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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

This recipe is a Work In Progress.

It might be amazing, but it's creator doesn't think it's finished yet.


So this was one of those "lightening in a bottle" moments that I stumbled upon, in that I was testing out alot of these flavors from my Hurricane Harvey Donation from Bull City, and decided to randomly whipped this up first shot. In my eyes, it tastes exactly like Funfetti Cake Dip, as if you were to dip a graham cracker into it and take a bite.

FW Cake Batter Dip - So this was one of the flavorings from that donation, and when I smelt it, it reminded me just like the funfetti dip. It gives that frosting like consistency, and sweetness that is desired alone.

TFA Vanilla Swirl - So this I just wanted to add a little bit more of consistency with the cream, and the hint of this flavoring really did the trick in giving it just a smidge of volume and breakup, that makes everything within this recipe shine on its own.

TPA Cheesecake Graham Crust - I'm sure you could substitute any graham cracker flavoring and get the same or similar results with this percentage base. 1% does just enough that it stands out on both the inhales and exhales. You may be able to get away with using a smidge bit more to liking, but this percentage seemed to make sense in my eyes.

JF Biscuit - This one I would consider to be an optional flavoring. I put this in just to attempt to give the cracker a little bit more of a crunch and just "cracker-like" feel to it. But again, optional and very interchangeable.

TPA Strawberry Ripe - This flavor was additive 1 of 3 basically, in that I used this to give some life to the funfetti, and to just give it overall more flavor. Going any higher would just make this more of a strawberry cream recipe, which would probably be pretty good also with this mix set up.... (mental note)

FW Sprinkles - This was another flavoring I purchased from that fund, and this really surprised me on how effective this really was. I think this is probably the most important flavoring for this recipe, in that this gives the ultimate "funfetti" feel, and really sugars things up, but not overwhelmingly.

CAP Super Sweet - This is another optional additive to use, I personally like my flavorings on the sweeter end, so I typically put between 2 to 3 drops per 15ml. But with everything going on in this recipe, you could remove sweetener from this, and still get the fun times.

So as mentioned in the headliner, I would consider this Shake and Vape quality, in that it only requires 3-5 days for it to fully shine, but is rather complete right out the gate.

% Vendor Flavor
(JF) Biscuit
(FW) Cake Batter Dip
(TPA) Cheesecake (graham Crust)
(FW) Sprinkles
(TPA) Strawberry (ripe)
(CAP) Super Sweet
(TPA) Vanilla Swirl
Total flavoring: 8.75% Steep Days: 5 (SNV) Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
This recipe is the property of Spacolie16 and released under the CC Attribution 4.0 license. You may not copy, derive or commercialize this recipe without following the terms of this license or the explicit permission of the creator.
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User: onimodaekil Score: 5 Entered: 8 months ago
Heckin' tasty. Tastes like I just ate an entire package of Dunkaroos and I'm not mad at it at all.