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DIY E-Liquid Recipe

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Delicious Tobacco Vape, a variation of RocketPuppy's Ry4 who I give all the credit for the inspiration on this recipe. All day vape IMO. I can vape this for days at a time. It's a very appeling flavor that it make you go back to it, it always stay in the back of your head. RY4 Double is fantastic, very flexible to work with and gives you tones of options to play around it.. I been working on this for several months and stick to this version due to that pull that every time you take a puff, it does make you to take another one, very intriguing. I hope you enjoyed guys, any comments or suggestions are always welcome. This is what is all about...

Mix at: 80%VG 20%PG
NIC: 3mg
Steep: Medium

% Vendor Flavor
(TPA) Acetyl Pyrazine 5%
(FA) Bourbon (vanilla Bourbon)
(FA) Carmel (caramel)
(FA) Desert Ship Blend
(TPA) Dulce De Leche
(FA) Madagascar (Vanilla Classic)
(TPA) Ry4 Double
(FA) Vienna Cream
Total flavoring: 14.0% Steep Days: 14 Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
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