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3212 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Time for something fruity. Mixed this up on a whim and very pleased with the results. Enjoy everyone.

Made for "Live Mixing: DAAP Filled Custard"

Just best damn strawberry Cheescake ice cream vape. Taste is a ripened strawberry flavor. balanced to perfection from what you from real Strawberries. Mixed at 60/40 Steep 3 days.

This is my Adv. I vape about 180 ml of this a week. Mostly in the fall thru the winter. Very good with coffee. I like it off the bat. But it seems to age very well. After 5 days very good. Mix at 60/40. Been making this recipe for about 5 years. Absolutely my all time favorite vape. Give it a try. It's nice and sweet. Taste like a wonderful light vanilla caramel coffee. The biscuit is optional. I just like it cause it adds a bit of grain to the texture that I enjoy.

The butter tart ... the quintessential Canadian dessert!

Most of these tarts contain raisins, but to that I say NUTZ! A Pecan to be exact. Pecan tarts are my absolute favourite and I could probably live on these if they didn't contain about a million calories each.

Version 2, Removed CAP VC1 and replaced w/ INW Custard, Added sweetness with Brown Sugar and added Pie Crust for more texture.

INW Biscuit / TPA Pie Crust / CAP Sugar Cookie - Make up the flakey goodness that is the outside pastry of the tart.

FW Butter Pecan / INW Custard / CAP Butter Cream / TPA Brown Sugar - The sweet gooey deliciousness that makes up the inside of the tart

FA Hazel Grove - Just gives the impression that you are biting into a nut that tops the tart.

This recipe benefits greatly with additional Acetyl Pyrazine - I add .5 - .75 which adds additional flakiness to the pastry.


A thick pumpkin spice cheesecake.

TFA cheesecake and TFA graham cracker are in there to help bring the crust out in a sea of creams.

FW Yogurt helps add some tart to the creams, making the cheesecake much more authentic.

INW Custard is the only flavor that I could find that counteracts the two pumpkin flavors' flavor thinning properties. It also makes this a shake and vapeable recipe.

This is my second version of pog. I named it expensive pog because I'm only using flavorah in this bitch.
As with all my recipes don't sweeten to 1% if you aren't about that life.

Tastes like vacation, not vacation with the kids and wife... The one you go on with your mistress. Sweet orange body with undertones of vanilla, mango, kiwi, and strawberry.

aka Pretend Prickly Pear

I hadn't used CAP Cantaloupe, TPA Honeydew or TPA Marshmallow since my first flavor order, wanted something nice and fruity, a farewell to summer on these lingering warm October days. Ironically, I enjoy melon vapes more than the actual fruits, at least these two, though I do love me some watermelon.

I've never had the privilege of enjoying any prickly pear fruit, however, based on the descriptions and not being able to call it a fruit I've had, I settled on naming it Morty's Mega Melon Meltdown, aka Pretend Prickly Pear, because "A melon-esque gum vibe" just didn't have that same ring to it.

Cantaloupe is the main note here, blending with honeydew nicely, and the cactus adds a whole extra juiciness and intriguing fruit note. Banana Cream is here for a nice, creamy, tropical supporting note for the melons, Blueberry I honestly threw in initially for the hell of it, I figured it'd sweeten it a bit and blend right in and it definitely does. Marshmallow adds a lovely texture, nice and fluffy, and it's this fluff coupled with the juiciness of the cactus that gives me what I'll call a "natural bubblegum" mouthfeel.

It's great as a SnV, but I think a few days are required for everything to coalesce and for the fullness of the vape to really come through.

Feel free to add a touch of E.M. or Sweetener to your preference!

As always, any suggestions, tips, ideas, reviews, criticisms, etc are most welcome! The more feedback, the tastier the vapor!

If you enjoy this mix, split some off and try adding 1% of CAP menthol for a surprisingly refreshing experience!

Here it is!

Cinnamon Apple Waffle Cookie Thingy!

So this is based on my Waffle Butter Cookie Thingy recipe, y'all gave me some great advice and I listened.

I subbed Butter Cream with CAP Sweet Cream this go round, and I dropped the percentage down to 1%.

I also lowered the Brown Sugar signifcantly to .5%, it's much better this way. I formally apologize for anybody's throat that may hurt from using Brown Sugar so high the last go round.

Big thanks to MlNikon (Emily) for suggesting the PUR Country Apple (and being the best mixer on planet earth, seriously check out her recipes!). This flavor is amazing. I wish I would have found it sooner.

If you want to see the reasoning for using the rest of the flavors just check out my first Waffle Cookie Thingy recipe.
It's good if you add a drop or two of CAP Super Sweet, but doesn't really need it if you don't want it.

This recipe (unlike the other iteration) is made to be an ADV, not just to be able to vape with the morning cup of joe. It's much lighter, fruit forward, and actually maybe even more delicious.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated if you can: inbox me, leave a review.... anything. I appreciate feedback and pointers very very much and everybody's advice and criticisms help me out ALOT. Thanks guys, hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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