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When life gives you lemons... Fuck the lemonade, you make a lemon tart infused with minted blueberries instead. This delicately balanced mix is so complex yet refreshingly tasty, it will leave you coming back for more time and time again. Everyone knows what a great combination blueberry and lemon is, but the little bit of mint adds a richer layer that adds an original touch. The blueberries deepen the lemon while the mint keeps it light and fresh. This recipe is like a very healthy couple, you have the light and head in the clouds aspect, but you also have the realism and keep you grounded part as well.

FW Blueberry - This blueberry is the perfect flavor for bakeries. It is jammy yet still authentic. It is sweet without being a generic "blue" flavor. I went with FW because the minted blueberries are almost a compote, I wanted them to have a slightly cooked note and Flavor West handles this perfectly.

FA Custard - As the main body of the cream note, custard works perfectly to add some richness to the tart and the citrus note in this flavor helps boost the lemon flavoring of the mix.

HS French Vanilla Ice Cream - I wanted my tart to be smooth and buttery with a slight vanilla note and that is exactly what this flavoring does. It is a very potent flavor and since I didn't want my mix to taste like ice cream, it is used at this percentage to just add to the cream base as a delicious accent.

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie - This is the bulk of the citrus flavor, as well as adds the much needed crust element and a little fluff and sweetness the meringue brings out. I wanted to use this flavoring so I could include all of the nuances a tart such as this brings to the table with as few ingredients as possible.

INW Natural Mint - Mint is, I believe, the key to what makes this mix special. I added just enough to freshen the lemon without overpowering the mix with a mint flavor. This flavoring provides a very organic and natural mint flavor that isn't too candy-ish or chemical tasting.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 4

Wiśniówka (Kirsch) Nothing else to tell, just pure cherry alcohol ;)


Deepest raspberry wrapped sugar sweet cotton candy. Simple, powerful, and sweet,


WELL FUCK ME SIDEWAYS. I revisited this bullshit after over a year of not mixing it due to not having the needed flavours. Well I finally restocked and picked up a few new ideas for Drunken Pears Revisited. I was super worried that maybe the original wasn't going to be as good as I remember simply because I came up with this recipe when I had very little idea of what the fuck I was doing with my mixes. However, that first vape on this recipe was a reminder why I loved this shit so fucking much back in the day. It's tart, bright, and full of flavour on the inhale, but that back end has all the boozy throat hit, creamy bakery notes, and dark sugar that you're looking for. So lets dive into what I changed, because there's quite a bit.

Back when I first came up with this idea, I felt like I needed so much to make it work. There was Torrone, Joy, Vanilla Swirl, vanilla bourbon, FA Fuji, and two different whiskey flavours. It was a fucking mess. Shit that so obviously doesn't need to be in there. So I pulled out all of that shit and focused on amplifying the base flavours and letting things play off of each other. The removal of FA Fuji allowed me to focus more on refining the pear without the crutch that is Fuji. Adding in just a touch of TPA Pear gave so much more authenticity to the fruit, as TPA's pear option has a lot more of that earthy and sort of browned pear note, while FA Pear adds that brightness and tart flavour. Adding in HS French Vanilla Ice Cream was the best fucking decision I could have made. This allowed me to remove the Vanilla Swirl, while still adding SO much more flavour to the TFA VBIC. Honestly, I don't know what the fuck I was thinking by adding Torrone and Joy in the first iterations, because those flavours just do not work in this recipe, whereas CAP CDS, on it's own, does everything I need. Finally, the TPA Toasted Marshmallow and Brown Sugar to add that baked note. These two just work together so beautifully here.

Great as a shake and vape, but give it a week or so and the pears will calm down, the ice cream will get super fucking dense, the bourbon flavour will shine a bit more, and those bakery notes will flesh out so much better.

This recipe has always been my signature recipe, I feel. Every mixer seems to have one. And this new, revisited version just reiterates why I loved it so much in the beginning. Except now, I came at it with over a year of added knowledge about flavours and mixing, and now it's better than I could have ever imagined. Big shouts to Vurve for constantly suggesting I pick up HS FVIC, and huge ups to Rageisalotofwork for giving me the idea to add TPA Toasted Marshmallow to accentuate the brown sugar notes.

Mix this shit, yo.

I was watching a live mixing recently where wayne mixed a sugar cookie he obviously didn't like much... I took what he learned and adapted that recipe to make a version of my own. Good artists copy; Great artists steal!!! Anyway, I added some cream and butter awnnn in there and shit man!!! BOOM! Oh yeah, that cinnamon note from the cap graham settles a week in as the sugar cookie does its dance.

I love light fruits in a cream. I have been playing around with several combinations so I thought I would share. Check out your boy!!!!

This one has high percentages I know... it's the OSDIY stuff....they need higher percentages. The baked cinnamon roll and lucky shot combo are amazing. the rest are support notes. Sweeten to taste. It's banging!

A sweet & mild cherry pipe tobacco with some lightly creamy vanilla/almond notes.

This is a great "transitional" recipe for those squirrely about tobacco vapes, as the tobaccos are mild and dessert-y, and the dominant note is a bright, non-medicinal cherry.

I mixed this on 12/19/16 and am just trying it now on 2/15/17, so I can't give a definitive steep time, but where tobaccos are involved, anywhere from 2-4 weeks is probably ideal.

A variation on a stand alone flavouring.
Ametrine is a fresh orange juice type flavour with a couple of ice cubes.

(Ecto cooler) I used to have this as a stand alone, it's a great tasting flavour but uses a hell of a lot, it's supposed to be reminiscent of an old school juice box from the mid - late 80's although I can barely remember that.
It's a clean tasting orange juice.
I was hoping this would give it a fizzy type mouth feel, it doesn't at this % but it does help change the orange flavour a touch to make it more genuine almost like Fanta or tango.
I love this flavouring I can say it does change the recipe from dry and flavoursome to juicy and tastier you can't pick it out it helps blend the fruit and makes the mix mouth watering.
I would say use this to taste
I added a touch even as 1-2 drops per 10ml it makes it noticeable and changes the mix to a slightly chilled taste.
I wanted to make the mix more realistic to step away from the soda taste and I feel that this does it well, the addition of sour heightens the orange and brings it back to the front almost a candy effect without making it sickly.
(Super sweet)
Use sparingly, just enough to bring it to life although without it it's still good.

Thanks, happy mixing

I am very proud of this recipe I think it turned out great. This is an Apple cinnamon Danish with a gooey Apple center and icing on top. This recipe is good immediately but gets better and better every day after I would say it is at its best after around 6 days but it is definitely vapable after a good shake. Let me know what you think.