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Imagine you go to a fancy café with a flannel-shirted, long-bearded man wearing horn-rimmed glasses as employee.
You take a look at the menu of the day and order the "Premium Hazelchoc Frappucino"

This recipe is reminiscent of a latte with hazelnut - chocolate - liqueur notes.
The main part is played by the (FA) Dark Bean, which is an excellent coffee with roasted notes. For the creamy part, I use (FA) Cream Fresh in combination with (CAP) Vanilla Custard and support the vanilla note with (CAP) French Vanilla. The combination of (FA) Hazelnut and (FW) Hazelnut pairs the nutty component. Here, the (FA) Hazelnut lends an authentic but dry hazelnut, which is balanced by the creaminess of the (FW) Hazelnut. For the special chocolate part, I chose (FLV) Chocolate Deutsch. This flavour has a dark chocolatey core and adds a slight liqueur note to the recipe with its unique taste.

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In my search for a Hawaiian Punch recipe, I took another approach - I searched for what moms were making in the kitchen for their kids. After only a couple of minor revisions, I must say that if this juice was a woman, I'd put a ring on it :)

Note: Apricot and Passion Fruit are from unlisted vendor Flavor Artists (substitutions should be fine)

This is a recipe I can enjoy at anytime of the year. It’s just really delicious. My go to base starts off this recipe making the creamy delectable dessert with Combining The Bavarian cream and Vanilla Swirl. When I make a cheesecake I automatically think I want crust, cheesecake graham crust provides that. I add Cap Ny Cheesecake as it adds a bit more lemon and a grain type note to balance out the cheesecake. I love to add a bit of cream cheese icing as it makes it a bit more tart but with a great creamy sweetness. My go to lime for that sweet note candy like lime Inw every time. It’s very sweet and a little goes along way. More than 1% and it will overpower everything. I add Italian Lemon Sicily to add more lemon to calm the lime a bit and give that authentic cheesecake taste. Needs no sweetener as that lime adds plenty. This to me is an all-star recipe, one you can enjoy all year round.

So this is my remix of developed Blueberry champagne. I love me some good champagne vape, and in this I used my current champagne base which is white grapefruit, moscato, citrus soda and ws-5.
I don’t know how many actually use ws5, but it is perfect for a carbonated sensation. Ws 5 are hitting you in the mouth instead of the throat like ws23.

Sour lemon is there to pop the blueberry and huckleberry to add some depth to the blueberry, making it less candy.


I based the idea for this after trying the recipe by Fomentlife Apple Bourbon Bread Pudding which is absolutely delicious. I just wanted a traditional bread pudding with raisins and a butter rum glaze drizzled over the top.
For the base of the bread pudding I have to say thank you to Formet
life for the idea to use FE French Toast (Xpress Flavour @ Chefs)it was genius idea, it is almost good enough to vape on its own but makes for a great bread base in this recipe. The addition of FLV Egg Nog also fits perfectly, the egg based cream and spices including cinnamon and nutmeg fit right into a bread pudding recipe. My choice of additions are FA Custard Premium to add more of a creamy texture. VTA Pudding base to add a bit more of a simple bread note. The FLV Raisin Rum is optional but to me it isn't a bread pudding without raisins and the rum aids in the butter rum glaze. The FA Zeppola is to add a bit of a cooked almost crispy edge to the bread pudding.
And now for the coup de gras or finishing touch the Butter Rum glaze covering the top. LA Butter Rum is really amazing though it does require a few days to allow the alcohol note to evaporate. And when you add the butter rum to the LA Cream Cheese Icing and a touch of sweetener, oh my it's just heavenly. Again this will require at least 14 days min to allow for the Raisin Rum and Butter Rum to lose some of the alcohol notes. And the other flavors to blend as well. Though it is well worth the wait.

I created this to challenge myself that Developed's Samoa Sammies could in fact be remixed. And I must say pretty well in fact. Samoan Dream are chocolate, shortbread cookie, with caramel and coconut, almost everything Developed used to create the cookie part of Samoa Sammies. I included the butter base just because well it's Butter Base.
The use of VTA Toffee Ice cream and LB vanilla ice cream made for an amazing ice cream that complimented the cookie part of the original recipe really well.

This recipe originally had LNW vanilla cupcake but that Flavor is unavailable now so I subbed in CAP Vanilla cupcake V2 for a friend to have a version of this recipe. Keep in mind I was only mixing for a few months when I made this recipe in my ADV Roulette series on YouTube under my channel Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews. When I mixed it up originally it was a very nice and alcohol heavy french vanilla rum cupcake.

A nice Cream Cake with a deep strawberry flavor courtesy of the Shisha Strawberry.

So Simply Cake (PUR) is the main cake here and Angel Cake (WF) is here just to add a little cake support.

The Butter Cream Frosting (WF) and Yogurt (OoO) handle the creamy aspect of this recipe.

Then of course the Shisha Strawberry is the Main Strawberry note with a little Red Touch (FA) added as a booster.

Came out pretty delicious. As always any and all comments and criticism is welcomed and encouraged.

Happy Vaping and Happy Mixing! CV :)

🎼 🎶 Here I am, and in this city, I feel so good tonight, Who cares about tomorrow, so baby, you'd better believe! I'm back, back in the New York groove🎵 A recipe dedicated to ♠︎ACE.
A Breath-taking "Pink Lady Apple" Moist Muffin drizzled with Butterscotch and bits of Cookie Crisp. Enjoy!!

This is my reinterpretation on Developed's Cheese Danish. Nature's Flavors makes a killer Danish Pastry so I knew I had to use it to remix this recipe. I took the the WF Croissant out of the original recipe and replaced it with the NF Danish pastry. I left VT Croissant but lowered it to 1.25% for 3% in the original, as the Nature flavors Danish is doing a lot of the heavy lifting here. I used the new FA Cheesecake Olympic/Olympus as a little extra cheesy note to combo with the ooo vanilla custard cheesecake and the LA cream cheese icing for my Danish cheese topping layer. I did take notes from the original, but chose to go a different route from the HS Italian Cream by using the vanilla custard cheesecake in its place. I used the VT sweet cream from the OG recipe and kept the percentage the same as I felt it was perfect as is when paired with the other flavors I chose for this remix.

Link to the original: https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/159451#cheese_danish_developed_by_developed