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Nothing crazy going on here. I got the new WF and Wild Berry Gummy was one of the first that I pulled out of the bag to test. It's got a great gummy mouth feel to it, so I decided to run with it.

Wild Berry Gummy forms the gummy base along with the candy jammy wizard. Forest fruit is there to boost the berry element. The candy wiz really helps to bring the two berries together as one entity.

Super sweet because it is candy after all.

Simple, flavorful, delicious

Just a simple apple pie

FLV Apple Filling and Pur Country apple form the filling here. FLV apple filling is a great cinnamon baked apple and country apple backs that up nicely adding some more baked apple body that stands up nicely to the crust. FA Apple pie has a very slight hint of apple as well that helps to tie this together with the crust.

The crust, arguably the best part of any apple pie, is formed by none other than OOO Pie Crust along with some FA Apple pie. WF crumble topping gives a nice crunchy, sugary, feel to the crust that I think was missing in some of my earlier renditions of this flavor profile.

Nothing crazy going on here, just a pretty simple, but delicious apple pie mix.

Delicious, syrupy, buttery, blueberry waffles

LB and MB Belgian waffles form the base of the waffle and pair quite well together. I find LB Belgian can get lost in a mix pretty quickly so the MB backs it up and pushes it through the other flavors. The INW YC is a discontinued flavor as I'm sure you all know, so it can be omitted (or you can use Sasami Waffle dough at the same percentage) and just crisps up the waffle and adds a bit of a toasted note.

FW Blueberry and FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe pair quite well together giving a sweet vibrant jammy blueberry that goes great with the waffle. I initially tried this with FA Bilberry and it didn't pack the same punch.

As for the syrup and butter, well I didnt want a maple note here so I opted for the VT Golden Syrup instead of FA Maple and it works nicely. It sweetens the mix, and you get a nice syrupy taste on the exhale. FA Butter, the king of butters, does its job quite nicely at half a percent and leaves a thick, lingering, buttery note across the waffle.

Vape your breakfast

There really isn't too much development to go on here. I got the yoghurt drink not too long ago and tested it and I got a fizzy note from it that I thought would pair well with a fruity type soda.

MB Funky Pineapple and VTA Sugarloaf pair really well together. It's a nice sweet full bodied pineapple.
VTA Yoghurt Drink and Fizzy Sherbert form the soda base.

Oba Oba candies up the pineapple and also adds a little bit of depth to the soda base bringing the whole thing together as one.

Give it a couple days to come together

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I've been vaping this one since I saw it on VU a while back. The ingredients meld together really nicely and it doesn't hurt that I love cookie vapes.
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