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Blueberry/blackcurrant lassi. Light, smooth and tangy with a good creaminess from the yogurt.

Please let me know what you think and how it can be improved. I hope you enjoy!

Got inspired by the snapple lemonade flavor was craving a pineapple lemonade for the warmer weather came up with this still working on it

Definitely a WIP but I've been enjoying it. Doesn't require much super sweet at all. Definitely got a kind of burnt caramel vibe going with a nice churro tone. Gonna try this with some vanilla's, custards and cinnamon to spice it up a bit..

No idea if you can shake n vape. I steeped it for about 4-5 days before trying it.

This was the first mix I ever did and it worked out amazing. The problem is I can't be certain of these percentages because I did it as a 50/50 mix to start but the green apple was too strong and it wasn't sweet enough. I added more guava and diluted it but it needed some super sweet and I made it months ago so working off memory a bit here as I still have plenty left and am currently bottleless so unable to make a small batch for testing. Steeping time is mainly for getting the sweetener mixed in. Can definitely shake n vape.

It might be worth trying this in reverse 5% GA and 4% SG but from what I remember the guava and sweetness gets muted if there's too much Green Apple. If you do bump up the GA I'd advise adding some more super sweet... Give it a try and mess with the percentages a bit if it's not to your liking at first!

This is my ADV that I've been working on since the beginning of the year it's not perfect yet, but I felt it had come along far enough to release it as my first public recipe on ATF to be able to get feedback, suggestions & critiques from the vaping wizards out there.
The profile I'm going for here is a thick soft sugar cookie with hint's of almond, topped with a rich crème brûlée custard.

The Recipe's Breakdown as I see it so far.

The Cookie Base:
WF Almond Cookie SC: This is hand's down the best almond cookie I've tried. Almond sandy perfection however I'm looking for a softer cookie so.....I need to begin to soften this cookie with...
CAP Sugar Cookie: The OG sugar cookie that we all know, a nice warm buttery flavor that is similar to a warm & puffy cookie that perfectly supports the almond cookie and just embraces you with a soft warm dark buttery hug.

The Bridge:
WF Cookie Butter: This is butter not cookie butter as you would expect to quote ID10-T "this is like they extracted the butter from the cookie". This is exactly what I want to add more butter not only to the cookie base but also to bring more butter flavor to the custards.
TPA Toasted Marshmallow: The toasted part of this is mild however it should support the already dark caramelization of the INW Creme Brulee enough to just push that toasty flavor a little higher while the marshmallow brings a better mouthfeel to the recipe.

The Crème Brûlée Custard:
INW Creme Brulee: Some say the caramelized/burnt sugar note is out of proportion to the custard. After a SF batch test I tend to agree however this pairs well with our next flavor in the custard.
INW Custard: using it as our main custard sitting under the brulee to bring egg, thickness, a mild vanilla note and a creamy butter note that is much needed for the recipe.
WF Cream Custard SCs: A creamy custard that leans more towards a diary note to me. I'm using it here to add more cream to the INW custard without adding more vanilla as I'm wanting a mild vanilla in this buttery custard.

Cap Super Sweet: Finishes off the recipe by adding a little more sweetness that needs to be there imho. Use your preferred sweetener of choice or none at all. Suggested min steep of 2 weeks but it continues to improve beyond that as it ages.

All reviews, feedback, suggestions & critiques are welcomed with open arms.

This is a bourbon infused peach custard. Clint Eastwood himself told me this is his ADV.


Chai Tea, Sweet Condensed Milk, Whipped Cream

Made on Live Mixing:

If you really like it sweet, like commercial ejuice kind of sweet, don't be shy on the super sweet (1-1.5%). Add some koolada or WS-23 if you want the cooling effect, personally I like it better without it.

Yes, I know... Why another "strawberry and cream" recipe?
Well, this is my favorite all day flavor and I always miss some cream notes. It's always a strawberry blast with a little cream, missing the lovelly undernotes of milk, but it seems that I finally nailed it!

You will be able to identify at least 4 layers of flavor:
- The mixed creams are the main note here, and you will be able to feel the texture in all of its glory
- The strawberry comes along with it, bringing life and joy
- The ice cream can be detected on the exhale
- The graham crust comes in the after taste, because I think it's pleasant and it pairs well with the recipe

I hope you like it as much as I do

This recipe came from subbing caps VC in kreeds kustard a little while back which turned out great, i wanted to keep that super custard taste with some fruit added in and whilst testing FE strawberry i decided... Yes thats what im looking for.

Credit goes to Mr Kreed for his legendary custard mix, id add a link but cant seem to find the recipe or an account for him on the platform.