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Inspired by/adapted from Shyndo's Mango Sticky Rice:

I wanted to try and modify the recipe to use honeydew instead. I also messed around slightly with the grainy notes to hopefully counteract FE sticky rice's shortcomings after a steep.

Tasting notes:

Shake and vape - this one seems like it isn't the best for shake and vape. I was actually kind of disappointed when I first tried it after mixing. It was very evident that the flavors weren't meshing together nicely.

3 day steep - whew, it's crazy what a few days steep can do for a juice. It is tasting a hell of a lot better now. Basically how you would imagine shyndos mango sticky rice would taste but with honeydew. Might wanna change the coconut notes around and maybe add in some tfa coconut candy. Honeydew notes might be a bit on the stronger side, i personally enjoy it like this, but maybe JF honeydew melon could be lowered slightly. Will probably come out with a v2 of this recipe idea.

Messed around with this recipe concept for a while (ever since the mixen vixen episode on banana shake).

I originally was trying to use banana cream instead of banana nut bread, but for some reason I like the banana nut bread version better. I'm thinking the bakery notes might be working similarly to how graham cracker clear can effect creams (adds a kind of malted note to the cream).

Let me know what you think or if there is anything I can do to improve the recipe! I am always looking to learn :)

I wanted a creamy strawberry bakery flavor so I made this hastily one day on my work break. After a few days steep I started vaping it and I have been enjoying it quite a bit.

I am using fresh03s custard base as the custard note (lb Vic and flv van pudding).

The sugar cookie and flv graham cracker make up the "bar" part of the recipe. Sugar cookie is an obvious choice, and the flv graham cracker is being used to kind of add a bit more dryness to the bakery texture/notes and just give it a bit more uniqueness vs just using sugar cookie solo.

The strawberry notes are pretty good, the shisha strawberry is used to give more of a sweet strawberry syrup and the straw ripe is used to bring more of the authentic strawberry. If I'm gonna change anynting about this recipe it will prob be the strawberry notes though, I'm thinking a different combo might work better. Any suggestions are welcome :)

I have been messing around with flavor combos for this profile for a while, this is my favorite rendition so far. Its just a simple butter cookie with strawberry and imo its quite tasty. I will continue to mess around with this profile and different flavor combos since its such a tasty profile to experiment with, but this one i think was worth sharing.

Here's my attempt at a remix of one of my favorite commercial juices; Dragon Grahams. The profile is Dragonfruit cream on a graham cracker with brown sugar sprinkle. This is my fourth revision of this recipe and I think I'm getting close to the real juice, but would love feedback or suggestions if anyone wishes to comment.

Ps - the name of this recipe is an ode to the fasttech styled digest from ECR.

Profile: a thick and creamy vanilla custard with a unique dark creamy note, and topped with a sprinkle of spice.

Ps - goes great with a morning coffee, especially on a cold fall/winter morning.

Quickly threw this recipe together one day when i wanted a mouth to lung juice, didnt really expect it to be anything special. It turned out pretty tasty imo, so i figured i would share it on here in case anyone wanted to give it a shot. After some steep time it turned into a nice creamy vanilla with a tasty citrus lemon lime note. Made for and tested on a Bezerker MTL RDA @ 16mg Freebase nic.

Just busted out this bottle from my steeping cupboard, steeped since Apr 9th. I'm really enjoying vaping this in the sunshine! I'm more of a creamy dessert type vaper and this juice gives a nice creamy yogurt flavor while also providing some bright summertime citrus notes as well. added a drop of super sweet just to give the flavors a bit more of a "pop" and yeah, simple and tasty stuff! If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on improvements or changes please let me know, always looking to learn from others!

Probably best to steep this one for at least a week.


Second rendition of this recipe, liking it quite a bit right now after a decent steep. Just a simple thick cream with mixed berry and dragonfruit. Inspired by an old premium labs juice called "Dragon Tears" i vaped all the time back before i started DIY.

Steep 7 days or more for the creams to come through. 2 weeks is even better imo.

Mixed up for the current DIY Downunder Challenge. A simple 3 flavor pear recipe consisting of a juicy pear, smooth buttery coconut cream, topped with crumbled graham crackers. I'm happy with the ingredients used in this recipe, might adjust percentages in the future but it's tasting good right now. Sweetener is optional, but I prefer 1-2 drops of CAP Super Sweet to give the dessert more of a sugary note.

  • TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust - this concentrate is a triple threat in this recipe. Used mainly for the graham crust notes, but it also has some creamyness to it which plays nicely with sweet coconut. Lastly, it has a slight coconut note which also works well for this recipe.

  • FA Pear - I get a really nice juicy pear note from this concentrate, and that's exactly what it's being used for in this mix.

  • FLV Sweet Coconut - this to me, is a smooth buttery coconut flavoring. One of the best coconut concentrates I've tried. It works very nicely with the other two flavorings and just adds a wonderful coconut cream note to the recipe.

  • Optional sweetener - I used 0.25 cap super sweet, but it's not an essential thing if you don't wanna use it. I just like a touch of sweetener in my dessert vapes.

User: Ambedo Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Awesome strawberry note from this one, really tasty sweet strawberry flavor. I can taste the raw kind of sweet poptart dough in there as well. Imo its really accurate to the profile this recipe is going for. Will probably mix this one up again if im ever craving a poptart flavor. Great replacement for the real deal.
User: Ambedo Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Really good flavor! I noticed some muting after it steeped for a long time, but it is nice as a shake and vape, and it get really really good after a 1 week steep. Great work! PS - i lowered the sweetener percentage a bit in my batch.
User: Ambedo Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Was unsure of this flavor for the first week and a bit, but after it had a good steep it was really nice. Was impressive how authentic the crispy wafer tastes in this recipe! Will for sure mix this again! This recipe actually inspired me to make my own cinnamon rendition of a wafer cookie. One of my favorite ATF recipes ive mixed so far.
User: Ambedo Score: 4 Entered: over 3 years ago
I have been enjoying this one. I don't necessarily get a cookie vibe through the whole vape. On the inhale it seems to come off more like a lemon limejuice kind of flavor and texture. But then at the last little bit of the inhale and as I exhale, I get a light shortbread kind of white cookie flavor. Overall it's quite an interesting experience in a good way. I personally would like more bakery/grainy notes, but that's just me. If i had to guess, the TFA sweetener might be kind of watering down the flavor possibly. im going to mix it agian and try a different sweetener. Solid 4 star imo. Would mix again.
User: Ambedo Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Very nice recipe right here! Have been enjoying the hell out of this one! It has a nice Caramel note with spice. Nice and rich custard creamyness. Tastes "brown" if that makes sense. Could go nicely with a tobacco like soho. Recommended if you wanna vape a nice rich custard with an interesting spice twist.
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