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I've been a big fan of Ninja Man. I don't know why, its a pretty simple and linear profile. I guess it may be because ever since I was 12 I've been lactose intolerate. Man have I missed my chocolate milk. I've always detected a coconut note on the finish with ninja man, and I just knew it had to be Flavorah chocolate deutch. I've been playing with this and I think it's pretty spot on. It been a struggle trying to get the body exactly right, there are just too many options and variables. Here's where I'm at right now:

Flavorah Chocolate Deutch: This is a great flavoring, but its strong. It's a bit bipolar, keep it low and its a nice smooth chocolate, a tad on the darker side, with a touch of coconut on the finish. The closer you get to 1% with it and the coconut starts to shine. 0.4% about 2 drops per 10ml is just right. A little really does go a long way.

TPA Bavarian Cream: A great easy to use custard with a nice medium body. Its thick and rich and just about right.

FA Vienna Cream: I used this to loosen up the Bavarian Cream a bit to make it a little more milky.

TPA Vanilla Swirl: This in conjuction with Vienna Cream help make the Bavarian Cream into a looser cream body. Not quite milk, more like a nice medium body cream. I chose to use it for its lighter creamy texture, and a little note of vanilla, as chocolate and vanilla always go hand in hand. It does like a good steep tho.

This is good as a shake and vape. Vanilla Swirl does like a good steep so it should get better over time. I usually mixed a 30ml bottle and it usually doesn't make it past a few days.

Enjoy and please leave me a comment!

User: 2wikky Score: 3 Entered: almost 3 years ago
I believe that this was a great attempt at making a BBIC however i found it lacking. I only get a light caramel cream. Its definitely tasty, but I think its light on the butter, and that nuttiness you get from browning the butter. A little salt would be nice...(jk). maybe adding a little hazelnut or walnut or almond would help with authenticity.
User: 2wikky Score: 4 Entered: almost 3 years ago
Very simple and very easy to make. Even tho there's way more peach than grape, the peach lays the foundation for the grape to act on. However the grape isn't loud or vibrant enough. One drop of Capella Super Sweet in my 10 ml tester, really wakes it up, and really doesn't make it too sweet. Its missing more grape tho, there's not enough of the acidity and raisiny sweetness you get from the carton of juice. I think this makes a fine starting point. Great idea using the peach as a base! Have you though about using other white grape flavorings to supplement or replace FA? FA seems to have more of a floral topnote that I don't get from a carton of Welch's. I'm guessing there's been no further development?
User: 2wikky Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
So yeah, that's a lot of Boom, Raspberry sweet, and Ethyl maltol, ( EM is in 3 of the ingredients) but damn if it doesn't taste like a cloud of cotton candy around a nice artificial blue raspberry, that thankfully isn't too perfumy. I'm thoroughly impressed. My first impression on a SNV, I think to nail the profile, its not quite as sweet as I think it should be. I'll let my sample steep out and revisit it in a few days. Thanks for posting this! Its pretty awesome and totally satisfies my longing for blue cotton candy (I'm diabetic). I will play with the sweeteners on my next iteration and report back if you'd like! Seriously, great job!
User: 2wikky Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
I think you've made a bit of mixing magic. I was really worried just reading the recipe. That's a lot of Jam and INW raspberry. But wow. On a SNV, you can taste the blueberries fighting the raspberry for dominance on the inhale. On the finish it really does come to together as a blue raspberry jolly rancher. Its magical. Can't wait till I see how this steeps out! Hope it gets better!
User: 2wikky Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
LA watermelon really shines here. First time using jelly candy and I like how it leaves your mouth a little sticky like the inside of a jelly bean. I like this and don't know if this is gonna last 14 to steep out.....
User: 2wikky Score: None Entered: over 2 years ago
Hi Lunchbox! I loved those ugly things as a kid....actually, I still do. Just not as many donut shops open nowadays. Not like they used to be. I just mixed up a batch of this, and I always drip a little on my RDA, just as a baseline and see how it steeps. I get a major plasticy note from this. Right up front and it sticks to my palate long after exhaling. Hope this steeps out, and I'll be back. 1 week steep, there's stil a very distracting plastic topnote, that I attribute similar to melted plastic. Its probably just me, I think its the FLV blueberry muffin as I've never used it this high before. Maybe that in conjunction with the FLV fried dough. There some bright berry juice hiding behind the wall of plastic, its juicy and candied. Maybe using a touch of lemon would help brighten it up a bit, and bring it to the forefront. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I won't be finishing this 10 ml sample, its too off putting for me. I might revisiting in a week or so, but for now I with refrain from rating this.
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