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8344 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

No Description.

One of my ADV's. I always keep 120ml around. This is a very thick and smooth vape that ages very well.

A baked apple pastry sort of thing.


This recipe is finally exactly where I want it. Thick and creamy mouth feel, milky in taste, but backed up by a nuttyness from the almond, marzipan, and hazelnut. Fucking perfect.

Sherbet cake fusion, I love this mix, and it is constantly in my rotation.

Not to fruity, not to cakey, just a nice balance.


Simple and delicious


Peach and pomegranate go really well together, papaya and mango add a bit of depth to the flavors

Yum yum

My most asked for flavor is very simple, yet very tasty.

I go through a bottle of this very quickly.

Just an awesome raspberry and cream