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Created By: SaintTammany
Added On: 07/17/20
Published On: 07/17/20
Updated On: 03/08/22


MTL tests in a Kayfun Lite Plus, 26ga kanthal 2.5mm ID, 6 wraps spaced 0.6ohms DTL tests in a Blotto Mini RTA (dual coil): 2-core fused clapton 26x36 kanthal 3.0mm ID, 6 wraps 0.23ohms

My preferred interpretation of strawberry, peach, lemonade! The goal was to make a delicious summertime vape during the warm weather. With a few revisions, I felt that it was finally good enough to share publicly, and consider a completed recipe.

The theory behind the mix: A predominant flavor for peach, strawberry, and lemon, and another one that rounds out what's missing from each one. I tried a number of different "2-2-2" combos before landing on these for balance, and especially, to keep the lemon aspect from fading too much, too quickly.

Super Sweet to taste, this is just how much I prefer. I'm not big on cooling, but if you are this recipe is definitely coolant friendly.

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