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July's Challenge: Strip a recipe or idea down to the bare minimum, but still saturate it to the point of poignancy.

For this month's challenge, I took the idea quite literally. Sure, there's all sorts of crazy abstract stuff I could try, but that's not really my style, so I leave that to the pros. If you're on the sub, you know I'm fresh off tasting every RY4 I could find with @nowar. Plenty of them were serviceable, but none really hit the spot. What they did leave me wanting was a better representation of the profile, something I could sit down with and enjoy next to a nice scotch at night. I'm a huge fan of big, peated, smokey scotch, so a nice tobacco with caramel and vanilla would really be the perfect compliment for me. I really thought this one would be easier, as I knew exactly where I wanted to go with this. Boy was I wrong.

I could ramble on here about every version and change I made but neither you nor I have the time for that. Here's the thought process and the cliff notes: I love FA Soho, to the point that I could bathe in it. I wanted to use that as the base of the recipe because I thought it was perfect for this application. The other thing I really wanted to use was OSDIY Lucky Shot. I bought it after hearing about it on Noted, and have really just been procrastinating using it, so here was my chance. Given this month's challenge, I limited myself to those two and one other flavor for a total of 3 flavors max to get the job done.

I started out with FA Soho, OSDIY Lucky Shot, and INW Shisha Vanilla. Four different versions of that couldn't get me where I wanted to be so I subbed out the INW, and added TPA RY4x2 to bolster the tobacco. It did that, but I just didn't like how it played with the Soho and Lucky Shot, so I scrapped that idea too. 8 versions in and I decided to try one without the Lucky Shot. I threw that out, and went with Soho, FA Caramel, and INW Shisha Vanilla. Not bad, but it just wasn't there for me. I couldn't get my beloved Soho across the finish line, it just lacked the chops for this application and sometimes you've just gotta know when to hold em, and when to fold em. For those keeping score at home, we're on version 10. Out went the Soho and in came OSD RJ4, which has a more substantial tobacco note and a dark caramel flavor. This was a step in the right direction, but not there yet. Back out went the FA Caramel, and I brought back in the Lucky Shot. Now we were getting somewhere, but it lacked the poignancy that the challenge called for. I needed that third flavor to be something that could bring a lot to the table, and I landed on WF Vanilla Ruyan Custard. It had the flavor I wanted, plus a custard bonus to help smooth and meld it all together. From there, it was a few versions of playing with the percentages because I overestimated how much Lucky Shot I needed in the mix.

14 versions later, here we stand. I think it can be improved on yet, but I stand by this being limited to three flavors and I'm pretty happy with what these three were able to make. It's sweet and rich, with noticeable accents of all three profiles in an RY4, plus a touch of custard as a bonus. It does require a two week steep for that dark caramel in the OSDIY RJ4 to calm down and the custard to perk up, but once you get there, I think it's worth it.

Just a simple FA Strawberries combo smothered in a trinity of FA creams

FLV Boysenberry is a dark, slightly acidic, syrupy berry. It doesn't have many off notes and its easy to pick it out in a mix. It makes a really nice fruit topping/compote for this cheesecake recipe.

INW Yes, We Cheesecake has a really good balance of both the graham crust and cheesecake notes. It's the most accurate cheesecake flavor available. It makes a really nice base for any cheesecake recipe. It needs a moderate amount of steeping for the flavor to develop.

TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust doesn't have much cheesecake but it a really nice buttery graham crust. I like ALOT of graham in my cheesecake so feel free to drop this down to 0-2% if you're not in to that.

FW Bavarian Cream is rich and buttery smooth. For me the dairy note is perfect for a cheesecake. It also has a really pleasant light vanilla note that i just love.

FW Sweetener is perfect for cheesecakes imo as you get alot of the sweetness from the exhale. 1% is fairly sweet so feel free to adjust to taste.

A delicious, rich custard donut dusted with cinnamon sugar topping

Tastes like hagan daaz rolled in cereal and nuts then deep fried with accents of mild & smooth coconut and just a pinch of cinnamon. Mmmmm

Profile: Sesame dough ball with vanilla pudding filling

The journey to make this recipe has been long, but I'm very satisfied with the outcome.
Despite the simplicity of the recipe, the end result is a very complex flavor, that adds two layers of contrast to the mix.

To create the sesame dough ball, I tried various combinations of WF Sesame Dough with all kinds of bakeries. Everywhere from FA Cookie, to WF Deep Fried Pastry Dough, CAP Sugar Cookie etc. But every time, I found myself getting further and further away from the simplicity that I really wanted from a sesame ball. So in the end, I had to come to realize, that WF Sesame Dough on its own actually worked perfectly fine.
It has a sharpness of toasted sesame, but keeps the warmth and don't overdo the sharpness at all. It's nice and round in flavor and a little sticky in texture.
To help the stickiness be more upfront, I added a pinch of FA Meringue.

Concerning the pudding, I went though time and time again to figure out exactly what I wanted. I knew FLV Vanilla Pudding needed to be in this, as it has the great ability to be thick, almost borderline disgusting, but handled correctly you can get some really nice results with it.
To add a sort of eggy note to the filling, I danced around a few custards such as FA Custard Premium, FA Custard, but I always landed right back on INW Custard, as it brings those exact eggy notes I was after and doesn't add any taste that I didn't really need there.
To bridge the INW Custard and FLV Vanilla pudding, I'm using TFA Vanilla Swirl and its ability to smoothen everything out.
FA Meringue again brings a little sweetness and stickiness to the filling.

The contrast here is, that you'll start with the toasted sesame and a hint of dough. Before you know it, you're hit with the vanilla filling. Exactly as if you were actually eating a sesame ball with a vanilla filling.

This recipe is inspired by the vietnamese dessert "Báhn Cam", which usually consist of a mung bean filling, but despite me lacking any sort of bean flavor, it works perfectly fine with a vanilla filling instead.

Let it steep at least the recommended 5 days for the best result.


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i sorta used alfredpuddings cake layer but i took out the anglecake and used white fluffy cake instead . And then i’m using chocolate fudge brownie V2 and lava cake as the fudgy brownie type flavor and then i’m using vanilla custard 2 , Cupcake batter , And Vanilla pudding to give it that gooey center for the lava cake .

Trying to get a Almond Joy kind of feel even if I don't have an almond concentrate at the moment 🤞🤞

Day 1 steep: Wow!!! Holy hell! Just like thick chocolate and burnt sugar to the point that I thought I was vaping a gritty dank pipe tobacco! Seriously, unless you're after that sort of flavor don't do it LoL! Oof.....


Jammy Raspberry Cream Donut

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Simple Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

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