the internet I was able to experience it all again and I was even able to rediscover my favorite flavor among them--Blue Raspberry.

TPA Blue Raspberry: It's the base but it's basic. It's artificial, tangy, sweet and watered down blue raspberry. It's good but not good enough to be alone...

Cap Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy: This rounds out TPA's offering and brings it to life. Just these two alone are an almost perfect representation of the flavor left on your tongue from the little blue barrels.

Cap Jelly Candy: This was not just the only choice but the perfect choice to encapsulate the flavor of the barrels into their hard candy form. It imparts the mouthfeel and makes everything solid.

Cap Blueberry: Time isn't an option so to tone down the inherent dryness of the other ingredients a dash of this brings a touch of juiciness while keeping it blue.

Sweetener: For sugarlips and accuracy.

Lingonberry aka Ikeaberry

If you're not from a Scandinavian country you'll probably only recognize the lingonberry as a sauce paired up with Swedish meatballs at the end of a long journey through Ikea. Fresh Lingonberries, however much they appear to be midget Cranberries, are a unique treat. They're related to both Cranberries and Blueberries but share more similarities with the former in taste and the latter in looks. Lingonberries are, at their core, a sweeter, less tart and slightly bitter Cranberry.

TPA Cranberry:
I'll be upfront, this is not the best Cranberry for the job but it does get the job done. At 3-3.5% it creates all the similarities you expect in a Lingonberry without overpowering the necessary and subtle nuances of the other ingredients. Any higher and it becomes too tart and lower and it disappears.

TPA Huckleberry:
This brings in the Blueberry notes without the musky sock smell and provides some of the bitterness that's lacking in TPA Cranberry.

TPA Raspberry Sweet:
And of course this one brings the sweetness. In this case it brings just enough to make it more palatable than the real thing but not enough to lose the authentic lingonberry flavor.

Inspired by those knock-off Vitamin Water's that Costco sells 'VitaRain Raspberry Green Tea' I was drinking one and also trying to think of something to use my bottle of FE Green Tea for other than the recipe everyone bought it for.


This has become one of my favorite shake and vape recipes. It started as a clone but strayed so far from the source that it became it's own, completely original, much more delicious recipe. Reminiscent of Pop Rocks but with a more authentic fruit flavor.

A slightly effervescent cocktail garnished with sweet woodruff and strawberries. Sweetener is NN Stevia 7.5% in PG.

This was a clone request for a juice I'd never tried. Worked off some vague descriptions from the vendor and requester. Requester flipped over how accurate it was (but better) Pretty sure the original probably only shared two ingredients (Juicy Peach and Sweetener) haha

User: Apexified Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
This is one of the few recipes that I've made multiple times without tweaking anything. It's damn near perfect and really highlights how well FLV flavors play off of one another. If you don't have the flavors, get them. They're worth it for this mix alone but very versatile, as well.
User: Apexified Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
I didn't think I needed another strawberry milk in my life... until I tried this. It's almost cliche.
User: Apexified Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Accuracy, as other's have mentioned, is where this recipe really shines. But on top of that is balance and vapeability. I've mixed two bottles at this point with the intention of seeing how it steeps but neither ended up lasting more than 5 days. It's worth getting a bottle of FE Sweet Rice for this recipe alone.
User: Apexified Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
This recipe makes me question everything, namely the size of my inventory. Looking over the ingredients makes me jealous of ID10-T's seemingly innate ability to take staple flavors and turn them into something fantastic. I wouldn't even call myself a huge fan of blueberry, in general, but between the way the WS-23 chills them and the Lemon makes them "pop" I don't think I've had a more bright, crisp and syrupy sweet blueberry experience... ever. This is ADV-worthy and I am about as far from an ADV-person as one can get. I rarely make more than a 30ml of anything and more often than not find myself moving on before finishing it, but I'm finishing off my 3rd 60ml of this recipe and wondering whether I can stop myself from mixing a 4th...
User: Apexified Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Grack makes me think of the quote “Too weird to live, too rare to die” it’s a unique and uniquely polarizing recipe that either grows on you or repels you. Seeing anyone claim to improve the recipe seemed absurd, bold and easily falsifiable but, to be perfectly honest, seeing that claim from this particular mixer had me jumping at the chance to prove him wrong. And yet, here I am, 5 subjective stars in hand, ready and willing to admit he was right. With Grack, part of what makes the experience unique (at least for me) is how much you want to put it down but how quickly it becomes addicting. With GIGI it bypasses the first part and, in a nutshell, is just instantly more approachable and palate pleasing. The only critique I can come up with is that it’s not as weird as Grack. As much as I love Grack, the next time I find myself needing a fix, this will be the recipe I mix.
User: Apexified Score: 5 Entered: almost 2 years ago
If you don't like licorice, you probably don't need to know much more about this recipe. But then again, I've never liked it in real life and here I am, enjoying the hell out of it. I was actually on vacation in Astoria while trying this recipe so when I saw a place called Schwietert's Cones & Candy I decided to go in, in the hopes of finding some authentic euopean-style licorice candies (and maybe even the ice cream) After trying some from Germany, Australia, and The Netherlands I learned a lot about what I’d been missing, only ever having things like Good & Plenty and Red Vines to set up my expectations. Most importantly I learned the difference between sweet and salty licorice and that there’s more variety than even that... but enough about my licorice adventure--If you do enjoy licorice in any of its many permutations then give this recipe a shot. It nails salted licorice and the cream here seems to knock down the sharper edges of the licorice notes, which blends it perfectly into the ice cream rather than it being sprinkled with chunks of licorice candy. It’s a well balanced recipe that has me excited at the prospect of trying the real thing some day.
User: Apexified Score: 5 Entered: over 1 year ago
This was excellent off the shake. Vibrant, crisp, refreshing; all the things you want in a **lemon-lime** soda w/ a hint of blueberry. For me the real magic happened on day 4 when the blueberry finally seemed to become the star of the show and dammit, I wish I'd actually paid attention the the recommended steep. I would have had more than 3ml left when it became, possibly, one of my favorite recipes to feature blueberry. And, to top it off, the recipe manages to be simple, yet clever, and entirely accurate to the name--about as rare as me mixing the same recipe again... which I'm going to do now.
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