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"A nostalgic mix of Ice Cream and wild-picked berries."

No sweetener needed
Shake & Vape
Steep if you like


A candy based lemonade for these sunny summer days. The CCJB is the star with Bubblegum filling out the flavour a little more and a slight blue kick from WF. Pink lemonade is pretty chilled but delivers the profile with citrus soda delivering the punch

Finally a true strawberry mix that emulates tabacco taste but has any.
Fresh, sparkling and draws attention of near people by its unresistible smell.
Recommended base: 90/10 with 3mg nic.

Ok I didn't think this would be as good as it is but holy moly!

SHAKE: Very good and I definitely get a nice sweet strawberry jelly type flavor that falls into a super creamy and light peanut butter and finishes with a sweet brown sugar graham crust. This was a delightful surprise there was just enough of everything to push me to wait out a steep so I can see if I will taste more cheesecake will come through. I will update as a couple days go by. I felt so strongly about this recipe being great that I made a 60 ml to steep while I vape on the 30ml I made.

Day 1 it's definitely come together quite a bit and I have vaped the whole 30ml tester! A must try the peanut butter is not crazy strong and the Jelly is just right and now the cheesecake has blend wonderfully. Yum

This is a bright in your face apple and melon mix. Super easy, super simple.
Its absolutely loaded with flavour. Very refreshing with the strong apple pushing through the melons!
The immediate impression is a candied round bold melon flavour leaving an apple sitting on your palette afterwards.

You might be wondering why there is CAP double apple AND FA Fuji, well ill tell you :P
Both of those apples give me a very mean throat hit, rather than pushing CAP double apple to high i prefer to add Fuji to it.
I also find FA Fuji to be more akin to a cold apple juice straight out the fridge and CAP double apple has a bit more dimension to it rather than feeling like a pressed juice.

The reason I am using TPA Vanilla swirl is (you already know) to soften the sharp edges and tame the throat hit from the apples.
Its not trying to impart any flavour on the mix, and i found through a few different mixes that 1.5 percent lets it do just that.

SSA sweet watermelon to me comes across like a watermelon sucky sweet, it stands taller than the LA Watermelon in the mix and adds a nice top note to the overall melon flavour as well.
LA Watermelon is just... that candy like round melon flavour with plenty of body (that SSA Sweet watermelon lacks IME) to be the center of the melon flavour.

This is a super simple mix and really enjoyable to have on standby for when you have just had enough of those creams and bakeries.

Im vaping this on a Citadel RDA with a 0.3 ohm NI80 coil at 80 watts.

Shake and vape certified.

All my juices will be a work in progress forever. There’s always a tweak to make.

Still a work in process, trying to capture this just right.

Need something refreshing on the hot summers day and water or soda isn't doing it for you? ? I've got the answer Lychee with a twist or fizz if ya like.
2 drops of menthol if you like.
I don't think it needs sweetener but you can add to ya liking.
Stay cool

I mixed this for Benny's show, it turned out really delicious.

Tropical fruit juice

A smooth flavorful tropical mix, pog-ish subbing cantaloupe for the traditional orange.

Sweet guava steps up front in this mix as a main note but bridges nicely into pineapple with the dragonfruit supporting both. The wild melon/prickly pear combo layer a nice background melon note without overpowering the guava while also juicing up this recipe. Take a pull and let it take you away to paradise.

Cool/sweeten as you wish.