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9312 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Cinnamon bun with icing. A simple cinnamon bun recipe but with an explosion of sweet vanilla icing.
TPA Cinnamon Danish as the base. Mostly for the cinnamon
INW Biscuit to add a pastry texture
CAP Vanilla Cupcake V2 for the icing note and texture
CAP Sweet Cream to bolster the icing note
TPA Sweetener for that extra bit of sweetness
I didn't add a nut flavor because I prefer it without that nut flavor or texture, just my preference
Steeping is best after 3 days but can be a shake n vape
Max VG


*Derived from Sugar Cookies and Cream by @chrisdvr1. *

In your face vanilla cookies laden with butter and biscuity goodness. Props to chrisdvr for the sugar cookie base. I find his sugar cookies and cream to be irresistible but I am a vanilla junkie thus spawned this recipe.

TPA Butter/JF BIscuit/CAP sugar cookie

more or less taken from the original recipe, I use JF biscuit because I can't stand INW's version. (if you like INW and have it, use it instead)

FW Hazelnut
I brought this guy over from the original recipe because its a magical ingredient that lends creaminess to the vanilla's and adds a subtle nuttiness.

INW Shisha Vanilla/DIYFS Holy Vanilla

My two favorite vanilla flavors. Shisha is more earthy, sweet, slightly creamy. Holy vanilla is more floral, still sweet, very creamy and a deeper vanilla. The combo here provides a mouthful of vanilla that endlessly caresses your palette and makes you ask politely for more. These two work so well in all types of applications but here they flex their bakery muscles. (there's no subbing either of these flavors, seriously)

CAP yellow cake

Here to bridge everything together, you don't get cakey-ness here but it smooths everything else out and compliments vanilla very well, pulls it all together. (sub JF yellow cake same %, maybe FW yellow cake at .5%)

shake and vape is great but give it 3 days for the vanilla and butter to settle in. hope y'all enjoy, will be posting many recipes with Holy Vanilla. If you enjoy vanilla please do yourself the favor and order Holy Vanilla, its too damn good.


If you've ever wondered what sweet baby Jesus tasted when he breastfed, this is the recipe for you. A bright, clean, dragon-berry milk, kind of like a Creamsaver that doesn't exist but definitely should. Inspired by God Milk by @SkiddlzNinja and my own Mother of Dragons' Milk recipes, but better than either of those after a one-week steep.

A simple mix that the girlfriend wanted, something along the lines of an "Elvis".

My favorite cream and fruit candies from when I was a kid. This recipe was a complete accident. I was trying to create a strawberry cheesecake, but after mixing and letting it steep, it became this blast from the past!

Lemon Pie...what more can I say...a nice sweet/tart lemon with notes of delicious graham crust followed with a layer of rich meringue

Take a trip to the Florida Keys with a delicious slice of this creamy decadent pie...from the graham cracker crust to the meringue topping your taste buds will thank you for mixing this up

Who doesn't like Peanutbutter and Jelly??Don't be a GOOBER everyone does...your favorite PB&J mixed to perfection...creamy smooth Peanutbutter on the inhale with a sweet sticky Strawberry jelly exhale...mix this up and release your inner child


It's a danish, with a marzipan filling, light icing, and slivered almonds. My 100% S&V take on a bakery ADV.

FA Catalan Cream- This concentrate really does pull the recipe together. It adds a bit of creaminess, to keep the pastry from reading as too dry. It also lends a subtle spice note to the entire vape, with a hint of bakery cinnamon and nutmeg. The vanilla helps to build the base for the icing.

FA Hazelnut- Not a creamy flavor, more like nearly raw unshelled hazelnuts. It's a strong concentrate, but at .25% it brings in just enough flavor and texture to simulate actual slivered almonds.

INW Marzipan- The almond paste filling for the pastry. Sweet, heavy with that almond-extract bordering on cherry flavor. The sweetness here, even at .5%, is enough to carry over and work with the catalan cream and zeppola to create a light icing for the danish.

FW Whiskey- This adds some warmth to the vape, reinforcing the bakery aspect. The oak notes help to bolster the spices from the catalan cream.

FA Zeppola- Fairly light at .75%, but with enough powdered sugar on top to sweeten up that icing as well as provide a lighter pastry base.

And that's it. I feel like this addresses some of the issues I've had with bakery vapes. It's balanced, letting each component do it's work without turning muddled or cloying.

I went with "Dogma" in reference to the Dogme 95 rules for filmmaking. 1. They're danish and I didn't have a better name, and 2. I think in developing this recipe I finally internalized the fact that I've become some kind of weird jerk when it comes to the way I think mixing should work. I'm the Lars Von Trier of the mixing game.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 4

Honeysuckle Ice Cream based on this recipe: http://theviewfromgreatisland.com/honeysuckle-ice-cream/

TLDR for that link: pick fresh honeysuckle blossoms and steep them overnight in milk, heavy cream, and sugar. Strain out the flowers, add real vanilla bean, and run the mix through an ice cream machine.

TFA Honeysuckle infuses the cream flavors with a delicate floral perfume. It’s carefully balanced at 3% to work as a shake-and-vape recipe here. Any higher would be overdoing it – we want the just the sillage of this summery fragrance, nature’s magnet for birds and bees, left behind after steeping in the ice cream base. Failing to strain out the flowers themselves would spoil this elegant dessert.

INW Shisha Vanilla brings a sweet, creamy vanilla, very reminiscent of a homemade, non-custard vanilla ice cream. This could almost be a two-ingredient recipe with just these two flavors, but some additional creams pick up where Shisha Vanilla leaves off.

TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is a tricky but essential addition. It’s tricky because it has something we don’t want, those custard notes, as this is an egg-free, AKA Philadelphia-style or American-style ice cream. Used low enough with these other ingredients, eggs can be avoided while still providing what we do want – that dense body and luxurious mouthfeel of churned heavy cream. that Shisha Vanilla doesn’t have enough of, and a more robust, truly vanilla bean flavor as opposed to Shisha Vanilla’s flavor that sits somewhere between extract and bean.

FLV Cream adds more neutral creamy body to the mix and binds and blends the honeysuckle, vanilla, and creams together. It enhances the heavy milk taste of Cream Fresh as well, but alone, it lacks enough dairy flavor to complete the milk and cream mix used to make this ice cream.

FA Cream Fresh brings the milk, but too much of it seems to react poorly to Honeysuckle in souring way, as if the ice cream had been made with milk that was a day or two past its sell-by date. To complete this ode to longing, Cream Fresh and FLV Cream need each other.

And why "Longing?" Because I miss someone who isn't mine to miss, dream about someone who isn't mine to dream about, and love someone who is no longer mine to love. Moving on with anyone else is hard when they kiss me and I'm afraid all they taste is her name on my lips. Of all the sensual pleasures we once shared, it is her unique flavor I still thirst for most of all. The closest thing I've found to the taste of her body at the height of her bliss, her amrita, is Honeysuckle Ice Cream.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: DOD WORLD MIXERS II Round 4