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Alright so let me preface with this.....it's a weird flavor that I'm probably crazy for trying to create. Again its weird and odd, but came out good enough that I thought I should share it with the world.

It's a sweet potato and brown sugar chip covered in dark chocolate.

The chip - after getting FLV Yam in my first thought after tasting was those new sweet potato and brown sugar Sun Chips, so I figured why the hell not. At 1% it seemed to be enough to get sweet potato but not overtake everything into sweet starch. It needed help so CAP Cereal 27 at 2.5% adds some grain to it, and INW Biscuit at 0.5% for a bit of crunch. Add a little TFA Brown Sugar Extra and a touch of FA Caramel and BOOM! Sweet potato and brown sugar chips.

The chocolate - I wanted a dark chocolate for my coating and HS Australian Chocolate and I have a lot of history so it was my go to, but a little FLV Milk Chocolate keeps it from going dry and chalky. I feel the tiny bit of FA Caramel helps to bridge the chip and the chocolate a bit as well.

As far as steep? Shit I can't really answer that. I mixed this up and stayed far away from it until I got ballsy enough to try it. It's had about 3 weeks and I'd say that's plenty. I'm sure you can get by with a week steep. Good luck and god speed.

Name inspired by the band The Dali Thundering Concept.

Rhubarb, orange, basil gin

I wanted too make something with flavor
monks gin, and I went with gin orange.

This was pretty much a firstly timer, and I might change it a bit, but as it is, it’s quite what I wanted.

I know there probably aren’t many people who got the flavor monks gin, but if you do, give it a try😁🍸

Please note Lemon Lime is (JF) Lemon Limed

I have not seen the (INW) Eucalyptus and Mint used much and could not find any notes (but I wrote some) but it works a treat in this recipe.
The main notes are eucalyptus and lemon, followed by the lime and sweetness of the honey. This mix is smashing in a tank, just the thing needed for colds and flu. The picture does the recipe justice, feel free to lower the Eucalyptus % if it frightens you. Shake n vape or a couple of days mate!
*my notes on (INW) Eucalyptus and Mint.
The Eucalyptus is strong and is perfect in a candy based lozenge r liquid that requires a strong presence of eucalyptus.
I've used it at 1.5% and at 1.75%, I settled with 1.5% in the recipe I made.
If you've ever opened up a bottle of eucalyptus oil to drop onto a tissue, put into a steam bath or used it as a sticky adhesive remover, this INW Eucalyptus and Mint is on par with that and just as strong. Although I can't taste the mint, I believe it's presence is for a cooling effect.
It pairs well with lemon, lime and honey.

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classic British scone smeared with a bright strawberry Jam and finished off with a light vanilla whipped cream.

Created by myself, Nevans.

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A pink and blue Slush ice blast with cooling.

Created by myself, Nevans.

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strawberry watermelon syrupy slush with cooling and the slightest touch of mint.

Created by Myself, Nevans.

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A thick lavish creme anglaise swirled with dark butterscotch, a real all day vape in my eyes.

Created by me, Nevans.

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The OG Honeycomb custard!

Thick creamy custard smashed with honeycomb throughout, not one person who has tried this mix to date has given negative critisicm.

Created by myself, Nevans.

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Tropical and refreshing, ... like a cold brewski on a summer night......

So I have been on a Vapable Alcoholic drink kick here lately, trying to indulge alittle more on the adult side of the house, getting away from the desserts and candied flavs... this Recipe is very simple even a caveman could do it.. lol

Main Profile is Orange, the FLV Blood Orange and Orange citrus played well together on this portion of the recipe.....i wanted the Vodka to be balanced and not to over powering everything to this point worked very well together,,,added FLV sweetener to give that OJ a little pop and topped off with WS23 to cool it down ...this is definitly a shake and vape recipe should be G2G right off the shake