DIY E-Liquid Recipe

LoOk, everyone knows that Chewy Sprees are superior to crunchy Sprees. And many people are saying that Grape is the best chewy Spree flavor. Now you can vape that.

TFA Energy Drink Doesn't taste exactly like anything IRL that I'm aware of, but if you gave it to me blindfolded and asked if it was either an energy drink or a grape Sweet Tart candy flavor, I'd be forced to go with grape Sweet Tart. It's got a lot going on, including some energy drink elements, but I get some candy grape in the top notes and a powdery, sugary finish that would certainly seal it as "supposed to be a grape Sweet-Tart" in blind either/or test.

But it's not grapey enough, so I added SC Grape from Bull City to it to push that candy grape flavor front and center. It's the LA Watermelon of grapes, like the essence of grape Blow Pop (minus the gum) on its own, but thin and flat. Which is fine, because this gets plenty of body from the Energy Drink and the magic of WF Chews Candy, which is really neat stuff. The top notes are a little sharper and tart and more like a vaguely fruity candy shell, while the base is more like a thick candy that rides the line between powdery and chewy, much like a chewy Spree. The tart part is such a mess of fruitiness that I can’t very clearly pick out a single fruit, but it leans a little more toward something like a candy apple and candy grape combination, other stuff behind it. I pick up a hint of vanilla in the powdery-to-chewy base that seems to contribute to the thickness and body or chewiness, kind of like when adding a very low dose of TFA Vanilla Swirl for volume in a candy fruit recipe and still having a bit of vanilla peeking out (not enough vanilla to show up in this recipe, though). And it works, lots of volume here. Lingering powdery but not chalky or overly dry sweetness. Just a super fun flavor to play with.

Created: October 02, 2019 (over 1 year ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(WF) Chews Candy SC
(TPA) Energy Drink
(SC) Grape
Total flavoring: 6.0% Steep Days: 3 Best VG: 70% Temperature: 420
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