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This is a mix of real and candy blueberry and strawberries with a hint of vanilla. This is one of the first recipes I ever created and I still mix to this day. An overnight steep is recommended, but not necessary.

This recipe came out as a first attempt, and I feel that my next batch will change a few things, primarily dropping the Papaya to 3% and possibly the tangerine to 3% to compensate for the Papaya. I feel like an equal mix of these two creates that perfect tropical real fruit-like tang found in a freshly blended smoothie. However for me that tang is a little too tart for me specifically; although this flavor still hasn't left my tank so some people may prefer it the way it is. I just picked up some TPA Ripe Banana that I am going to try to incorporate into this, possible substituting the Lorann's Banana Cream as its candy-like property may not blend as well. Currently in this mix the bana portion of the aftertaste is similar to a Banana Runt candy.

Flavor Notes:

LA/TPA Banana Cream - My preferred ratios of 1/3 LA to 2/3 TPA for a realistic banana cream, Lorann's is a little too potent and candy-like to me, and TPA's is a little unripe but a mixture of them together creates a more realistic concept of fresh banana's.

FA Marshmallow/Banana Creams - Alongside the banana flavoring, the Banana Cream blend adds that full mouthed creaminess that comes from a smoothie. The Marshmallow also gives it a "wet" feeling alongside the creaminess.

TPA Papaya/Cap Sweet Tangerine - I don't know exactly how to describe this mixture besides "real tropical fruitiness" however it is a little strong and can overpower/mute certain flavors.

INW Shisha Strawberry - This is added to help curb the sharpness of the Papaya/Tangerine mixture that I mentioned above, it also adds to the fruit-blend of the overall smoothie itself.

Sweet Coconut - I don't think this recipe would be the same without it, however it isn't that present in the flavoring itself. It's more of a background note, which helps round together the other fruits. Anyone who has worked with this can attest to the potency of the coconut and how it basically overpowers most flavors easily above 0.5%. For this recipe, due to the tartness of the other fruits combined it actually falls into the background while keeping the other flavors in check.

A custard, an ice cream, and a panna cotta - the holy trinity of vanilla infused desserts.

Wafer, graham cracker and brown sugar add a bit of texture and keep things interesting.

I'm in a minority in that I prefer custards fresher, so I SnV this - I think most people would rather at least a week steep.

Heavy and buttery custard with caramel backed by banana and tobacco notes in the background.
Simple but complex – exactly like adulthood turned out to be.


Rich whipped cream sandwiched between crisp, airy, meringues.

Main aim was to try and get the airy yet full dense mouthfeel whilst keeping the recipie really simple and percentages low so it can be used as a base for fruit if wanted... Any normal person would just go buy a whipped cream concentrate!

The MTS really helps the false sense of thickness...It also helps counter the sweetness - the mix is still on the sweet side for one of my mixes but the MTS helps focus down on the middle notes of the Meringue rather than the top sweet notes.

I keep trying to combine fruit into it too (raspberry) but think the MTS is retarding the flavour too much, thus releasing this as it's own individual entity. It's kinda bland but strangely addictive and satisfying!

Overnight steep.


This is a unique recipe that brings a nice tarty cookie flavor together with the perefect amount of sweetness and body.
Forrest Mix brings in this nice tarty flavor with not a lot of sweetness but a great flavor.
JF sweet Strawberry brings out the sweetness in the fruits to give really blend them together.
Cap Sugar Cookie to me is a must and gives off that great cookie flavor that you can only get from this flavor.
FW Bavarian cream helps to add body and is great in a cookie and really helps this pastry.
FA Vienna cream brings in a nice sweet vanilla flavor accenting off the Sugar Cookie to add sweetness as well as that vanilla needed to make a
FA Cream Fresh add to this recipe bringing in that nice tartness as well as giving off that milky Taste that you need when dipping your cookies in milk. It makes it go to the next level.
JF biscuit This flavor add the crunch to the recipe as well as rounding out to give the recipe a full body cookie crunch taste.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Awesome Box February 2017

Don't mess with Carol's sweet homemade cookies.

I know cheesy but I was watching the walking dead when trying to think of a name for this recipie.

Anyways, this is yet another sugar cookies recipie, but with icing and a different approach on the whole objective.

CAP CAKE BATTER plays two roles here. The first role is for the cookie. It plays along nicely with CAP SUGAR COOKIE to give the juice that nice cookie texture with the smooth buttery homemade sugar cookie flavor.

Now for the icing. This is where the CAP CAKE BATTER along with CAP VANILLA CUSTARD, CAP VANILLA CUPCAKE AND LA CREAM CHEESE ICING play together. I was basing this recipie of sugar cookies my grandmother used to make for the holidays every year and growing up in would always help her. So I put my heart into this one. The flavors for the icing blend together so well it just comes off so smooth.

Sweetener isn't necessarily needed. I just really enjoy it in this recipie. Although you get a good flavor, right after mixing it's not how it's meant to taste. It hits the nail on the head about 7 days after. Hope you all enjoy.

Awesome box suggestion recipe. Lets see how it tastes sounds good.


So I got to try fantasia a e liquid from a company over in Malaysia which for a premium e liquid I was pleasantly surprised so on that basis thought I'd have a bash at a remix, so remember a remix not a 1:1 clone.

Obviously this is a take on Fanta orange we all know what that is so I won't rubbish you with the bullshit. I will tell you though that although it's only 1 profile it did take some negotiation to get this to where I liked it combining a few orange flavours and other little teasers that combined together to create a simple but tasty vape that's juicy, refreshing and icy cold.

So I guess it's time to bore the shit out of you with some info and notes, skip to the recipe if you ain't bothered.

FW blood orange

This is the base of the profile it's an excellent orange that does somewhat need pushing more towards the higher percentages. This works for the top end of a orange drink it's bold authentic and plenty juicy to build upon.

Cap sweet tangerine

This added more sweetness and juice to the blood orange it melds together to combine more authenticity to the orange. Go to high and it starts getting towards a candy but at 2% it's enough.

FA mandarin

By far the most authentic of the 3 so we need this in here it adds some freshness to the orange and more zest we want a refreshing drink here and by adding this it adds that zest and accents the bolder orange flavours.

Tfa Dragonfruit

We all know how good dragonfruit is for blending together fruits it's no exception here it really pops the orange flavours and acts as a emulsifier.

Tfa marshmallow

A little here really calms them citrus notes and takes away any harshness you might detect while smoothing the vape out.

INW cactus

It's a drink for gods sake we want that wet feeling when we drink so it has to be included I detected this in the original juice you get that infamous cactus note.

Cap super sweet

This flavour is in all premium juices so if we're trying to get close then let's not forget premium liquids go to staple ingredient.


A new kid on the block when it comes to cooling effects and this stuff is the shit don't be scared by the 2% it works and is as close to the original liquid in terms of cooling.

That's it mix this up and enjoy love it like I love you xx



Twisted Berry Blast. Ever get tired of the same old strawberries and cream? Well, I did. Here's a FA Forest Fruits twist on strawberries and cream.
CAP NY Cheesecake- Base for the whipped cream to lay on
TPA Whipped Cream- Sits on top of the NY Cheesecake to give it a fluffiness
TPA Meringue- Well....just because I like it
TPA Greek Yogurt - Adds a slight tangy aspect and fits well with the sweetness of the FA Forests Fruits
FA Forest Fruits - Well damn! It's just plan ole sweet mixed delicious
Shake n Vape