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Cap grapefruit, flv pink guava & vt honey pomelo give us a nice bright tangy grapefruit flavour.

La lemonade is used as our lemonade base with a small amount of fe lemon added to help it stop fading so quickly.

Enjoy 😁

ChemNovatic Doughnut at 3% but its not listed. Do not use CAP Glazed Doughnut

Pretty straightforward profile with each ingredient playing to their strength.

CN Donut and FA Zeppola make a great base here bringing a slightly dense 'fried' bakery flavor to work off. As well as carrying a slight spice note that blends nicely with the filling, zeppola also has a powered sugar flavor to it. When used with the stickyness of the apple filling and some super sweet we can fake a glaze or icing without having to add another flavor to the mix.

FLV Apple Filling is a super flavorful concentrate that is a good mix of spice with some slightly cooked apple and gooey filling. Like most FLV concentrates its quite a bear and can overtake a mix when run too high but at 1% I feel it is present enough without being too overtaking in the mix.

FA Fuji brings a pleasant bright apple note, poking through and breaking up the heaviness of the bakery and filling.

This one needs at least 5 days to steep, 7 optimally.

First mix of an alternate version using more modern flavours, dropping the cotton candy, using sour flavours vs. sour additives. Still the same concept but is so far a big improvement while staying true to the profile.

Add Super Sweet 0.5-1% to your liking, adjust the -23 and drop the sour lemon slightly if you prefer. I like it like this, lemon forward, bit of a fizz, a more complete raspberry, more saturation with less total flavour percentage. Let me know what you think, especially if you mixed the first one up. Side by side, I like this one at least 5x better! Enjoy :)

P.S. SA Framboise = Raspberry

These are two of my new favourite raspberry flavours, the WF shines through on a pod system as well

Originally mixed at a ratio of 20:80/PG:VG
Tested on a dotRDA, Quad 28g twisted, flattened wire by Badazd, ~0.2Ω, 21700 mech mod

Simple guava and peach recipe. enjoy guys. two flavors ez pz. sweeten to your preferred taste.


I’m really, really enjoying vaping this mix. I can’t put it down!

A juicy, refreshing, summery feeling mix.

Juicy, tart apple with pink fruity and floral notes from the MB Pink Lady. VSO Apple is the foundation of the mix. It’s the best apple flavour I’ve tried by miles. I could happily vape it as a SF.
I think those who usually don’t like florals wouldn’t be put off by this mix as they more just accent to the apple. It’s a pretty soft floral note.
Cucumber is mainly adding to the overall fresh feel of the mix.

I let it sit overnight before vaping.


This profile has distinct orange notes with a creamy, yet slightly icy, base. Give it a go! It's a great recipes to hail the end of Summer. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/oSlBtoAwknw .

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Deep, red strawberry blended into a rich, decadent cream.

A strawberry cream, as opposed to strawberries and cream. I thought I’d switch it up a bit!

FW Hazelnut does amazing things to the strawberry. It really ripens and deepens it (there is no actual hazelnut flavour).

It needs 5 days steep minimum. At 4 days or less the hazelnut is still evident.

I’d really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

Just a quick 321 recipe I through together.

Not really much to explain just a bunch of fruits that work well together.

The sweet guava & sweet mango give this a nice amount of sweetness but feel free to add sweetener if you wish.

A cinnamon doughnut drenched in glazed icing...

The base for my recipe is FW Cinnamon Roll. It's got all the elements to build a foundation for a great cinnamon doughnut, Paired with WF Angel Cake, it gives the recipe that yellow cake-like body. WF Glazed Donut is amazing! A greasy fried doughnut with a glaze of icing and a very nice pastry feel to it. The exhale is smooth and sugary with this flavor. The glazed part of the doughnut needed a little help so I used FW Cake Batter Dip. When paired with WF Glazed Donut, It's a wonderfully crafted Icing packed with creaminess and body.

Please enjoy and share your feedback!

Add sweetener to taste. Really needs 21 days steeping, enjoy