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This is my attempt at a Yoplait style Kiwi Strawberry yogurt.
I started with the Kiwi's and FW Kiwi is a good natural Kiwi and FA Kiwi adds that contrasting candied kiwi flavor. For my strawberry trio I like Cap Sweet Strawberry, Tpa Strawberry (Ripe) and Wf Strawberry Gummy Candy. Now for the difficult part the yogurt, I wanted a full yogurt flavor with a slight sour yogurt taste. I settled on TPA Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt and then I added WF Buttermilk to help with filling out the yogurt and because it has a sour taste to it. FLV Sweetness works great in this because it helps keep the yogurt creamy and sweet. Give it a few days to steep and allow all the flavors to settle and blend.

One of my first loves in vaping was Kilos Dewberry Cream . Since 2015/16 I have recreated the liquid over and over this will be my final time . The Combination of Honeydew with Blueberries and Strawberries is amazing. Vanilla Swirl helps bring all the fruits together and the FV ( thick) rounds out the cream part . Honeydew/ Strawberry /Blueberry together create Dewberry...I do have another Dewberry recipe I enjoy as well but that recipe uses a couple flavors that a lot of people dont use. I remade this to share so others can mix ...Hope you enjoy

Just a french toast i was hoping would taste good after a good steep will check back and let yall know eh

A really nice Tobacco Blend with a shot of Creamy Scotch Whiskey. This is one of my favorite ADV's for a Poker Game with the Guys. Enjoy!!

A real authentic sherbet that will make you feel like you just took a refreshing scoop of sherbet.

  • Starting Percentage Super Sweet .5%
  • Keep (INW) Raspberry percentage as increasing it will overpower mix
  • As Orange Cream steeps it becomes more present and thickens out
  • Vanilla Swirl emulsifies all the fruits to become one in the mix as it would taste eating the sherbet itself
  • Add WS-23 or Cooling Agent to your liking!
  • V1 Stay tuned

Fruity goodness. Just threw this together since my LA watermelon got here in the mail finally.

I've really been enjoying mixing Capella's sweet cream with other creams lately. It adds a sugary frosting experience to your mix. I think FA cookie adds some good depth and slight texture. For the top note I was trying to cover up the lime and FA lemon Sicily Did that quite well. Lemon/ice cream/cone

I have to write ten words in order to share

I have to write ten words in order to share

Remix of Mexican corn cake with ooo corn bread and my fav sweetener mix. Its good I've made 300ml’s of it so far