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So the previous version of this was way way way too long for a lot of you to get a grip on so I took This one and beat it around a little until it was just right , I'm gonna Slip it back into play here and hope that the ones that couldn't Jump on before go ahead this time and take MY LITTLE CACK out for a spin . This is a very sweet berry cactus lemonade that is straight forward and to the point check it out and let me know what you think. Don't worry I'm fine with MY LITTLE CACK so criticism is welcomed !

This is a very simple recipe thats great for beginner mixers looking for an ADV. I recommend this be mixed at 70/30 and steeped for 1 week. This was one of my first recipes I had ever created. I know that strawberry recipes have been done over and over again but this one has a spot on classic flavor without the icing. The .10% of MTS Vape wizard is essentially 1drop per 15ml. This is a simple recipe great for beginners. I know you will enjoy it. Please rate and comment, thanks.


It is what it is delicious. This recipe must have at least a 1 week steep, at 2 weeks it is amazing. It can be mixed at whatever ratio you like but I think it's best at Max VG. The only difference between version 1 and version 2 is I added .5% butter pecan and .5% of caramel to sweeten it up version 1did not carry the sweetness that I had gotten from the reference. I was also considering raising the sugar cookie another .5% but I did not want to affect the cream negatively. So here it is feel free to make changes to suit your taste and enjoy.

An apple cinnamon and asian pear cake.

Edit: Added a missing ingredient! TFA Quince @ 1%.

A light flavored, creamy peach cranberry cake.

A simple recipe, and one of my early favorites when I began mixing. This mix is delicious as a shake-and-vape, and light and refreshing as far as cakes go after a steep.

The base of this recipe is obviously the Yellow Cake. Say what you want about the sugar in it, it is still the best out there imo. Marzipan adds a sugary sweetness to it without adding too much of a pronounced nut (candied almond) flavor we usually use it for. It's enough here to change that cake flavor ever so slightly. Vanilla Classic is here to bring out that vanilla flavor from the cake even more. Fresh Cream smooths it all out and helps nicely to take the edge off of Juicy Peach and to make sure the tartness of Cranberry does not overtake everything.

Cranberry is low here, but pronounced without getting too much of the tartness as a shake and vape. It's noticeable, but fades some with a steep; obviously because of its low percentage.

Together, this is a light cake mix that I enjoy more as a shake and vape. I still use it after steeping, but just my preference. My mixing has advanced a ton since I made this recipe, but it still remains one of my favorites and I wanted to share it. I will likely do a spin on this recipe as a V2 someday.

Keep in mind that this mix was designed for a dripper outputting 5.8 volts and high VG. Dual 2mm micros at around .9 ohms. Try it as a shake and vape first, then give it a go with a steep. After trying it as is, adjust the cranberry to 1% if you like the flavor. I personally like it as posted.

Happy mixing



A simple, creamy vape for a tired palate.

My version of a strawberries and cream, however, I let the banana really shine instead of punching you in the face with strawberry notes. Pairs nicely with a hot cup of coffee.

Art by me : www.matthew-kocanda.com

4 D

Elderflower cordial. Think St. Germain. I'm still waiting to be rocketed into the fourth dimension of existence. Until then, I'm going to miss cocktails... I mix at 75% VG. Certified shake and vape. Actually a bit better fresh before the champagne mutes everything all to shit.


Juicy, creamy ruby red grapefruit. I mix 75% vg, steep for a week to let the citrus settle and the vanillas show up.

Based on some new info gleaned from beginner mixing I decided to omit meringue and marshmallow that I had been specifically using for sweetness and instead went with vanilla cupcake. Also of note I added funnel cake in to slightly up the hint of cinnamon. For those that experience a yeasty or "beer" taste from fa joy you can omit it as I'm betting with the use of the other donut flavors it is likely not needed.