This recipe is a Work In Progress.

It might be amazing, but its creator doesn't think it's finished yet.

My entry for mixer's club from the reddit diy ejuice for dec '18. I was surprised by the reception that was positive. This is still a work in progress because I feel like there's still some places I'd like to take this especially based on the feedback I got.

FA Gin & Blackcurrant. This started right out of the box with a pairing of FA Gin and Black Currant. If you want a simple berry cocktail, I'd try FA gin at 2% with Black currant at 1%. I enjoyed this for some time because I felt the citrus notes gave me a grapefruit-y feel and I decided to pursue that in adding the next layers. To me, this has been my base start for all my gin drinks. FA Gin is described as juniper heavy and booze light. I love it. i bumped it up to 3% here because at 2% with the other flavors it just wasn't shining through enough. In simpler mixes, I always keep it at 2%.

CAP Mixed berry & TPA DragonFruit - This was added to give a nondescript boost to the berry flavor in the profile and add a touch of sweetness. DF was added because the whole thing got too dry. You could probably swap the MB with different fruits for a change and DF out with whatever you prefer to use to add juiciness. I went with tried and true and it worked fine enough I didn't feel the need to uncover those rocks.

CAP Sweet Guava - added to boost the grapefruit notes, sweetness and to play off the berries. I think it worked well here and probably wouldn't swap it out, myself. It maybe wasn't as successful in boosting the grapefruit notes as it was in just making this a more rounded vape.

INW Lemon Mix & FA Lime Tahity CP - This ratio (0.25:0.5) is my standard lemon/lime wedge for drinks. It's aggressive and lasts through a steep, (though the lime fades more for me). This is swappable in my opinion. DIY, baby.

Coolant - I felt Polar blast worked well here. Adjust to taste.

Variant: Adding 2-3% VT Botanical Gin and lowering FA Gin to 2% makes this a much boozier vape. Adding 2% VT tonic water for a more realistic cocktail taste but without that effervescent pop.

Enjoy and leave feedback/suggestions as you like. It's always appreciated.

Created: December 09, 2018 (over 2 years ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(FA) Blackcurrant
(TPA) Dragonfruit
(FA) Gin
(CAP) Harvest Berry
(INW) Lemon Mix
(FA) Lime Tahity Cold Pressed
(FA) Polar Blast
(CAP) Sweet Guava
Total flavoring: 9.5% Steep Days: 1 (SNV) Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
User: JTHerman Score: 5 Entered: about 2 years ago
This is my buddy’s favorite mix, and it’s the best gin recipe I’ve come across. The fruit flavors are a phenomenal blend. To get the full cocktail effect I use 3% VT Botanical Gin, 2% FA Gin, and 2% VT Tonic Water. That’s the most realistic gin recipe I know.
User: ID10-T Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
These one is FIRE. I don’t know that it’s all that realistic because FA Gin is pretty much just juniper flavor and this is FA Gin forward and missing that real boozy liquor taste and botanicals besides just juniper. But that berry-citrus-cooling combined with that juniper is just too good to put down. The mixed berry gives it a nice sweet, almost syrupy base for those top notes to play on but it doesn’t stand out and taste like harvest berry calling attention to itself. And then the clean, cool finish. Just lovely. I think the depth of the Sweet Guava is really making this work. Makes me want to see what else could be done with Gin and Sweet Guava.