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Just a pink lemonade flavor recipe I whipped together. Good for those who like strong flavors. A lot of my friends and family seem to enjoy this one.

Derived from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This is my take on Wonka's Chocolate River.

VT Chocolate Custard and WF Chocolate Frosting are similar in taste but different in body. VT Chocolate Custard gives the recipe a thick sweet creaminess while WF Chocolate Frosting gives the recipe a whipped light fluffiness. They are a wonderful combination. I added FA Meringue and VT Pudding Base to make it even thicker with lots of body.

VT Chocolate Custard is pretty sweet on it's own and taste great without sweetener but I like to add .30% of Capellas Super Sweet.

This taste great on a Shake and Vape but even better after 3 days

Please enjoy the recipe!! Feedback welcomed!

Because I do not have any other type of champagne, I decided to just make an "artificial" champagne instead. To me this one is do simple to me it kind of became unsure what fruits I wanted to use so I went with Grape Soda by FW and Blueberry Extra by TFA in which support each other pretty well together. The sweetener by far was just the cherry on top. This is my version of what a candy like jolly rancher would taste like as a champagne flavor.
Please enjoy, vape, and provide some feedback!

So this is just another simple idea I had one day. I have never had something like this but upon the thought process it was really nothing special IMO. First off, the banana ripe is a sort of a banana that is present in all mixes I have done and it does not go up or down upon steeping, It stays the same to me so in order to have a banana that is sprinkled down and marinated with small amounts of brown sugar then drizzled, or simple covered, in some chocolate. Upon the inhale you get the banana and chocolate with a hint of the brown sugar. On the exhale, you get the same thing, to me, so it came out better than expected, but there will always be room for improvement haha. my kids love bananas and chocolate so this recipe was inspired by my kids haha.
Please try, enjoy, and provide some feedback for a fellow mixer.

So when I started mixing a couple of years ago, I saw and heard that coffees were not the best to mix with so I took it upon myself to come up with a coffee that I used to drink ever morning. mixers and vapers I bring you my revised mix from the first mix that is over on my ELR. Brazilian Coffee by WF is a highly stout and quickly aging ingredient which is why I put it at a somewhat low percentage. The yogurt, french vanilla creme, and dx sweet cream all play the role as the dairy creamy mouth fell. This is one recipe that will take me time to prefect, but until that time comes please try to enjoy this lovely bottle of mixed coffee lol

I'm only keeping the name ATF provided because it's hilarious.

Pretty straightforward here. I have tried so many cookie recipes and I am settling on this. One of my all-day vapes.

Soft baked cookie base has a grainy quality and RF Sugar cookie has a soft sugar cookie quality that forms a great cookie base. If you don't have RF I would substitute maybe JF Cookie or WF Sugar Cookie as CAP will give you a crunchy spice note. I was looking for that store-bought heavy frosted sugar cookie vibe and I think this achieves it nicely.

The creams. I tried FLV Frosting, FLV Cream, WF Buttercream frosting, and so many others trying to get a heavy frosted feel and no matter what I tried I kept feeling like I was coming up short. WF Tahitian Vanilla Cream has a nutty note that complements the cookie quite nicely and when paired with the Vanilla Cream Extra and Sweet Cream thickens up and forms a nice heavy frosting note.

Super sweet is optional.

Try it. Leave a rating if you like it. Thanks. You can vape it after an overnight steep but it starts to shine after the 3 - 5 day mark. Add a little bit of strawberry or your favorite fruit if you want to change it up a bit.

So I have never ever in my life had this kind of dessert, and to be honest I do not think I ever will because my poor teeth cannot handle it anymore. The butterscotch is the main profile, obviously, with the coconut cream pie and the coconut itself to back each other up which is kind of mutes in a small way. The cheesecake graham crust is there alongside the coconut cream pie. The creams are made up of Dx Bavarian Cream and meringue and they work very well.
This recipe still needs some improvement, but in the meanwhile enjoy it and leave some feedback.

First of all the only milk I have is by TFA which is why I used Cream Milky Undertone by OOO to make it more milk, obviously. I have seen countless recipes for strawberry milk and strawberry milkshake so that is when the inspiration for this recipe hit me and the contemplation began to form. I had thought about how to approach this recipe for awhile and I did not trust Dairy Milk from a previous recipe combination but I went on ahead and gave it a shot. Two weeks into steeping and it was not a disappointment at all by far lol.

Vapers and mixers alike, I give you my first ever version of how I portray Strawberry Milk. At first I wanted take this recipe on with TFA Malted Milk but I could not find it at the time, I might make another with it though, unsure at the moment. Both of the strawberries in this mix really help each other by not muting anything at all and I really enjoy it and I hope you guys do to.

This has been my go to coffee vape for a minute now. dark bean brings the rich black coffee notes I want (fight me), up and relax smooth it over, and french vanilla + bavarian cream add a nice milky top note, dash of super sweet cause apparently I like sugar in my vape coffee when I drink it black, go figure.

ok so this one is all over the place, but this was one of my first attempts at getting more creative with baccos. has a nice, dark complexity to it in my opinion, gonna be revisiting it soon for changes for sure.