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For my wife, whose birthday is St Patricks day.

This one is great without sweeteners but OSV recommends adding some Reb-A up to 2% of a 120mg/mL Reb-A dilution.

This is a bakery flavor, one week steep time.

Some people like the flavorings at 1.5X these values.



Lime coconut yogurt. Currently a WIP


One of my first recipes I deemed worthy of sharing on ELR some time ago. I've lowered the % on the FA Cream since it was first posted .
The raspberry adds a subtle bump to the strawberry and helps it stay in front of the dairy flavors. Alternatively, FA Pomegranate at 0.3% to 0.5% will be more than happy to act as a substitute kicker. Recommend aging for 5-7 days.

No Description.

Strawberry Blueberry cream


CuttwoodSpy "leak"


Clone of Strawberry Overdose by Dr. Crimmy


Strawberry Cheesecake with crumbles

A nice pumpkin pie blend