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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

This is my favorite tobacco recipe last year. It’s a “grown up” tobacco so the sweet notes take a back seat to a smooth strong tobacco, with woody type highlights, and a sweet whiskey base.

Starting in at 7% FA Soho this mild RY4 type is lightly sweet and ultra smooth. With some delicate caramel and vanilla backnotes, with a rich and smooth tobacco forward flavor this is a perfect base to build our relaxing “seat by the fire” type of tobacco vape.

TFA Kentucky Bourbon at 2.5% and FA Whiskey at .75% gives us a deep, boozey whiskey base. Sweet, but not too sweet. It is supported by the sweeter notes in FA Soho and Oba Oba.

FA Oakwood at 1% leaves a deep cedar, woody note. A touch on the dry side, it’s counteracted by the creamy notes in FA Soho and FA Oba Oba.

FA Oba Oba at 2%. My secret weapon in bold tobaccos. Not creamy per se, and really more similar to marshmallow candy. Being sort of generically fruity and non invasive it gives our tobacco and whiskey base some more body and dense mouthfeel, floating our tobacco in a thick mouthfeel that’s creamy without having any dairy tones.

A dash of MTS Vape Wizard goes a long way to smooth over any stray harsh notes from tobacco and whiskey, but it isn’t super necessary. The vape will still be smooth without it if you don’t have it.

% Vendor Flavor
(TPA) Kentucky Bourbon
(FA) Mts Vape Wizard
(FA) Oak Wood
(FA) Oba Oba
(FA) Soho
(FA) Whisky
Total flavoring: 13.5% Steep Days: 14 Best VG: 70% Temperature: 400
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User: kitu5 Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
Been interested in this ever since I got into diy and thought "well, that might get me into tobaccos again." Fast forward about six months and 5 tobacco recipes later, and it was time to pull the trigger. First thing that hits the tongue is the bourbon and the whiskey. Lovely combination that immediately brought back a lot of drunken rampages at the local karaoke bar. Good times. The woodiness from the Oak Barrel adds brilliantly to the Soho to give it that little bit extra to turn it into a more proper tobacco, while also adding to the smokier side of the vape. The Oba Oba chimes in and adds a sweet creaminess to the whole affair, making this a nice, smooth overall vape, with a very sharp boozy sting right up front. But I didn't come here to talk about that. This recipe is a good showcase for having a mtl device on hand to see what can happen to a recipe when you put something great in the dripper into a mtl device. And since I'm running an Innokin Ares, gee, I can do just that. Sliding from the unintentional restricted direct to lung mode it has by using the wide open bit down to the cyclops holes, instant old school MTL experience without the feeling of collapsing your throat by sucking a McDonalds shake through a paper straw. And boy howdy, does this change up nicely! Your sour sensors get slapped hard and good by the whiskey, then smoothed over with the bourbon into the tongue equivalent of that nifty warm sensation you get from drinking a good whiskey or bourbon down in your stomach. The wood note kind of seperates off and becomes more noticeable, adding into the good whiskey sensation, and then your tongue just gets painted with caramel, vanilla, and sweet candied creaminess. It goes from being a very manly drink and smoke vape to a delicious boozy dessert, and I dig the hell out of it. And the throat hit...it's like that sucker punch you get from slamming a shot mixed with the sting from a cig. It's nice. This one...depending on your device, it's for fans of booze, people who miss drinking and smoking (YO!), want something kinda meditational (as it lives up to the name, evoking nights by a bonfire, smoking and drinking and thinking), or conversely, something sweet, yet boozy depending on either age of the juice (as noted by @ID10-T) or running it in a MTL. Holy freakin Hannah, you are seriously on to something with this!
User: ID10-T Score: 5 Entered: about 3 years ago
Bought the recipe pack at BCF. Mixed on 8/26 and sort of accidentally let it steep until 11/1. Tobacco notes have taken a backseat by now and I get a delicious, sweet, warm caramel with lots of vanilla and smooth bourbon. Like eating caramel creams and drinking wonderful bourbon at the same time. I wish I'd tried it sooner and gotten some 'baccy as well but it still fits the bill for a warming vape well-suited to crispier autumn nights. Rest assured this is one you can make a huge batch of and not have to worry about it not being delicious if you take months to finish it.