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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

This recipe is a Work In Progress.

It might be amazing, but it's creator doesn't think it's finished yet.

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Love me some Lemonade, but was looking to make a flavor that I hadn't tasted before. This recipe initially began as POG lemonade and after few versions it grew into something different. Enjoy, Hope you all like it. Feedback as more than welcome.

FW Lemonade ( is my Lemonade of choice swap out yours)

Orange is a mix FW Blood Orange is to add the tart notes to the orange and the Lemonade. CAP is to fill the Orange out.
INW Shisha Orange And Hibiscus are both to add a syrupiness and peel note to make it more like a beverage.

TFA Honeysuckle for the sweet light floral note, but also to try and keep the throat harshness down (it replaced FA PassionFruit)

CAP Sweet Guava adds the tropical note to the lemonade and tartness.

% Vendor Flavor
(FW) Blood Orange
(CAP) Hibiscus
(TPA) Honeysuckle (pg)
(CAP) Juicy Orange
(FW) Lemonade
(INW) Shisha Orange
(CAP) Sweet Guava
Total flavoring: 12.5% Steep Days: 2 Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
This recipe is the property of cwill111 and released under the CC Attribution 4.0 license. You may not copy, derive or commercialize this recipe without following the terms of this license or the explicit permission of the creator.
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