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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

I also add 1 drop of vanilla swirl per 10ml.

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% Vendor Flavor
(TPA) Ethyl Maltol
(CAP) Jelly Candy
(CAP) Lemon Lime
(CAP) Strawberry Taffy
(CAP) Sweet Strawberry
(TPA) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
(LA) Watermelon
Total flavoring: 8.75% Steep Days: 1 (SNV) Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
This recipe is the property of Mathematical and released under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 license. You may not copy, derive or commercialize this recipe without following the terms of this license or the explicit permission of the creator.
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User: Kahzmoe Score: 5 Entered: about 1 year ago
Instant ADV. I'm super picky I only come back to about four or five recipes over and over again and this is one of them. Great job
User: MrZigglesworth Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
Steep: 7 days. Kylin RTA w/ 36/26 dual-core fused claptons. 0.25ohms at 55 watts. Pink Starburst is my absolute favorite one, and in all the time I never considered that it had a bit of a watermelon note. This recipe is absolutely delicious and is a great representation of one of my favorite candies. Great job!
User: Echodub Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
really dig this recipe! the addition of vanilla bean ice cream just adds the right amount of creamyness to it!