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A Blood Orange Sour Bourbon is exactly what I was longing for these hot days. This was the starting point to recreate this as an enjoyable vape.

FW Blood Orange brings the full fruit with the right strong bitterness to it but was on its own a bit overwhelming in providing the Blood Orange as the main note in a reasonable percentage to stand the other flavors. Adding FA Blood Orange in a 2:1 ratio helped in that direction.

For the Sour, I had a look on several bartender blogs and found multiple ratios of Lime or Lemon with straight sugar syrup. The TPA Key Lime with the CAP Super Sweet does the trick in the mix and complements the Blood Orange main note nicely.

The Bourbon was with a mix of TPA Kentucky Bourbon and FLV Bourbon a solid well-known combination to start with. The TPA Toasted Marshmallow added a hint of smoky notes with the advantage of really mellowing all the flavors together and increasing the mouthfeel.


After messing with tobaccos for awhile and at certain times did not think tobaccos should be vaped ever. I made one about a little over a year ago and it just didn't fit the profile I was wanting. However about two months ago I put it into allot thought, allot of deep, nauseating, and exciting thought... So while the two days went by I really thought it might be possible, and a leap on faith that with the right tobacco combinations that there might be a recipe that looks dangerously bitter but taste so dam good, after aging of course. Thanks to the ry4 in this mix is what made it possible...

Everyone! Give to you RY4 Woods, A nice smooth, yet sort of richness, with a hint of darkness to it, profiled tobacco. This might be a finished recipe, for now..

A firebreak is a gap in vegetation or other combustible material (Such as Stink Sticks), that acts as a barrier to slow or stop the progress of a bushfire or wildfire. I vaped this profile (A juice known as Wildfire) back in 2015 when I quit smoking. It was just what I needed.

it's from chefs.
it's green.
it's a lemonade
by reeeeeeeka

Well Id10-t said it tasted like Sprite.....on Noted on diyordie youtube every Monday at 10pm(est) with MlNikon and EyeMSam....He was correct. I decided to add some fizzy to give it, fizz.....shocker.

Cactus lime is to team up with Reka/Wrecka(from chefs uk).

So imo, the sprit....I mean VTA lemonade is a almost perfect sprite but missing that lime whereas lemonade green is the TOTAL opposite. It has the lime. So I combined the cactus lime and lemonade green to give a juice carbonated lime.

Fizzy Sherbet literally is just the dude cheering on everyone at the party. He only does good. He is the man holding you up during a stand. Legend. You really dont need it but it thickens up the recipe and gives even more carbohydrates or carbonation or some cool word.

Btw. Lemonade green is good but SUPER potent compared to other lemonades(kinda like vta)

Hope u enjoy

picture of a Sprite can here

So inspiration came from Spiders Duet entry actually, i decided to throw a pineapple in there because it sounded good and wanted to make a sorta pina colada with mango prominent throughout while not taking over the pineapple too much.
VT Shisha mango and FA MIS makes a nice and well rounded mango for me.
VT sugarloaf pineapple needed a little help from INW pineapple but thats fine.
and VT fizzy sherbet with FA whipped cream really thicken this up quite a bit and give it a good smoothie texture.

Just a pink lemonade flavor recipe I whipped together. Good for those who like strong flavors. A lot of my friends and family seem to enjoy this one.

Derived from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This is my take on Wonka's Chocolate River.

VT Chocolate Custard and WF Chocolate Frosting are similar in taste but different in body. VT Chocolate Custard gives the recipe a thick sweet creaminess while WF Chocolate Frosting gives the recipe a whipped light fluffiness. They are a wonderful combination. I added FA Meringue and VT Pudding Base to make it even thicker with lots of body.

VT Chocolate Custard is pretty sweet on it's own and taste great without sweetener but I like to add .30% of Capellas Super Sweet.

This taste great on a Shake and Vape but even better after 3 days

Please enjoy the recipe!! Feedback welcomed!

Because I do not have any other type of champagne, I decided to just make an "artificial" champagne instead. To me this one is do simple to me it kind of became unsure what fruits I wanted to use so I went with Grape Soda by FW and Blueberry Extra by TFA in which support each other pretty well together. The sweetener by far was just the cherry on top. This is my version of what a candy like jolly rancher would taste like as a champagne flavor.
Please enjoy, vape, and provide some feedback!

So this is just another simple idea I had one day. I have never had something like this but upon the thought process it was really nothing special IMO. First off, the banana ripe is a sort of a banana that is present in all mixes I have done and it does not go up or down upon steeping, It stays the same to me so in order to have a banana that is sprinkled down and marinated with small amounts of brown sugar then drizzled, or simple covered, in some chocolate. Upon the inhale you get the banana and chocolate with a hint of the brown sugar. On the exhale, you get the same thing, to me, so it came out better than expected, but there will always be room for improvement haha. my kids love bananas and chocolate so this recipe was inspired by my kids haha.
Please try, enjoy, and provide some feedback for a fellow mixer.

So when I started mixing a couple of years ago, I saw and heard that coffees were not the best to mix with so I took it upon myself to come up with a coffee that I used to drink ever morning. I have went through allot of attempts with this recipe and by the lord of mixers I hope I actually got it down this time.
So to start off, The Brazilian Coffee by WF is a very stout but effectively flavor and it gives off a strong coffee been smell so setting it where I did in this mix so far has not effected it all but with time that can change.
Where things get a bit tricky is adding the creamer so since I used to use the French Vanilla creamer I used TFA French Vanilla alongside FW Yogurt in order to give that creamer effect will brightening up the mix without it being so dark from the coffee already.
Finally comes the interesting part where I added the Graham Cracker. I was with Graham Cracker by TFA to give it a very lightly and slightly bakery or cracker feel and/or taste. Off the hand it is not bad, but I will be back in about a week or two and give more notes!