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8955 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This was one of my first truly original flavor recipes. A refreshing and tart Raspberry Lemonade. The design was to tone down some of the sourness in the mix by adding both EM and Sucralose. Welcome feedback and criticisms of all kinds on this recipe.

Apricot Bourbon Whipped Cream with Nuts; this is my first attempt to make an all-day-vape.


Found this recipe from E-liquid-recipes posted by Bolds FM mixologist.
This was the first premium clone I looked for once I started mixing my own juice.
It feels mighty awesome to have found this recipe online.
My girlfriend and I will be making this for a long time.


My attempt at an Aussie classic. A fairly basic berry mix. Mostly inspired by /u/christopherson's phenomenal Looma recipe (reposted here https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/22844), though this is a 'brighter' berry-juice profile since Cap's Harvest Berry (a much 'darker' berry mix) has been intentionally omitted. With CAP's HB gone, you're left with a very close flavour to the cordial here.

I've tweaked around with FA forest mix and INW raspberry for some time now, in hopes to recreate a raspberry/lime sherbet from a great DIY site here in Australia. Though that one led me to this cordial recipe and it worked well. With fuji apple and cactus, you get more of a juicy bite out of the berries.

Give it about a 5 day steep to get rid of any possible weirdness from INW Raspberry and it develops nicely.

- Koolada at 0.5% to make it like it was straight out of the fridge.
- FA Lime Tahiti Cold Pressed at 0.5-1% for some lime-y zest to complement the berries

this is my all mighty fruit loops enjoy guys hope you enjoy it guys


A bright, wet pear vape.

FA Pear/FA Fuji/CAP Lemon Lime : The thick broad pear flavoring brings the base while the Fuji brings the bright tartness. Lemon lime helps to mesh these two flavorings together.

INW Cactus: provides a wet/juicy density to the vape.

TPA Meringue: Brings an ever so sweet note to the mix will also taking off a little of the "pledge" note of cap lemon lime.

Definitely shake and vapeable, best giving it a few days to let everything blend and allow Lemon Lime to calm down.

Sweet delicious strawberry shortcake.

Cookie and Nonna's Cake make up the airy angel food cake. Top it with on the of the best strawberry one two punches of TFA Strawberry Ripe and CAP Sweet Strawberry. Top it all off with a dollop of whipped cream courtesy of FA Whipped Cream and Vienna Cream.


This a blueberry forward juice that has gone through months of revisions. Blueberries dropped into a bowl of sweet milk and cereal.

Original and adaptations: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/773412/Blueberry%20Cereal%20V4

If you're into very fruity and sweet juices, definitely make a batch of this. Amazing!

The pineapple flavor was bought on amazon. Tastes like candy pineapple more than fruit. Sub it with any pineapple.
The blue raspberry and silly rabbit are the real players here.

You won't regret it! :)

Vanilla Marshmallow Whipped Cream. Very fluffy and thick vanilla flavor. Super good.