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7310 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Close your eyes, lay back, and take in the ocean breeze as you enjoy this topical vape


Deliciously peanut butter Milkshake vape, with nice creamy undertones. The peanut butter TFA is a must have in this recipe as it is the best when making these nice peanut butter pastry or ice cream type of flavors. The Vanilla custard from Capellas V1 is great as it takes the place of TFA VBIC as it fits better in this recipe bringing the the balanced vanilla flavoring to the recipe. The caramel from helps to make the PB really pop in this recipe. The Vienna cream really brings in that nice Vanilla taste and Gives the recipe the perfect amount of sweetness. Last the Cream fresh is a must when making a milkshake it really blends that milkyness and malt together for the perfect Milkshake flavor. Perfect flavor when steeped 5-7 days.

Kid tested, mother approved.

Kix is a lightly sweet corn cereal with just a little bit of milk.

This is not a KIX Ejuice clone which is apparently a brand.

Edit: This can end up a little throaty after two to three weeks, I suggest adding .5-1% of your favorite marshmallow or 2-3 drops of TFA smooth to fluff it up a bit. Whipped cream may also help.


A classic combination - apples, cinnamon in fried pastry form.

FA zeppola/FA wOw/FA joy- this is your fried doughnut base, some people get a red filling taste from wow but the cinnamon does a good job hiding it, it adds more volume to zeppola. FA joy adds just a bit of a yeast component found in donuts.
FA Fuji/TFA dragon fruit/FA liquid amber- Fuji was an easy choice since I needed a bolder apple to stand up to the cinnamon. I got the idea of adding dragon fruit from returnity on Reddit, it brings out the juicy tartness of the apple and also helps blend the apple and cinnamon. Liquid amber "softens" the apples to cooked perfection.
CAP cinnamon danish swirl/FW cinnamon roll- both have a nice cinnamon punch but also have some pastry notes to add overall.
LA cream cheese icing/FA meringue- these combined give the thick icing on top of the fritter.

Give this a week to come together.

A sweet yet tantalizing drink from an oasis in a lost desert...


This is my attempt at the profile for the e juice strawberry drizzle it's a popcorn with a strawberry yogurt drizzle. I have never tried the original but I have been vaping this flavor of mine for 4 months and Iit never gets old I usually make a 120ml bottle and never make a flavor again but with tgis one I have probably made over 1000ml granted my wife and all my friends love it too but that's jusr what I made for me and my wifeI have made three times that amountfor my friends lol. I would say the flavors are self exsplanitory. It is good as a shake and vape and is probably 100% after 2 days. This is a very tasty mix don't be scared give it a try!!!! $$$$$


Smooth earthy whiskey followed by warm vanilla cream.

TFA kentucky bourbon/FA whisky/FA oak wood - The two liquiors mix together well though both tend to fade, the oak wood is here to get them to hold their flavor longer while adding a subtle smokey note.
FLV cream/HS French vanilla ice cream/TFA toasted marshmallow/FW butterscotch ripple - the cream and French vanilla ice cream combine for a nice heavy cream for the whiskey to sit on. The toasted marshmallow and butterscotch ripple add to the body and mouthfeel, keeping it thick through the exhale.
FA maple syrup/FA torrone/INW shisha vanilla - the maple syrup flavor is barely detectable, which surprised me at 1% but it adds not only sweetness but richness as well. The torrone lends a hand to the texture and shisha vanilla is strong enough to fall in line behind the whiskey but not be overtaken by the creams.

This doesn't need long to sit, tastes fine right after mixing though the whiskey will mellow after a few days as the creams develop.


I wanted to mix INW Cactus into CAP sugar cookie and make something tasty. After quite a bit of work, I managed to create a warm, soft, cactus cookie with a sugar glaze. Full recipe notes here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/5rybyl/phucker_cookies/
This balancing act requires some patience, so give it 10-14 days to steep.

Been fiddling with mixing for a little while, low key. Got inspired by hearing about Vurves Watermelon crack. Gotta be honest, i never mixed it up, but started messing about trying things, and landed on this. Typical noob. Decided on cap sweet watermelon and JF watermelon together to give me the sweet candied watermelon i was after, reminiscent of sour patch kids watermelon gummies. Added the cap supersweet to that to round it up and give it the sugar lips. I used the cap vanilla swirl to add a bit of body and add a lil creamy mouth feel, and the FLV sweet coconut to aid to the sweetness and cream, and add a bit of the coconut candy flavor. I guess the best description i can give of this is a watermelon candy smoothie made with coconut water. I added the koolada to make it seem cold, and cause i had heard so much good stuff about the WMCrack. I dig it, you can play with the koolada/sweetner to taste, i wanted a candy-ish profile myself. I know the koolada is at a high level, but i wanted it icy af. ATF gave me the random title of Plastic Furniture, which reminded me of a modest mouse song called classy plastic lumber. these things are unrelated. Open to all criticism, thanx, rab1dg0d.


Italian Rainbow Cookies

This was probably one of my more challenging profiles to recreate. Ive never went through so many batches as I did this one. I started off with Inw Milk chocolate but it simply did not work here..The chocolate wouldnt come through and it wasnt very nice to my cotton (It bothers me to vape a juice that discolors my cotton). Also Fa Raspberry ive had luck in the past with chocolates but also something just wouldnt work here with it.. I also tried subbin CAP Yellow cake instead of JF but in the end i stuck with JF yellow cake.

JF Yellow Cake 4%
FA Marshmallow 1%
FA Almond 1%

FA Marzipan 2.25%
FW Hazelnut 1%
TFA Raspberry Sweet .75%
INW Shisha Strawberry 1%
FA Liquid Amber .3%
TFA Double Chocolate Clear 2.5%

HS Australian Chocolate .75%
Sucralose .5%
11 concentrates is alot for me but IMO needed here 15.05% total flavoring.

Almond Cake
Fa marzipan/ JF yellow cake/ Fa Almond/ Fw Hazelnut/ Fa Marshmallow
These are one of my favorite cookies and i always wanted them in vape form... It wasnt until recentky that i bought a 3pack in 711 that i saw on the package it was almond flavored cake. This gave me a good starting point. Thanks /u/ID10-T for suggesting the marzipan because its the star of the show. Adding fa almond and fw hazelnut just boost it up and the hazelnut at 1% adds nuttyiness without changing which type of nut it is. Jf Yellow cake is just my favorite cake base and worked here over CaPs version.. Fa Marshmallow is added for a bit of sweetness and to just fluff up that cake a bit. Caps vanilla cupcake worked nicely in place of the marshmallow but in the end i preffered the marsh.

The Jam

tfa raspberry sweet/ Inw Shisha strawberry/ Fa liquid amber

Shisha strawberry is jammy so i wanted to use this as the base of the jam. My first probably 15 batches were with FA raspberry but it just didnt work as good as the raz sweet. Liquid amber at a small amount just mends the 2 together more and adds more jammyness.

the Chocolate
tfa double choc/ hs aus choco
I really wanted to use inw milk chocolate but it was just not cooperating here and making the juice too dark for my taste without giving much chocolate flavor. double chocolate with aus choco works nicely and not an overpowering chocolate to still let the almond cake and jam shine. at my local bakey i recently discovered these same cookies but with white chocolate i am defiently going to play with that see where i end up
sucralose is probably option but i tried it without and I need it to just bring things a bit forward for me
Hope yall enjoy!