A lusciously creamy yogurt Panna Cotta crested with fresh pomegranate rubies.

FA Pomegranate & Bilberry
A perfect interpretation of fresh pomegranate. The slight bitter notes, inherent to the fruit, sets it apart form TPA's sweeter version. The tartness here is well balanced by the sweetness to create an authentic, syrupy pomegranate syrup. The addition of a smidgen of FA Bilberry deepens the dark fruit layer and rounds the pomegranate off beautifully.

Panna Cotta
The principle character of the Panna Cotta is my new friend, JF Bavarian Cream. At 4.5%, it is an astounding bav cream and mimics a delicate custard with bright, ultra smooth, vanilla notes. The texture and creaminess on the exhale is phenomenal and replicates a traditional Panna Cotta with ease.
The CAP Creamy yogurt adds just a pinch of smooth yoghurt creaminess, whilst imparting the slightest yoghurt note to keep the Panna Cotta interesting.
INW Shisha boosts the authentic vanilla notes of the bav cream, resulting in a wonderfully vanilla forward panna cotta.

Give this baby at least 5 days to rest.

Created: November 19, 2018 (over 2 years ago)

% Vendor Flavor
(JF) Bavarian Cream
(FA) Bilberry
(CAP) Creamy Yogurt
(FA) Pomegranate
(INW) Shisha Vanilla
Total flavoring: 8.25% Steep Days: 6 Best VG: 0% Temperature: 0
User: MrBurgundy Score: 5 Entered: over 2 years ago
I’m not gonna lie, I was worried about 4.5% JF Bavarian Cream. Turns out it’s pretty delicious. I don’t get any off notes from it or anything. With the touch of CAP Creamy Yogurt in there, the cream takes on a tangy edge. The body is a little on the thin side, but it allows for the fruits to really fill the recipe out. FA Pomegranate brings its tangy sweetness to the table. FA Bilberry darkens the fruit and plays on the spicy floral notes in Pomegranate. Really deep flavors keep me coming back for more. Good work, Rudi!