Stated this picture for 10 minutes waiting for inspiration. Wanted to do a red and green cream I was thinking Strawberry lime but the limitations really affected my ability to use lime. So it turned into a strawberry cream with a kiss of lemon.

Created: January 09, 2018 (over 3 years ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(FA) Custard
(CAP) Lemon Meringue Pie
(CAP) New York Cheesecake
(FA) Red Touch (strawberry)
Total flavoring: 10.0% Steep Days: 3 (SNV) Best VG: 69% Temperature: 421
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User: QueerYourVape Score: 3 Entered: over 3 years ago
This was a test for me to see if I can taste FA Red Touch. Answer is, I can't. What I get is a very biscuit-y lemon meringue pie. Simple, not bad, totally missing the point for me, and that's on me. It's a bit harsh in taste though, I think it needs to settle a bit longer than 3 days. Or it's the back effect of the strawberry for me. Anyway, not my thing at all.