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Butterscotch ice cream and cookie

So this is one of those constantly evolving mixes with Butterscotch Ripple being the only original surviving concentrate. I chose to release it now because while I may still play around with percentages I feel the heart of the mix is where I want it to be.

Originally I was going for a simple butterscotch ice cream. TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and FW Butterscotch Ripple got me that but there was alot of room to improve. After a myriad of different creams I settled on LB Vanilla Ice Cream and FA Fresh Cream (panna fresca) as they brought some great flavor on their own and complimented each other as well as the Butterscotch Ripple nicely. LB Vanilla Ice Cream at 4.5% does all the heavy lifting as a base layer while FA Fresh Cream fills in some gaps with extra butter and cream notes.

Feeling like this needed some bakery support I tried CAP Sugar Cookie as well as INW Biscuit which were fine but in the end FA Cookie just worked better. At 1.25% it definitely has a presence but does not overtake or dry the mix.

Finished product is a super smooth cream/bakery vape with massive flavor.

Sweet to taste, can be vaped off the shake for a super creamy butterscotch ice cream flavor, or give it a couple days steep for that bakery to develop. I mix this more frequently in smaller batches as I like this mix fresh, after a month or so the profile is still there but loses a bit of vibrancy.

Please rate and/or comment if you mix this.

Created: August 24, 2020 (10 months ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(FW) Butterscotch Ripple
(FA) Cookie
(FA) Cream Fresh
(CAP) Super Sweet
(LB) Vanilla Ice Cream
Total flavoring: 10.0% Steep Days: 2 (SNV) Best VG: 75% Temperature: 0
This recipe is the property of kontravention and released under the CC Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike 4.0 license. You may not copy, derive or commercialize this recipe without following the terms of this license or the explicit permission of the creator.
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User: diyejuices Score: 2 Entered: about 2 months ago
Honestly and respectfully, I think this recipe is overrated. In general, it lacks definition and potency of flavor. The body is absent, very discreet top note. I see that it would be necessary to work on development for this recipe to shine.
User: Danette Score: 5 Entered: about 2 months ago
absolutely am loving this. Has become an ADV, So smooth and lush
User: failyx Score: 5 Entered: 2 months ago
Tastes exactly like the picture looks. I appreciate that lol. Great work, easy peasy recipe! (Tried it SnV)
User: dippindabbin Score: 2 Entered: 2 months ago
Did not have much flavor after the recommended steep time. I waited 2 weeks and then tried again. Just tastes like a slightly peppery ice cream with a hint of cookie. For me, LB VBIC tastes better by itself (I do not taste pepper from this alone). Maybe I'm sensitive to butterscotch ripple (I get a peppery/slight coil burnt taste from this juice), but I don't taste too much flavor overall. I was pretty disappointed considered how many great reviews this recipe has. The redeeming qualities are that it's super easy to mix, has pretty good body, and a vapable flavor.
User: Rob_Gordon Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
User: Gordo Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
User: TrogDor Score: 5 Entered: 3 months ago
User: Brewdog_Kilo Score: None Entered: 4 months ago
Great mix. Definitely need a bigger bottle. This will be in my rotation for quite a long time.
User: mysticalbuffalo Score: 5 Entered: 4 months ago
This is a deliciously simple comfort vape for those that like desserts.
User: Slushy Score: 4 Entered: 4 months ago
I honestly don't get any cookie off this recipe more like a light caramel Ice cream with a little texture I mixed a second version without FA fresh cream and subed for flavorah and added 1% Flavorah cookie was much better IMO..
User: Kittybit Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
I regeret that it has taken me this many months to review this. I apologise! I mixed this up on the day it was released. Few days later, when it had steeped, I brought it with me as we were going out. I filled the squonk and spend the day vaping just this. And oh dear, I did not regret it. This is a pretty damn good no-bullshit recipe. Everything in this has been cared for and you can taste exactly that. Normally I’m not the biggest fan of LB Vanilla Ice Cream, but combined with the FA Cookie and FW Buttrip, it was damn good. I appreciate the support FA Cream Fresh provides and the sweetness from CAp Super Sweet that makes the flavours pop a little. All in all, pretty damn good experience for me to vape this.
User: Teezix Score: 5 Entered: 5 months ago
This is awesome, and I can't imagine a more fitting name for it
User: finsamson Score: 5 Entered: 7 months ago
This is fantastic. Only steeped over night but I can't put it down either. The Cream Fresh makes this what it is I think, adds the perfect cream note. The butterscotch is a little light and I may have a play with a different flavour. But as it is, this is perfect. Thank you very much.
User: ChooseGod Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Awesome recipe. Such a creamy smooth butterscotch cookie. Haven’t been able to put it down.
User: coop34 Score: 5 Entered: 9 months ago
Great use of FA Cookie. This one is getting a bigger bottle mixed soon! Very smooth.