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7915 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


This is it, I have enough pondering on this for a long time. Finally got everything I needed and gave it a shot. In the beginning I had no idea where to start with this recipie. Then Exclusivegirl came out with her Green Tea Recipie. So I used the idea of the to begin my blueprinting. So without her or that recipie I would have been completely stuck. Major props to her.

FW White Chocolate - I used this above all the others because to me this one is more stronger on the white chocolate flavor and the one I prefer

TPA Sweet Cream/Whipped Cream and CAP Vanilla Custard - these are all here to blend that crunchinless and keep that white chocolate creamy. With out them the white chocolate would be there on the inhale but loose flavor very quickly. They really help that WC keep flavor and maintain throughout the recipie.

CAP Sugar Cookie and TPA Rice Cruniches - These are obviously the Wafer. To me they complement each other very well.

CAP Super Sweet is there to give it sweetness.

I really enjoy this recipie and I hope you do to!

Almost every good chef knows a recipe for Tarte Tatin. It is actually a invention from the sisters Tatin from France. History tells us that this tarte was invented by a little accident that happened to the appletarte, which felt down and they were thinking what else they could do with the already baked apples, so they decided to caramelize the apples and cover them with a sheet of puff pastry and they put it in the oven upside down. Afterwoods they did turn the tarte around and this was the result....The Tarte Tatin was borne.
It is a appletarte with loads of butter and sugar inside for the caramel, nice warm and great for the cold winterdays.
This vape actually tastes like the real Tarte tatin, which i already made hundreds of times in the kitchen. Enjoy the recipe and like always please let me know about it if you mix it up.

Greetings and regards from Belgium Chefproject


Like those desserts from Chick-Fil-A, this tastes like lemonade blended with milk, cream with an added hint of vanilla

No secret, I really like FA Yogurt, the V2 is good, the bad stuff V1 is better, using V2 here just for a teeny bit of a "round sour note"

LB Vanilla Ice cream, this has to be the most complete ice cream flavor I have ran across, good on it's own up to 10% to taste, 6 to 10 anyways. Does not need any help, IMO

LB Pink Lemonade 2.5% this adds the citrus effect, a good sub for it would be CAP Pink at the same percentage.

Capella Sweet Mango, I adore this stuff, for a truer Mango you can add others, but this does just fine on it's own as well.

TFA Sweetener - This mix really needs it, I was using just EM in it but felt it really needed the "True Sweet" effect that nothing but Sucralose can give it.

So, what this is...

An interesting Dream Bar, it will change from an Orange Cream Bar to a Mango Cream at different wattages and airflow.


Feel Free to add Koolada to taste for a cold one :)

Edit, if you vape this during the first week the ice cream is not fully developed, the citrus is heavy and separate from the Mango. After a week is when this truly comes together.


Using /u/matthewkocanda 's milkshake base from Reddit, because why reinvent it when it's so good!

My favorite version of PB&J is with grape jelly, not sure why but I always preferred it over strawberry. I also like it loaded with jelly and some thin layers of Peanut Butter. This recipe is pretty high on the % side, but I feel that it does a good job accomplishing what I set it out to be.

INW Grape is pretty weak, and always seems to fade after a decent amount of time, leaving Peanut butter as the main note (when mixed around 3.5/8) So I changed the percents around to (4.5/3.5). Peanut Butter is strong, and higher percentages give a realistic PB taste and mouthfeel, kind of dry, but I really just want the flavor of it here. I may consider bumping PB up by .5% or so. Cookie is to give a bit of a 'bite' to this recipe, like some crumbles on top of the milkshake.

Still working on this, but I can't wait to see what it steeps out as. PB Seems kind of weak as is, but it's definitely tasted in there.

I would give it a few days to a week for the vienna cream to round out, as it always has an odd "soury" taste to me right off the bat.

just a quick light melon mix i made after looking at DIYorDIE's honeydewey mix. a good shake and vape if you are in a hurry.


Highlighting the amazing Beignet by SoubArome, which is by far the best doughnut flavouring on the market imho.

This recipe gives you a very full and thick mouthfeel with a bite of doughnut on the inhale and velvety vanilla custard on the exhale.

Its begging for a touch of sweet fruit jam of your choice

Vapable after 1 week. Delicious after 2

Banana waffle with maple syrup and cream.

A long steep is essential to let the maple syrup in the waffle mellow out and play with the butterscotch. Tasty after 2 weeks, best after 4.


One drop INW Natural Mint per 10ml-15ml (10 if you a really heavy menthol vaper).

This is minty V2, slight changes to the cookie but adds a different flavor. I've heard a andes/thin mint flavor the first week from a lot of people before it moves to ice cream with a cookie cone around the 1 week mark.

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This is my first recipe, that i will put online on All the flavors. Would be nice to get some feedback, because i am still missing some body to it.. It is a very nice, smooth vape with a good balanced berry taste, but i miss some body in the cream. Maybee somebody get hooked and can give me some advice. Thx in advance and greetings from Belgium ChefProject

for the next batch i added some black currant,and switched to capella's vanilla custard. I also added some strawberry ripe