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8704 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


Just delicious, upfront taste of pomegranate and a finish of rich custard

One of my more popular flavors.


Lime is very prominent, but has a nice cheesecake with crust undertone.
I love it myself...

Tart apple crisp covered in sugary crumbles.

coconut cream pie. duh.


Do Not, I repeat; DO NOT mix this if you don't have the now discontinued INW YC Waffle. I'm sorry, but, no suitable substitute exists at this time, and mixing this without it absolutely destroys the profile. If you don't see any new recipes from me for a long time, you can rest assured I ran out of INW Waffle and died of sorrow. RIP Waffle. And to the folks over at Inawera; I will never forgive you for this.

A Dutch cookie consisting of a sweet, thick syrup of maple, brown sugar and caramel sandwiched between two thin, chewy waffles baked on a special iron.

Full notes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/4e7snt/dutchie_a_delicious_stroopwafel/?

A simple (2 flavor) blackberry mojito recipe. Light, fruity flavor with just enough complexity to keep the interest. Great for warmer seasons, palette resetting and clubbing.

Creamy and minty with cinammon undertones. At least overnight steep, but gets creamier and better up until about 30 days (it never lasts that long in my house)

Cinnamon strawberry

Great shake-and-vape, but gets better in 2-3 days. Something similar to Strawberry Shortcake, with a custard-y mouthfeel.


The reason Manson started overusing Cap Lemon-Lime.