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Just a very simple Cheesecake with a hint of lemon from the FA Custard.

Cap NY Cheesecake: Just a nice balanced Cheescake flavoring that doesn’t have to much crust taste but is light bodied and full of Flavor.
Loran’s Cream Cheese Icing: This mixes very well to create that nice cream cheese flavor you get from real Cheesecake at 1% it’s just perfect not too overpowing.
FA Custard: This adds a nice light Lemon zest note that you get from real Cheesecake. Use this at .5% so it does not overpower the mix.
Shisha Vanilla: Adds a nice sweet Vanilla Flavor to mix that blend very well to make the perfect Cheesecake a bit sweeter.
Cap Vanilla Custard V1: at .5% adds a nice Amount of body and eggyness to recipe to make it all round out.
What you get in the end is a perfect Ny Cheesecake that is nice and not overly layered or complex and has the perfect Body of a real Authentic piece of Cheesecake. Mix this up and Enjoy, its absolutely delicious after a nice 3 day Steep.
Taste good off the shake mixed at 70/30. If you want a fruit added to it feel free to make it. Works well as a Strawberry Cheesecake with 1% Shisha strawberry added.

Created: February 11, 2018 (over 3 years ago)

Recipes inspired by this one: Simply Lemonberry Cheesecake by CatWillMew |
% Vendor Flavor
(LA) Cream Cheese Icing
(FA) Custard
(CAP) New York Cheesecake
(INW) Shisha Vanilla
(CAP) Vanilla Custard
Total flavoring: 7.3% Steep Days: 3 Best VG: 70% Temperature: 0
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User: Zugmaschine Score: 4 Entered: over 2 years ago
Really nice, simple filling, but need definitly some more crust. I add 0.5% FA Cookie. Some AP will also work.
User: CatWillMew Score: 5 Entered: almost 3 years ago
This is my favorite cheesecake to date. I feel like a lot of cheesecake recipes have too much going on, and they never really come together. This one is simplified quite a bit and hits the notes I want.
User: cdaniell30 Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
This is delicious, but it reminds me of a chocolate cheesecake without the chocolate in it. That's got my wheels spinning, so I'm mixing more of this and throwing some different chocolates at it to see what pokes the right spot.
User: Jaded_Raver Score: 5 Entered: over 3 years ago
Simple and delicious. Very easy to vape all day as it's not overly layered. Nice one!