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Profile: Butterscotch Pudding

Inhale: Butterscotch Exhale: Rich/Creamy/buttery pudding

This is best described as a warm roasted flavor.There is definitely Pecan notes there, but the emphasis is on warm and toasty! When I got to this point I just stopped tinkering with it. This is delicious.

Second try at DIY hopefully it works. let me know in the comments what you think.

Adjust the amount of sweetener to your own liking.

was attempting a BB vapes XO blind mix and came up with this. its not really anything like what i had hoped, but it still turned out well.

Put some South in your Mouth !
➡️ “Rocky Toony Original” ☑️
This has been a long time project of mine and I’m finally satisfied with the end result. It ended up with much less cream / milk than I initially envisioned for the profile… BUT this is so dang good it’s my new (alternate) ADV… (second to my “State Drink”)

No sweetener needed

Needs a minimum 2 week steep

It is what it is....gooey pastry with extra butter and cinnamon. If you're on a diet, don't vape this one 🙃 3 days steep at least......enjoy or don't.

A Delicious Creamy Blue Raspberry Coconut with hints of Ginger. Enjoy!


A Blood Orange Sour Bourbon is exactly what I was longing for these hot days. This was the starting point to recreate this as an enjoyable vape.

FW Blood Orange brings the full fruit with the right strong bitterness to it but was on its own a bit overwhelming in providing the Blood Orange as the main note in a reasonable percentage to stand the other flavors. Adding FA Blood Orange in a 2:1 ratio helped in that direction.

For the Sour, I had a look on several bartender blogs and found multiple ratios of Lime or Lemon with straight sugar syrup. The TPA Key Lime with the CAP Super Sweet does the trick in the mix and complements the Blood Orange main note nicely.

The Bourbon was with a mix of TPA Kentucky Bourbon and FLV Bourbon a solid well-known combination to start with. The TPA Toasted Marshmallow added a hint of smoky notes with the advantage of really mellowing all the flavors together and increasing the mouthfeel.


After messing with tobaccos for awhile and at certain times did not think tobaccos should be vaped ever. I made one about a little over a year ago and it just didn't fit the profile I was wanting. However about two months ago I put it into allot thought, allot of deep, nauseating, and exciting thought... So while the two days went by I really thought it might be possible, and a leap on faith that with the right tobacco combinations that there might be a recipe that looks dangerously bitter but taste so dam good, after aging of course. Thanks to the ry4 in this mix is what made it possible...

Everyone! Give to you RY4 Woods, A nice smooth, yet sort of richness, with a hint of darkness to it, profiled tobacco. This might be a finished recipe, for now..

A firebreak is a gap in vegetation or other combustible material (Such as Stink Sticks), that acts as a barrier to slow or stop the progress of a bushfire or wildfire. I vaped this profile (A juice known as Wildfire) back in 2015 when I quit smoking. It was just what I needed.