This recipe is a Work In Progress.

It might be amazing, but its creator doesn't think it's finished yet.

Prepare to vape My BBC! (My blueberry custard, that is).

What's going on y'all, Parkus Maximus the Third coming all over y'all again with another recipe! I know that for the majority of vapers and mixers out there that custards and bakeries are more of a fall/winter type vape but I'm one of those weird fucks that enjoys a nice thick custard year-round. So since I started DIY over a year ago, I found this clone of 13 Monkey's Congo Custard on ELR when I was a normie and didn't realize that all the good shit was on ATF. However, I really enjoyed that recipe and still vape it even to this day, (granted I no longer mix it with 3% sweetener anymore). Anyways, my father is like me and enjoys bakeries and shit like that year-round and wanted me to make him a variation of the Congo Custard so here is what I came up with!

FA Bilberry, FW Blueberry - this is what makes the blueberry portion of the mix. The FW blueberry provides the sweet blueberry that one would expect from this recipe but lacks in authenticity, so the FA bilberry helps provide that authentic blueberry taste.

CAP French Vanilla, Sweet Cream and VCv1 - these help to make a rich and deep vanilla custard. We all know why VCv1 is here so I don't need to explain that, but the sweet cream and French vanilla help to make the custard more deep.

Sweetener is always subjective.

Shake and vape approved but I believe this recipe will benefit from at least a 5 day steep.

So there you have it: My BBC! Honestly really enjoying this recipe so far and this is just a V1 so I will definitely be updating this recipe as it progresses. Please mix it up and let me know what you think, even if you think I'm crazy as fuck for making a custard recipe in the summer while everyone else is vaping their lemonades and watermelon shit.

Created: July 08, 2017 (about 4 years ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(FA) Bilberry
(FW) Blueberry
(CAP) French Vanilla
(CAP) Super Sweet
(CAP) Sweet Cream
(CAP) Vanilla Custard
Total flavoring: 15.75% Steep Days: 5 (SNV) Best VG: 70% Temperature: 0
This recipe is the property of ParkusMaximusIII and released under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license. You may not copy, derive or commercialize this recipe without following the terms of this license or the explicit permission of the creator.
July 09, 2017 : I just wanted to share a recipe that I enjoyed and have fun with it soooooooo -
User: letitsteep Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Upon initial taste after shake and vape its very good. After a few days, this is the best blueberry flavor I've tried yet. Making my third batch now.
User: Ridinmybike Score: 5 Entered: almost 4 years ago
Good stuff
User: Highwind Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Update 7/20/17 I finally got what I needed to mix and man this is just killer as a snv already, excited to see how she tastes in a few days. The blueberry note is right on point, a nice baked and ripened flavor that carries throughout the whole vape, the bilberry giving just that little bit of real ness and skin flavor it needs. I really enjoy the French vanilla added to the custard, it really sets it off. Another 5 stars!
User: winder73 Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
I made this guy a few days ago thinking it would be good, yet a profile I've had a million times. But man, this is good shit! Good job. Now to mix up that strawberry thing you just posted
User: lolwtf Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
5 stars because the dildo turns me on.
User: hashslingingslashur Score: None Entered: about 4 years ago
LIlhop625 needs to hop off his high horse. This is a website for adults. If you don't like an image or name then keep scrolling. Leaving a 1 star review doesn't help anyone except your his tiny ego. This recipe looks fine and I'm sure its a nice vape. Keep it up buddy!
User: Synergy Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
You rating a recipe one star because you're out of your safe space and you life feels threatened is more childish than using a black dildo as a thunbnail.. You vagina
User: Flavorfav1 Score: 5 Entered: about 4 years ago
Lilhop625 is a pussy. πŸ–•πŸ½This flavor was really easy to make and I love it. I'm a huge fan of tropical and fruity flavors and iv yet to find a blueberry flavor I like except this one. Shits fucking rad man. Keep making bad ass flavors Parkus! Don't listen to little bitches who 1 star you when they haven't even vaped it. πŸ€™πŸ½
User: Irrelevant_Being Score: 1 Entered: about 4 years ago
This whole childish act of the sexual nicknames and pictures to go along with it are getting really old. If the juice is good all of that immaturity is unnecessary. Enjoy your 1 star rating