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Strawberry & Apple Crumble Custard Batch 5/10 PG25/75VG 6mg nicotine
So i hope when you vape this Recipe. You get Strawberry's and apples with a hint of Cinnamon topped with a lovely crisp Crumble topping. With a small pour of Thick Vanilla Custard .
I went with a Strawberry & Apple Crumble Custard as i have always been a BIG fan and Crumbles are so good in the fall. So i wanted a lovely sweet bakery pudding with the flavors we was given to use. I love this Strawberry & Apple Crumble with Custard i just hope you guys do too

Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) at 6% Which was the best place for me. As it is quite a week flavor and i wanted it to be prominent and hold up with the apple and mainly the Cinnamon and Cereal 27. and at the 6% you get Strawberry and not just sweetness from the EM. And it holds up well with the rest of the flavors.

Fuji Apple (FA) at 3% I used at 3% because its pretty strong but i still wanted to be a main part of the recipe. And it goes well with Strawberry Ripe and Great with the Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 so it needed to come over in the vape. And i think it does that very well in this Recipe

Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 (Cap) 1% I used at 1% as i don't want to much Cinnamon. But don't want to use it lower as i may look like i did not use it in the correct way. But it works well surprisingly with the Strawberry at 1%. Cinnamon it can die off a bit 2 weeks on wards. But for me any higher it makes this recipe to much of a Cinnamon vape and takes away from the Strawberry ripe.

Cereal 27 (Cap) i used at 4% which is a good place to be i feel. To bring out that dark bakery note its the heart of the Crumble. I know its not the correct flavor to use but i feel it gives it more of a Crumble than a pie note which is what is needed in this recipe. And it worked out well i think with out making it to much of a cereal vape.

Cookie (fa) at 3% to go with the Crumble for that biscuit crunch and add to Cereal 27. i tried Graham Cracker v2 (CAP) and Sugar Cookie v2 (CAP) but they did not work as well.
Sugar Cookie v2 (CAP) i feel was good but it needed to be used at 5% and i feel it was pushing the flavor total is a lot higher then i wanted it to be. As it's already at 21% flavor total which is higher then i usually have in Recipes. And FA Cookie just worked better here tbh.
Graham Cracker v2 was good as it helped with the Cinnamon and it has a bit of Cinnamon in it. But it took away form the Strawberry and was not as good as i hoped in Batch10 FA cookie in taste was better with the Crumble that i wanted.

Vanilla Custard v2 (Cap) at 4% i added Custard to add weight and a the Custard note for that pudding feel. but i did not want to much Custard as i thought it would take away from the fruit base and the Crumble. But i still wanted to taste Custard and not just a creamery note any lower than 4% Vanilla Custard v2 just gives the creamery note and weight to me. And not so much of that Thick Custard mouth feel that i'm after.

I used Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 (Cap) Vanilla Custard v2 as i do not vape Diketones if i can help it. I do understand that this Recipe maybe mixed in the competition with Cinnamon Danish Swirl V1 and Vanilla Custard V1 which is fine i just hope my Strawberry & Apple Crumble Custard Recipe works as well as i have not tried it with V1s so fingers crossed
its an ok shake and vape but much better after 3 days steep i feel.

A Big THANK YOU to the Beginner Blending team its been fun for me just to enter the competition i hope i can go on to the next round. But if not thanks away and thanks for the Podcast i love it so keep it up guys :)

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1
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