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A simple recipe with the strawberry trinity mixed up with some white chocolate and peppermint.

Fear not, I am here for all the white chocolate lovers that wanna taste that little extra, a sweet white chocolate mixed in with some hazelnuts, what could go wrong?

This Parisian flan is a classic French custard pie, which I made into a tart with a Rich, buttery shortbread crust pastry filled with custard. A decadent dessert vape that’s Full flavored and perfect on its own,
(or to build on and add your favorite fruit toppings)
TBH I’m not a huge custard fan, more into creams myself and lukeloop’s yellow matter was the one that turned me… and although I’ve mixed quite a few this is my first public “custard” release…
so I really like it 👌
I’m not big on crust either but this is perfect for me, feel free to boost the biscuit / shortbread percentages a bit if that’s yo thing…
Sweeten to liking.

A pretty good vanilla vape. im liking it. All it needs is one more thing to be perfect… maybe a cookie or some kind of fruit or cake

Vanilla Custard STUFFED Glazed Doughnut, an homage to my original recipe, A Better Glazed Doughnut. that recipe was very hit and miss with some due to cap glazed donut on its own giving off that playdough vibe. this combo of cap wf tfa help that go away some for those sensitive to it, and at the same time add some more depth to the donut flavor in the recipe.

shake and vapeable, but probably best after a week or two steeping.

Decided to try my hand out at a black currant lemonade.


Do you need something refreshing for the 🔥 summer days 🔥 - go and get it!

This is my take on a very traditional moroccan tea, which gets served all day long in Morocco.


Lets start with the tea base. As FLV Green Tea comes across with a decadent touch, this had to be the right way. But to be competitive with the punchy mint layer we need some FLV Eisai Tea - just enough to make the tea shine. By themselves both flavors have a recognizable deep earthy note and a little bit of dryness. To overcome this I thought it would be a good idea to introduce CAP Cucumber and FA Lemon Sicily. These two together brighten up the mix and provide a watery feeling.

Next up: The right mint flavor. With the release of SSA Garden Mint, it had to be this one, as this is the only spearmint flavor, which actually is close to the moroccan nana mint. As it also got this leafy style it pairs just perfect with FLV Green Tea.

Round it off with delightful selection of spices. There is no other choice than spicing this up with FA Anis and FA Cinnamon. These two flavors are that kind of natural to not overpower the mix - hands down. Still they are quite noticeable in the body (Anis) and top-notes (Cinnamon). Since FA Anis is a little bit sweet it provides that perfect amount of sugar in the cup.

I really like how this mix came out after 5-6 iterations and enjoy it a lot. Let's be honest Green Tea by itself is not most enjoyable vape over all but in combination with mint its a banger. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Please leave some feedback.

Additional Notes

Enjoy it

  • warm with a touch of FLV Butterscotch or
  • ice cold with 1% of FA PolarBlast combined with 0.5% WS-23.

Good right off the shake but much better if you just let it sit over night.

Testing Notes

Developed on Hadaly RDA. (DL, 27-32W, 0.25 Ohm, VV Fine Fused Clapton Ni90)


If you wanna check out VAPEDIA feel free to join our discord channel. We‘re a German DIY community but we do have an international channel for english speakers too:

SnV approved

Told Wayne i wanted to mix a cornbread recipe, he told me add butterscotch and toffee. I used what i had and here we are. Not too shabby. I'm not much of a mixer just used suggested %'s got the Idea from developed2banger by rocky02852

This is a cool one. It changes by the days.

So when i vaped it off the shake til a week in. It tasted like Guanabana by FLV solo. I was cool. Natural guanabana incase they INW us.

So i put it away, tried my other recipes which i liked. I come back week 2. Now it's just a tropical mix where you can taste all the flavors blending into this nice fruit bowl. Delicious still

SOOOO i finish vaping my other recipes i'm testing and come back week 3. Expecting the same tropical vibe but what do i get?

A watermelon mix, authentic with a hint of sugar from candy. The mint and guanabana seem to make the green and white of the watermelon while the other fruits seem to create this "Fake" watermelon

So now, near the end of week 3. It seems to have turned into watermelon forward with the guava making it a tropical undertone.

I've enjoyed it the whole way through

Cucumber mint isn't needed and can be boosted if you want more mint and earthy vibes BUT be careful. It can easily overtake a recipe. I wouldn't go higher than .25-.35 for this recipe personally



This is my favorite cookie English Toffee Cookies. Soft baked butter toffee cookies filled with chunks of English toffee. While mixing up my 4th batch of Jesus cookies, I ran out of WF Nanaimo Bar so I figured because Jesus Cookies are so heavenly that I needed to do a really diabolical cookie. So using the basis for Jesus Cookies I dropped the Chocolate and Caramel Butter from Jesus cookies to incorporate VTA Buttered Toffee Base to help flavor the cookie and VTA English Toffee to add some toffee bits into the cookie.