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bangin dead simple lemon cookie recipe

a y v líquidos

Just an explosion of sweet and sour fruit. So good shake and vape it. This is a summer mix you don't want to miss out on. Trust me its kick ass.

I love grape. I've tried to make a good grape countless times and it just never worked. I wanted a jolly rancher kind of grape and nothing quite matched that level of purple... This, however... This is purple. The WF Grape Candy (Sour) is the magical flavor here. This is why my other attempts didn't work... If you like a good grape vape that's nowhere near natural, try this. Also - smell it. It's childhood. 💜

Sweetener is at your discretion. I added 0.5 SS

This might be more realistic with FA butterscotch at .5%
I use Pur Super sweet at .5% but you can use cap or FW at .75%-1% pur just doesn't have In it and That's a little more concentrated.

WIP: A 'Green' energy drink flavor, unfinished but good flavor!

Drink recipe: Almond Liqueur (Amaretto) + sour mix { simple syrup, lemon juice, optional citrus soda }

Almond liqueur: Almond Amaretto + Cherry Extract + Kentucky Bourbon (Adds to 'boozy' profile)

Sour mix: A tart citrus punch profile using cactus, lemon sicily and other citrus flavors [ + optional Sour Solution : replace w. WF Sour Ball Candy?]

This is my favorite blue raspberry recipe so far. FYI, I actually used central vapors Blueberry in this recipe and it turnout

Wow this tastes almost identical to (The Fix) from Twisted Tongue 👅 ejuice except the fix is a strawberry cheesecake that tastes like strawberries and cream and this tastes just like that but a little sweetener and imo better! Tested on a wasp nano rda. This recipe gets better with age so at least 3 days before you crack the bottle.

This is my attempt at a Yoplait style Kiwi Strawberry yogurt.
I started with the Kiwi's and FW Kiwi is a good natural Kiwi and FA Kiwi adds that contrasting candied kiwi flavor. For my strawberry trio I like Cap Sweet Strawberry, Tpa Strawberry (Ripe) and Wf Strawberry Gummy Candy. Now for the difficult part the yogurt, I wanted a full yogurt flavor with a slight sour yogurt taste. I settled on TPA Greek Yogurt with FW Yogurt and then I added WF Buttermilk to help with filling out the yogurt and because it has a sour taste to it. FLV Sweetness works great in this because it helps keep the yogurt creamy and sweet. Give it a few days to steep and allow all the flavors to settle and blend.

One of my first loves in vaping was Kilos Dewberry Cream . Since 2015/16 I have recreated the liquid over and over this will be my final time . The Combination of Honeydew with Blueberries and Strawberries is amazing. Vanilla Swirl helps bring all the fruits together and the FV ( thick) rounds out the cream part . Honeydew/ Strawberry /Blueberry together create Dewberry...I do have another Dewberry recipe I enjoy as well but that recipe uses a couple flavors that a lot of people dont use. I remade this to share so others can mix ...Hope you enjoy