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Created By: Screwdriver
Added On: 07/14/20
Published On: 07/14/20
Updated On: 11/23/21


First of all, this recipe uses a part of recent Developed Mango recipe. Thx for that, it's an awesome candy base I use all the time. Anise is a difficult flavor, but here it really compliments the Sweet Current very well. The Sweet Currant normally gets boring soon, the Anise takes care of that. I used to avoid Anise like the plague, nowadays I can't leave it alone. Must have vaped about a liter by now. For me this is a topper of an ADV. Hopefully you can enjoy it as much. All the best, Screwdriver

PS: Hadeley RDA or Kree24 RTA - fused 28*2/38 clapton NiChr80 - 30 to 40W

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