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7513 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

This is the very first recipe I ever made. A real sweet fruity flavor, This could definitely be a all day vape. Making you salivate and waiting more. The worst part about this flavor is waiting for your addy to cool down so you can take another vape. (FA) kiwi as the main flavor. You can shake and vape but I recommend putting it in hot water for 20 minutes. Its still a work in progress. I'm never happy. I blame my wife. Bahahaha!


It took about a month just to figure out the ingredients for this recipe. @jbird worked with me for another month helping me create the finished product.

JF biscuit= A great cookie or great for a pie crust or just to hold other bakery notes that fall apart easily.
Flv rich cinnamon= A very great cinnamon, imo the KING. Although it's not right for just anything but when it works it is unbeatable.
TPA butter= Melted butter.
FA almond= A great almond I normally prefer TPA toasted almond for being even more authentic to the profile but most people don't have it anyway.
SC blackberry= A very nice flavor but almost impossible to use, it's a very bland canned blackberries with a floral note.
INW cherries= Very bright also sweet and spicy but again... very tart imo it's the perfect pairing for sc blackberry two complete opposites that play well together.

It was a huge balancing act trying to get the fruits just right and have the mix not taste linear. I really hope everyone picks up these 2 fruits they are very useful esp the cherries . This vape is not dry these are very bright and wet fruits and you can shake and vape this but at around 3-4 days it gets really good. Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. Thanks again @jbird. Also adding 2 drops of CAP SS is pretty dope.


Reminds me of a blue berry scone with sweet cinnamon

Raspberry ripple deep fried ice cream.
Inspired by Sammy Fog.

Enjoy Proxima without the 4.25 light year travel.

If you're looking for a different mixing environment, drop by my page https://www.facebook.com/groups/eatsleepmixrepeat/
Small but great group of people.


This is a simple Milkshake. With only 4 flavors to work with one from each vendor. I had to make this as tasty as possible. So here is what I used
1.BLUEBERRY FW- This is a great blueberry and at 5% gives off a great flavor of blueberry but not to overpowering in the recipe.
2. Cap Sugar Cookie- I used this as the texture that would give this Milkshake the Malted Flavor feel. Honestly might have used Cream fresh instead but like I said limited to 1 flavor from each company I felt this would give the body needed to make the recipe without sacrificing flavor.
3. TFA VBIC at 4% gives off that nice vanilla ice cream taste that you need in a Milkshake.
4. FA Vienna Cream- to me this is the star of the show at 1.5% really brings in that creaminess as well as the nice vanilla Cream flavor,
Enhancer - FW Sweetner at .75% adds to the sweetness to make this recipe stand out. It really makes the blueberry pop.
@MatthewKocanda this is my recipe for our little comp.

A blackberry Greek Yogurt with a little sweetness.

I used to vape a Blackberry Yogurt from a company called Dead Shriners, pretty good stuff, but not Yogurt-y enough. So Since I started doing DIY I decided to make my own Blackberry Yogurt.

My idea with this was to make a nice Yogurt base, FLV Greek for the Greek Yogurt part, FA Yogurt to mellow it out a little and add some sweet creaminess and FLV Cream for even more sweetness and creaminess.

Then add in my Blackberry, I went with Cap Black Raspberry after trying out a few others and not getting the taste I was looking for.

This Is my first recipe, I mean I like it, but you'll have to make up your own mind.

Delicious chocolate milkshake with a dab of whipped cream!

The name speaks for itself: This is a simple recipe for an "Apple Strawberry Jam"-vape, inspired by Goldfish's famous "Apple Buttah", a recipe I like very much. I came up with this recipe during the first round of Beginner Blending's Mixxed Competition. In my opinion it was a bit too close to "Apple Buttah" so I decided not to submit it in the comp, but it is definitely very tasty and worth mixing it! Nevertheless it helped me to find the right balance between FA Fuji and TPA Strawberry Ripe for my actual recipe for round one, "Apple Strawberry Roll".

FA Fuji Apple
Fuji apple is the most authentic fresh apple flavoring I know. 2% turned out to be enough to be recognized without overpowering the strawberry.

TFA Strawberry Ripe
Again, IMO the most authentic strawberry out there and my favorite strawberry flavoring. 2.5% turned out to be the right amount to blend in with FA Fuji.

FA Liquid Amber and CAP Butter Cream
Both are used to turn the strawberry and the apple to a jam, blend them together and add some sweetness.

TFA Cinnamon Danish Swirl
CDS is used mainly for the small touch of cinnamon. CAP CDS was one of the basket ingredients for the 1st round of Mixxed Competition and works as well, but I prefer TPA's version in this recipe.

CAP Vanilla Custard (v1)
VC again found its way into one of my recipes. Its purpose is to add the vanilla note to mix and also thickening up the whole vape.

Mixed at 70/30 (VG/PG). Steep: can be "shaked&vaped" but best after 2-3 days.

My attempt at a bourbon infused cannoli juice. Cannoli recipe minus cinnamon and TFA Kentucky Bourbon added

This flavor has the perfect amount of sweet mixed in with nice sour notes. The green apple and watermelon really bring in the sourness and the Cloud nine really blends it together well. Great as a Shake and Vape. I really enjoy this vape with a nice Flavored beer ( Sam Adams Cherry wheat, Leinkugels Grapefruit Shandy or a Hoppy IPA like Laguanitas) really if you like a nice sour Candy your going to love this.