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Ok so this did not take long at all and for a weird mix such as this it is not bad at all. This is the second and most likely the last version I am making. The bourbon came off a little too strong in the first go around so u had to lower it a bit. The vanilla ice cream was not as full filling so I took it up a notch so it would be more aware of the present haha. The cola is a great flavoring and it is accurate as hell so because of the potency of its aroma I brought it down a hair. Overall, the results are a bit better and as far as revising, I don't think it is necessary, however feel free to use it as a base or let me know if you find something that could make it shine more.

I have been wanting to find the reason why anyone would vape on a grape juice or grape candy lol well with grape juice being one of the first flavorings given me in the beginning, I never really thought about messing with it, until 4 months ago. I know what some may think "Why wait almost two years to mess with a flavoring?". To be honest, when I tested it as a standalone I hated it, so much.
Come to find out I did have a use for it thanks to my kids once again, I have found a way to keep it low enough to still taste it without it being so overwhelming which is why I hated it to begin with. But I am still sticking my toes in the water with any type of grape.
So the recipe shown above reminds me of a juice that you can buy at any store that sales cranberry juices and other fruit juices. The mix looks a little funky but it is good for a fruit juice. The grape is the main profile, with the peach and apple on the back more than the front of the mix as shown in the mix. You will notice that the grape has more of the juice on it's side obviously, and that the apple and peach are for the accents which work very well together in my opinion.

After the first day things really come together so as far as I am concerned this recipe is not only good but its probably finished!

Regardless of which I think y'all will like this as a good vape! Mix and enjoy!

I know, it is kind of corny but I was bored and wanted to entertain myself with a nice SNV. This recipe is something to interest some odd ball taste buds, the reason for this is cause after it steeps a good four days all of it blends together in a good sense. Every time I vape on it I taste something I little different. I hope everyone likes it and enjoys it like I have.

Yes guys and gals it is another tobacco recipe, but wait there's more! lol... So this one has been sitting on the back burner for awhile, then I thought of how to revise this and here we go.(Please keep in mind that the black honey is a tobacco it just has it listed under black honey).
So when creating this I was looking forward to a sweet butterscotch tobacco with a slight bitterness to it but unfortunately that did not happen, at least until now.
I will let this set for at least two three weeks then come Back to it but please feel free to mix it up and let me know your thoughts!

Ok guys I will not revise this recipe for anything due to the fact that my wife wanted to test my blind inability to make a good recipe with specifically these ingredients. But here is the catch, I would love to know anyone's thoughts on what they would change, how they would change it, and why they would change it at all. I would love to see how many perspectives can come from the structured recipe!

This recipe has been on my mind for a while and I have finally taken the time to revise it and post it. The original recipe is over on the ELR website. Please enjoy this delicious and sweet summer vape.

So, yes, I am Obsessed with trying to get this confection or combination of ingredients down. I have had Wayne's Strawberry Lite Cream and it has literally inspired to do the same thing but with blueberry. It will constantly be a work in progress but until then enjoy and please leave some feedback on what might make it better! Thank You!

Ok so don't judge much but this is my first ever cake recipe. I am still working on the layering portion of recipes but I think this one is a bit interesting for my taste. Just to let everyone know this is based off of a cake within a recipe book that was found packed away with allot of other books. So I come around to this page that shows this recipe that is very odd but seemed delicious. Keep in mind that I have never made this dessert and ate it BUT I wanted to give it a try and see if I was able to make a decently layered vape with what I have. So please mix, age for a week or so, then vape and give me some feedback of anything that may be able to improve it.

Hello everyone! So the idea I had for this recipe is taking the foundation of how the tres leches cake is, you know with how milk and moist the cake is? Well this is basically taking that recipe and making it into a blueberry tres leches if you will.
I have went through a few versions of this recipe since it's first creation, the best thing about this recipe and the very few people's input that helped me out since it's creation has helped out a bunch. I plan to do more desserts like this and in different various areas to expand towards.
so please enjoy this tasty vape! Let it age about two weeks at most...

With this mix I decided to instead of doing a blueberry custard, a dragon fruit blueberry custard! I do have to admit though it is a really sweet custardy mix though i think lowering the blueberry down to three and the dragon fruit down to two and a half and let it age, MWA! delicious...
Let me know your thoughts!

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