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The gum is one most of us know and enjoy. It is a staple of most of our youths. I present to you Bubbilicious Grape.

The goal was a well known candy using Cap & TPA ingredients. I feel that this delivers on the demands while being a superb bubblegum. It did not come easy there were many, many tests of this rounds recipe. It is with confidence I can say this is as most realistic to grape bubblicious has I would ever be able to get. So if by some chance you have not had this candy it has the following characteristics: fluffy, almost creamy but not dairy, grape that is smooth not sour, sweet, gum notes, powdery marshmallow chew vs. a traditional crisp bite. The ingredients were replaced with different ideas including EM at high doses, Sweetener ranges of 0-1.5%, Grape going from 3-6%, Cap Jelly Candy from 1-3%, etc. It took a number of tries to reach what I feel will hit all the right spots for any grape gum addict out there.

There are two parts to this delicious gum:
The grape side which is made with a combination of the grape juice, sweetener and vanilla swirl
The gum side which is made with the bubble gum, marshmallow, as well as sweetener and vanilla swirl.

Bubble Gum CAP
To me this is the best starting point for a good store gum, but as you work with it you find it has some limitations. I did have tpa gum but it just was nasty to me.
So I chose Capella because it gives that perfect whipped gum smell and taste but it is missing the fluff experience from those square gum clouds. Alone it fades quick and can't hang, with a few layering ingredients it turns more into the gum we are seeking. It was put at this range to stay in the mix while not ruining the mix. I feel it hits the mark at this %

Grape Juice TPA
This is the only gum grape, period. The rest are not the same as that fake grape that we love from the grape gum. Mixing this and bubble gum just give off two notes that don't work as a finished recipe. Over 4% and it was all grape, under 3% and bubblegum took over in testing. This range gives it that pop at first of grape but then lets it slide into the middle just like actual gum would.

Marshmallow TPA
This was selected for mouthfeel and gum layering. The Cap Bubblegum needed multiple layers to make it. It was necessary for the gummy mouth effect and the marshmallow adds a few layers of sweet to the mix. This marshmallow is far better than Capella which has a syrupy note that wouldn't help our gum stay on track for the targeted flavor.

Sweetener TPA
I dialed the sweet back multiple times to hit the gum sweet but then stop. This was very difficult in hitting a gum sweet while not being unbearable for an adv.

Vanilla Swirl TPA
This finally tied it together. It was the secret magic ingredient to give that full flavor grape it needed. I would have not felt so good about this mix if this beautiful idea hadn't come along. It doesn't even add the vanilla as much as fix the one noted grape and bring the whole thing together.

This has been an amazing round and thanks for the chance to play. I hope you feel that this hits the mark for a perfect bubblegum like the days of baseball in the dugout eating the whole pack of this stuff.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

A tasty vape that emulates the delightful Maynard's Swedish Berries. This candy is extremely similar to the American red Swedish Fish with just a slight difference in texture and taste so if you can't find Maynards Swedish Berries, Swedish Fish will be a suitable reference. A search for the flavor of these candies will tell you that although many have guessed raspberry, cherry, fruit punch and even lingonberry, the exact taste is unique to the candy and of course, undisclosed. My palate detects a combination of strawberry and raspberry so that is what I went with to get this delicious taste. I think you will find this to be a very authentic representation of this candy.

TFA Raspberry Sweet - this flavor is sort of the center of this mix. I needed to pick a sweet, candy like raspberry and Raspberry Sweet fit the bill perfectly

TFA Sour - There is just enough of this flavor in the recipe to give the candy a tartness that you find with the real thing and to make the fruit flavors pop. In fact you will see citric acid as an ingredient in the real Swedish Berries.

TFA Strawberry - This strawberry, although not the first ingredient chosen, ended up being a better fit just because of how well it blended all the flavors together. I don't normally use this strawberry as it is not my favorite but it just works so much better in this mix than any others. It is a very sweet strawberry that is almost syrupy in nature, which is exactly what you want when trying to emulate a gummy candy.

TFA Swedish Gummy - I used just enough of this flavor to carry over the perception of not just a candy but a gummy candy. This is what supplies not only the flavor but that unmistakable mouth feel.

TFA Sweetener - As you all probably know, Swedish Fish/Berries are a very sweet, syrupy, cloying candy, and I needed help from this flavor to get the mix to that level.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 2

A bright tropical blend of Cherimoya, Guanabana, Mango, and Cherries in a delicate whipped cream.

INW Mango: I started originally with FLV Mango but found it to stand out too much and take on a syrupy tone when combined with the others. At 2% the mango is straightforward and present, with a mild "green" note freshly mixed. This helps create a strong tropical base for the Guanabana and Cherimoya flavors to work their magic.

FLV Guanabana: My first attempts used this much higher, but I found it to also take on a sort of syrupy texture when I used it too high, so over a few revisions I dialed it back to 1.5%. At this percentage, in conjunction with Cheriymoya, we get a nice authentic Soursop that's both tangy and bright.

INW Cherimoya: This stuff is potent as hell, but authentic. Freshly mixed it'll overpower the Guanabana but after a steep they blend well to create a singular Soursop flavor. It has a bit of a peel flavor to it that I feel adds to the authenticity without overtly affecting the final profile.

INW Cherries: Anything less than 2% and you can't taste them in this mix at all. Initially I feared this would cause some unwanted medicinal flavors, but I found that when combined with other strong bodied flavors they did exactly the opposite. A bright, but not overpowering cherry note to sweeten the final mix. Initially I used a few strawberry variations in the place of this, but found the INW Cherries to do a much better job at sweetening the mix while adding a little more tartness to the final profile.

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream: All original versions of this contained FA Whipped Cream, but as it's been discontinued I reformulated to use CAP. This final touch adds a light, but sweet cream base to smooth over some of the green/tart notes while creating a nice sweet finish that doesn't take away from the authenticity of the fruits or add a granulated sugar type flavor. At 2.5% it's perceptibly present, but not overly so.

Recently picked up MF Wild Raspberry and was blown away by it. I also have a friend who has gotten rather tired of custards and creams. She wanted something with a good citrus punch. So I figured I'd have a go at a berry lemonade. I have a bit of a obsession with FA Blackcurrant, and I thought the mix between it and the wild raspberry would be interesting.

The Lemonade base - Lemon Sicily mixed with the Cactus, Super Sweet and the Sour give it a nice juicy, sweet, and slightly tart flavor. It's not in your face tart like most lemonades but I enjoy it.

Berries - Blackcurrant can come off a bit musty if not used correctly, and Wild Raspberry is extremely potent. I added the Blue Raspberry Slush to meld the two and avoid either being overbearing.

Spring is coming up. Give it a mix and let me know what you think.


@Tootall has a version very similar to mine, so if you aren't a fan of FA Custard definitely try his. I worked at a B&M about a year ago and this was made for a co-worker of mine. I still make it from time to time for myself and a few others. Roughly a week steep time just to let the custard and icing meld things together and let the lemon mellow out.

Cookie base - FA Cookie and CAP Sugar Cookie mixed is always a winner, no explanation needed here.

Icing base - FA Lemon Sicily is the main attraction here, but the mix between the LA Cream Cheese Icing, FA Meringue, and the FA Custard really make it a nice sweet and creamy frosting.


A tiny bit of sweetener is recommended, it really makes the strawberry noticeable on the exhale. For those without blackberry, GET IT. But even without, it's still pretty tasty/

Edit 9-17-18 Dropped 4% Vanilla Swirl in favor of the Holy Vanilla. Give this 2 weeks in the dark, becomes very full and creamy.

Interesting and somewhat mysterious blend of dark red berries and a thick, sweet cream. Notes, comments, and flogging available here

My personal take on a Crunchberry. I personally use this mix in higher nic MTL vaping.


This will please most caramel fans. If you don't have Candy Caramel, just leave it out. Give this juice at least a week to take proper form.

Made this on /r/ as part of the flavor of the week thread. Came out surprisingly really tasty. Notes can be found at this link