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My goal was to create a saturated full flavored blue raspberry candy. This nails it.

Solub Arome - Framboise is Raspberry

Shake and vape is a go. Really comes together after 3-4 days.

Developed with N80 on the Barrage rda.

This is Hisoka. A blue cotton candy ice cream in a waffle cone.

CAP Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy is the star. Giving a blue taste and that spun sugar flavor.

FLV Cotton Candy is for support since it does have a distinct flavor.

VT Vanilla Ice Cream because it isn’t really too much of anything, but does have the buttery body and a very commercial vanilla flavor.

FA Milk to boost the thickness in the mouth and add some dairy.

SSA Crisp Waffle is the cone we’ve all been waiting for. Dark, chewy, and cooked.

WF Sugar Cone is there to brighten and sweeten.

I am sending this with CAP Super Sweet in it because I want to and you need it.

Now, this doesn’t blend fully and I’m happier with that. It holds its layers pretty well. The ice cream is the only things that falls to the bottom, but I didn’t want vanilla ice cream to be the star. I am now back on the goofy flavor train and I hope you all are excited and nervous.

Another grapefruit vision from a candy I had recently. A grapefruit Hi-Chew. I wanted a distinct mouth feel with a balance between creamy vanilla and grapefruit.

I lack a lot of taffy flavors so I tried to put something together to get that distinct mouthfeel of the Hi-Chew, so I brought together MB American Bubble Gum, OOO Marshmallow (Vanilla), and some WF Sour Gummy Candy.

A little TPA Vanilla Swirt to add a tad more vanilla creaminess and to bring things together.

I went through several grapefruits before landing on SSA Grapefruit as the main note with support from FLV Pink Guava and the hardest working grapefruit in the game VT Honey Pomela, to bring some brightness to the party.

A little SS to sweeten and lift the citrus and we can call it a day. This is decent off the shake, but the bubble gum is a bit much. It starts to back off after a day or so.

I don't know if listing what you tested it with is still a thing, but dual coil RDA at .3 ohm on a stacked 21700 tube.

I ordered Maui Mash (VSO) before reading any reviews. It sat on my desk for 6 months wondering what I was going to do with it. It is a light flavor not to bad but lacking something. After several ideas, all struck down, I figured that I would try this. I like it. A mellow tropical flavor that isn't harsh, I put ws-23 in it for a bit of cooling but you can take it out without changing the flavor, your preference. MANGO IS MAUI MASH (VSO)!!!!!!!

first attempt to clone bound by the crown from Kings crown line

I used ABsolution dark matter, not TFA tobacco.

You can order dark matter here;

Strawberry and raspberry jelly candy.
Sweet currant to support the berries.
If you like sour jelly candy add 0.5 to 1% vta fizzy sherb.
S&V but gets a bit more chew over time

Supposed to be a creamy butter pecan. Here goes, let's see.

Link to original recipe: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/99179?

Mixer’s Club - November 2020 Entry

I’m not going to lie to ya’ll.. I didn’t SFT the chocolates. They were Hail Marys and the Lord has once again worked in my life.

What I am getting is the smoked part of the butterscotch on top, the almost dark chocolate right under and then the bright butterscotch/marshmallow on the bottom.

Imagine a fancy box of chocolates that they would share at a Bilderberg meeting that they would enjoy while planning how to replace us all with robots. Clean, thick chocolate. Dense marshmallow. Smoked butterscotch because powerful people like to hurt themselves with scotch. I got everything that I wanted out of this except for the hardness of those chocolates which, I believe, is impossible.

This is sweet and I was going to leave out the sweetener, but I argued with myself enough and I lost. You’re getting sweetener.

Maple cheesecake crackers... Is that even a thing?
Combining some of my favorite flavors. (FW) Graham Cracker is underrated IMO.
(HS) Cream, another one that's rarely used on ATF or ELR.
Gets better with some days of steeping.
Good without the anise but it does make this recipe extra special.
Super Sweet (CAP) at 0.6% is high, so if you're not into this much of sweetness, I suggest you lower it to 0.3% to start with.

Screwdriver ;)

PS: Hadeley RDA - fused 282/38 clapton NiChr80 40W & Zeus X RTA - fused 283/38 clapton NiChr80 55W