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Was chatting to my dad about the Manchester bombing an said it would be nice to do something for the victims an families, but didnt know what ?.
So he suggested why not donate some money from a recipe you sell to friends family etc so im gonna donate my profits to the fund
So maybe some of the mixing community could do the same if you are able to help what is obviously a worthy cause

Manchester news have a fund on https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/westandtogethermanchester an are 78% towards there total of raising £2 million for the families

The recipe is one i finished last month an have had really good feed back
FLV Pink Guava -after reading reviews on the sub i picked this up an i was over the moon with how it vaped ! Tons of flavour as expected with flavorah stuff but as good as i find some of there stuff they do have some shockers !! Its the main note through the whole recipe an it was begging to be paired with a good grapefruit imo
INW Grapefruit - A very sweet tart grapefruit that marrys well with the pink guava for the recipe ! Super fresh an perfect for this weather ! To high % an i felt some throat hit so 1.5 % was my sweet spot
TPA Dragonfruit/INW Raspberry - The supporting star in alot of fruit recipes pumps up the other fruits an with a bit of raspberry give the recipe some body an a nice secondary layer with some weight
WS-23 - Never been a Koolada fan but Ws-23 is good addition to keep that cool tropical flavour on a hot day
TPA Ethyl maltol just tames down the tartness of the grapefruit an smooths the sharper notes together
CAP super sweet - FOR THE WIN :-)

Really love my sour skittles but you can feel your teeth rotting away as fast as you eat them so wanted to nail a vape that gave me a healthier option
I wanted to have it so you got a hint of all the top notes left in your mouth after you vaped it !
After 7 revisions an a big juggling act im really pleased how it vapes ! You get a different taste as you vape an a nice sweet mixed fruit exhale thats sweet an kinda refreshing !
Had alot of problems with that sour after twang I tried all the usual suspects TPA sour 20% , FA Sour wizard , Malic acid an citric acid as well as trying various citrus concentrates an few lemonades in lower %s

Few notes

CAP ITALIAN LEMON SICILY / FA LIME TAHITY - These 2 i wanted for there citrus sour taste that are a main note in the sweets ! Kept them high to be an over riding taste in the vape ! The lemon is a bangin candy lemon perfect for this an FA lime is a great fit to the real taste of sour skittles 4 % an 1.75 worked out about right ! so there my green an yellow skittles !

TPA GRAPE CANDY / INW BLACKCURRANT - Purple i wanted to combine these 2 as i wanted that back end to taste of the INW concentrate as i get that from the originals ! Grape candy is a sweet easier flavour that fits on most berry fruits an just adds another dimension to it ! The INW is a strong one so didnt need to overdo the % on that compared to the Grape

FW BLOOD ORANGE - Tried adding other oranges in but FW is such a good bitter orange thats pretty sweet an zingy so felt that it could hold its own on team orange ! It gives that bitter grapefruit just in the middle of the vape an as its not hugely strong lays nice with the other citrus notes

CAP &JF SWEET STRAWBERRY - Love these 2 together the candy / sweety JF is bangin an cap just plays well with them adding a nice sweetness needed for the actual sweets but also pulls the other fruits in together an a slightly higher %

FA SOUR / MALIC ACID - Tried alot of combos but to get tongue curling sour you have to add so much of them it just mutes the shit out of all these delicate fruits ! Settled on 1 % FA which i find much better than TPA an .5 of malic acid (do not overdo this one as it mutes the shit out of it an ruins the recipe i found )

TPA MARSHMALLOW / ETHYL MALTOL - just adds that overall sweetness an the center part of the skittle which is kinda sweet but tasteless an the EM rounds it all together plus pulling a bit of extra sweetness From the fruits

Job done an hopefully some of you

A english fave an a american fave combined ! For a simple recipe im loving this at the moment !
Great combo an loads of flavor wihout over doing any %s A sweet blackcurrant rancher with a touch of strawberry
Have made loads of versions of this with different fruits an this is defo my favorite
Few notes

Play nicely together these 2 without taking to much of the front note loving the JF version which is a bit more sweety/candy style an works well with the more subtle cap version ! i didnt want a INW sickly kinda strawberry wanted it to just an add to the Blackcurrant an support it

Love this version super tasty soon as i tasted it i instantly had a ribena mix in mind ! Nice an full an has a bit of depth to it

Great to pair with fruits ive used similar recipe with watermelon, apple an bluberry an it gives a good base that is easy to work with ! Tried many different %s but 5 is my fave ! 6+ an it can almost become harsh an slightly chemical

Helps to smooth the FW candy with the strawberry an blackcurrant an pulls a bit of sweetness out !
As its a sweet i like 1% sweetener but you guys try what works for you

A nice strawberry coated waffle with ice cream
Ive tried so many different waffles flavors an they have varied from plastic to play-doh so was super happy to find this one from liquid barn! An absolute banger this an has a load of potential in desserts !
Never seen it in a mix but its well worth getting in my opinion
Few notes on the recipe
BELGIUM WAFFLE LB- super good rich, dark almost a chocolatey note in the back ground with a hint of maple an butter! Miles better than the TPA or CAPs versions its nice an sweet an rich without being sickly or over powering !
STRAWBERRY SWEET/RIPE CAP/TPA - Straight forward enough not looking for a candy/sweety kinda strawberry so stuck with the old combo

VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM TPA AN LB - Ive been splitting up my 4% ice cream with 50/50 TPA an LB as i find LBs is super creamy an adds something more to the recipe than standalone TPA ! But add to much an it can get a bit too rich so a few % of each really plays nice i think

VIENNA CREAM FA - Just adds that rich notes an brings the waffles an ice cream together for a nice silky smooth taste

Sucralose is optional as i dont think it needs a huge amount as its fairly sweet anyway
Found its good after a few days an just gets better an better

User: AARONV123 Score: 5 Entered: almost 5 years ago
Very nice smooth an light nice when youve been on something heavy before to freshen up the palate Only left it 24 hours so will get even better in a few days im sure thanks
User: AARONV123 Score: 5 Entered: over 4 years ago
Mixed this up 6 days ago an really enjoying it ! nails the profile of a fresh baked cookie an the buttery choc chip bit hits the spot ! only sub i made was INW milk choc for fw dutch choc ! very good recipe mate cheers
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