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9542 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I was asked for a simple grapefruit juice by someone I mix for, and I thought this would work.



Mango, berry and cereal smoothie with coconut milk. Once blended, its not certain what variety of the ingredients you will taste at what time. A breakfast smoothie to perk the senses.


This tastes GOOD right off the shake!
This was an impulsive mix, first version, off the top of my head that tastes pretty damn good!

It kinda tastes like you put a red, a yellow and two pink chews in your mouth at the same time and got real busy in the chewing department..

It's a fun mix, interesting how you can pick up on the different notes at different times. It's got a nice texture, it's soft and pink and slightly chewy, the cherry and strawberry are somewhat combined and sit atop the "chew" base and towards the second part of the exhale the citrus notes come through, they are a nice mix together - lemon lime and orange. The apple I can taste more after the exhale.

This sounds complicated and I wasn't sure how this would turn out to be honest but I am really enjoying this and it's a wonderful candy vape without being way overpowering and in your face. This is really interesting how these flavours play off each other. SSA Juicy cherry is really nice in this mix. This flavour would pair so well with coconut.

If you've got these flavours, give this a mix and tell me what you can taste! This is a fun and fruity mix for sure!

Super Sweet is totally optional, for reference, I added it at 1% like I do with most candy or soda recipes, but you can add less, or more, if thats your thang. Enjoy :)

Update: After 1 day steep the citrus notes are more prominent over the pink notes and I may try and balance this out, this mix continues to surprise me!

FA Caramel = SSA Milk & Caramel Cream

This is a gold.

I’ve been working on a pudding stone that give that “homemade” flavor.

FLV Vanilla Pudding for the base, VT Pudding Base for some cooked notes/depth, and FLV Milk & Honey for that flavor that I can’t describe in a vanilla pudding.

FA Butterscotch is the focus of the butterscotch with the SSA Milk & Caramel Cream adding some funk and extra gold goo to this recipe.

I’m getting a dense, dark gold pudding just like someone’s grandpa would love for their wife to learn how to make.

I love a good 3-2-1 mix. This one's nice and simple and perfect for those cool fall days.

FW Butter Pecan is the real star of this show. It's an excellent pecan flavor with rich notes of caramel and butter.

CAP Vanilla Custard is rich and creamy and brings just the right amount of egg. It mixes excellent with the buttery rich pecan .

For the crust we just need a little bit of INW Biscuit. It's a dry bakery note with a good amount of butter and it works well with both the pecan and the custard.

Sweeten to taste.

Watch the Video Here:


OOO Chocolate Milk is a REEEALLY good base for this chocolate milk shake profile. It has a nice milky dairy note and a subtle hershey's chocolate syrup note.

LB Vanilla Ice Cream is going to be our ice cream note. It's a little eggy, which is perfect for an ice cream. You won't get any notes of pepper from this flavor.

Our cake note is JF Yellow Cake. Yellow Cake i a nice sweet bakery note, it's a bit dry but it blends up nicely with the dairy and chocolate notes.

Sweeten to taste.

Watch the video here:


Simple, yet delicious 123 composed of peach, strawberry and blueberry. Sweeten to taste.

! I USED THE ! Chemnovatic "Lemon Cream Wafer".
! NOT THE ! SA "Lemon cream"

I never tried Dinner Lady Lemon Tart.
So I am not trying to get close to anything but what I myself like.
Chefs were out of other size's than 100ml and I wasted more or less 70ml's of it before it started to make sense.

I publish two recipe's with the Chemnovatic Lemon Cream Wafer.
Lots of vanilla in this one.
Do not crank it up to high in temperature,
it tends to loose the bakery and put the lemon/lime to the front

I noticed the flavors Almond Custard and Almond Cookie, so it made me wanna have some almond custard.
Searching pictures on the net I saw "Honey Almond Custard". Hmm, sure, a smidge of honey can absolutely make this pop.
But the flavor did not really want to pop till I introduced the Meringue and the Maple Syrup.
Still dry tho.
Golden butter did the trick.
So i introduce to you.
Lush, moist and flavorful.
Honey Almond Custard.
Goes trough some funkiness.
Let it sit for a week and it is art.

A couple years back I met this vaper at a construction site and he told me to get "one shots" from chefs flavors in England.
One of my wife's and mine big favorites became "Custard Cream".
I got an urge for it a while back, and thought to myself that it can't be that hard to make something like it.

Development notes.
There are no development notes.
I slapped this together first try and it was perfect.

The perfect vape for a custard lover.
Cookie good.
Biscuit good to.
Custard oh my gosh that's good good.
French vanilla good yummy good.
There you go.
Let it at least steep over night.
A week very good.
Two weeks very very good good.