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A creamy apricot drinking yogurt, I've been chasing this flavour since I first started mixing. It's a very artifical apricot with a creamy and sweet yogurt base.

Fruit base: TFA Apricot, TFA Juicy Peach and TFA Cotton Candy (Circus). I used TFA Juicy Peach to boost the apricot flavour, when used with apricot and cotton candy the harsh edges gets refined and the peach is no longer a throat killer. I wanted to apricot to stay in front of the mix and at 5.5% it stays as a top note. I also chose TFA Cotton Candy Circus to help boost the candy profile.

Yogurt base: CAP Creamy Yogurt, FA Cream Whipped, FA Marshmallow and CAP Super Sweet. I used CAP Creamy Yogurt at 3.5% because I wanted a subtle yogurt base, at this percent it isn't downright offensive when mixed with other creams. I used FA Cream Whipped because I wanted a milky tea base that didn't mute the fruits, at 2% you get a nice milky undertone that pairs well up with CAP Creamy Yogurt. FA Marshmallow is used to fluff up the creams. The reference was sugary sweet, I used CAP Super Sweet because I didn't want the water content or maltol from TFA Sweetener. CAP Super Sweet at 0.5% is perfect to create sugar without making the mix nauseating.

A coworker of mine bought this juice and once I smelled it I immediately realized I need to make this. So I found this recipe online and decided to post it, sight unseen. I'll use this as a starting point and go from there. White grape explosion of candy goodness.

This is my first try at a recipe of my own. So advice and tips are more than welcome. It's a sweet limoncello that you just got out of the freezer. It's high on the sucralose, but home made limoncello is also very sweet. And i tried to reproduce the flavor.

This is a pear-cactus that is less disturbing than Grack but it is as delightful. Little bit sweeter.

After @Philosaphucker:
I really can't say more about what it is 'supposed to taste like.' It is an experience unto itself - just sweeter than grack.

Just another cereal. This time fruity flakes in a form of creamy bar.

*Brown Sugar Extra was used in this recipe.

Have a nice day!

Cover photo by https://www.flickr.com/photos/lexnger/

Just a delicious neapolitan ice cream.
The ingredients are pretty self explainitory.

This recipe hits all the right places. If your a fan of my man you'll love this mix.


From /u/fizzmustard


"Hobbe's Blood is a strawberry-watermelon-coconut modeled after the “Tiger Blood” snow cone; a familiar and straightforward flavor on the surface. Breaking it down, the strawberry is sharp and has some zip, the watermelon is candy-like, and the coconut is subtle and a bit creamy."

Blue Raspberry Ring Drop. Adjust Sweetener to taste. Really close to Ring-Dropz


This is a lightly baked banana with caramel and bourbon notes. After a longer steep, a subtle earthy RY4 comes through in the middle of the exhale.

I've been eating bananas every morning before I leave the house, and for some reason whenever I smell anything that is supposed to have a "Bourbon Barrel flavor" I think of banana. This flavor association seems like it would be a delicious thing to inspire an e-liquid profile This time of year my beer of choice is a Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout, so I wanted to create a vape that not only paired with them side by side but also had enough nuance to vape all day and enjoy it.

The core concept: TFA banana cream/TFA toasted marshmallow/TFA Kentucky Bourbon

These flavors come together to create that flavor association I keep getting in real life. It's smooth, creamy, and predominantly banana. The TM/KB combo serves to enhance that banana into something interesting. It almost gets a bit baked by the combo. I landed at these percentages because any higher on the TM/KB and it got to "warm." The 3-1-1 ratio here is the sweet spot, at least for me. Play around with those a bit if you want to adjust the bourbon to your liking.

I wanted to add a touch of earthiness and a boatful of dark sweetness into this recipe, so caramel and butterscotch bolster the sweetness of the cream base. I didn't want to go completely tobacco, RY4 double along with the Butterscotch Ripple was a great couple of flavors for that. If you let this steep closer to a month and beyond, those tobacco notes show up in the middle, subtle enough to really add something nice to the profile.

Enjoy folks, and long live winter!

I wanted to play with Zeppola which is really weak for a FA concentrate. I used Graham, VCV1, CDS, and Yellow Cake to boost and round it out and JOY to get a little more yeastiness in it. Meringue and Marshmallow for glaze and Fuji for filling.