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This stuff is super weird ... and a little bit addictive. Sweet, salty, spicy, sour ... and it annihilates vaper's tongue. Shock your palette and get flavors working right again. Pretty cheap, too.

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I've been tinkering with this recipe for about six months now, every time I get it close to where I want, I end up going back to fine tune it and it becomes something else entirely, then I give up for a while. But to be honest, I'm never really happy with any of my recipes. I call this Samoa For Chris, since Chrisdvr1 has been working on a Samoa for a while.

Recently I sent this version out to Krucial and ID10-T who are very happy with it, so if you don't like it, blame them.

Review by ID10-T: "If you try it too soon, it tastes like eating delicious Samoa cookies, box and all. But if you are patient and steep it for a month, the box disappears and you're left with something that'll make Chrisdvr cry himself to sleep because he couldn't get this done. Rage has harpooned Chris' white whale. And reduced my need to interact with girl scouts."

I believe Australian Chocolate(HS) and Chocolate Cream(HS) make the perfect chocolate combination, and can be used in a number of ways together, adding in Custard(FA) to the Oak Milk to the Cookie, Sugar Cookie(CAP) and Graham Cracker Clear(TFA) helps make a soft cookie base combined with the Toasted Marshmallow(TFA), which also helps bring the Coconut Candy(TFA) closer to coconut shavings.

I might tweak it a bit more, and remove the JF Cookie and Oakmilk since they are the weak links in the recipe, and also cause the month long steep time. But some people think it's fine after a week.

FA Beer = HS Beer; HS Beer was not available from All The Flavors.

Modeled after my Dad's Cherry Mocha Stout beer. I believe this is a good representation and surprisingly tasty!

The key players here are HS Beer (Bitter, yeasty, dark, effervescent, DRY) and FLV Lovage (WET, earthy, vegetal, smooth); if you’re going for a darker beer I highly recommend getting RF Molasses (Dark, sweet, thick, tasty). I did try champagne (too watery/boozy, didn’t compliment the flavor), FLV Beer Nuts (way different than what we’re going for here), and FA Joy (yeast aspect was nice but it was making it too dry and kinda weird). If I had to categorize this vape, I would lean it more toward ‘Earth’ than I would ‘Beverage/Cocktail.’

A nice tropical fruit blend in light whipped cream. This is a very unique blend that will keep your taste buds intrigued.

This recipe has been entered in a contest: EM v Kopel

Simple and juicy aloe peach drink. If you can think of a way to integrate an impression of those little chunks of aloe, please comment suggestions below!


If you've ever had a peach-glazed pie, you know it is a sweet juicy treat! When I was a kid, my mom used to get them at "Hahn's Bakery" which closed a long time ago. After a 2-3 week steep(3 weeks or more is optimal), this is the most authentic peach-glazed pie I've ever tried in vape form. Somewhat strong crust, but with my taste buds, I usually find peach pie to carry more of a crust flavor than cherry, blueberry, etc.


The Crust:

I'll start with the easy part. TFA Pie Crust is used here at 1.5%. At 1% I had a very hard time even tasting it. But once you hit the right percentage, it's dead-on accurate!

The Peach Glaze:

In order to achieve this, it was necessary to form the peach using several flavors. INW Peach has an almost 'nectar' like quality that added to the part I found lacking in FLV Peach. And the FLV Peach was used due to its' authentic fresh quality. I still found the peach portion needing a boost, and CAP Sweet Mango added that fleshy, sweet aspect to finish it out.

The Extras:

What can I say? I love brown sugar. It goes so well with peaches, pears, apples.... you name it! Brown Sugar makes ANY bakery taste better!

FLV Rich Cinnamon is a SUPER concentrated flavor and not for the heavy-handed! Just a touch is needed! That's not a suggestion. It's expensive, but believe me, as concentrated as it is, it will last a HELLUVA long time. It's used here at 0.15(equal to 3 drops). Any higher and it will ruin the mix. Due to its' high concentration, A STEEP IS NEEDED. At least 2-3 weeks, if not more. Try to vape this any sooner and all you will taste is cinnamon. FLV flavorings are rarely SNV flavorings and to use them as such is a disservice. It took me awhile to get that through my thick head.

The Enhancers:

FA Liquid Amber is a great way to give fruits that "baked/cooked" flavor. This is something you want in your flavoring arsenal.

CAP Super Sweet is added of course, to wrap up the whole dessert in sugary goodness!.

65-70% VG recommended

2-3 week steep recommended.

No substitutions recommended. I don't know what to tell those of you who aren't willing to spend 11-12$ for the FLV Rich Cinnamon. There is nothing out there like it. And if you don't spend the money, you will have no idea of the perfection you're missing.

If anyone creates this recipe 'as is' with no subs, please try to remember to rate/review it & give it how ever many stars you think it deserves. Thanks & happy mixing!!

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Respect mixers, they are not your ticket to success...They are your friends.

You may not reproduce this recipe for commercial sale. This action is strictly forbidden

My Remix/Clone of Liquid State Apple Butter, a juice I've long loved, whose sweetener content left my coils just like my heart-black and rotten. I wanted a similar taste, without all that damned sweetener, and I believe I was able to achieve it. I post very few of my recipes, but I ask you to please try & rate, as it helps us all!

CAP Graham Cracker/TPA Graham Cracker (clear)/FA Apple Pie - This is not so much a crunchy crust, as utilization of the spice notes to construct a contrast to the sweetness of the fruit. It gives the flavor that multidemensional layering that is the key to keeping a vape interesting, for my tastes at least. Don't mind the high % of CAP GC, it just works here.

JF Fuji/TFA Pear/FA Liquid Amber - Nothing to special here besides the JF Fuji. FA fuji never sat well with me, and I would usually mix it 50/50 with CAP Double Apple when pursuing this profile. JF Fuji is much more balanced and moist. Liquid Amber is obvious, just for the cooked/carmelization of the fruits. The Pear brings the sweetness and rounds off the Apple, as well as acting as a bridge with...

CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream- An amazing ingredient, one that is a must in any fruit/cream hybrid, used here for it's ability to bring a light vanilla flavor, but not muddy the recipe with too much cream.

DF Clove- I'm putting this in many of my fruit recipes as of late, but it's at home with apple. Again, it provides a counterbalance to the sweetness, helping with the aforementioned multidimensionality. (ok not sure if that's a word but fuck it I'm on my tablet, in the bathtub, after another accidental Ambien @2am)

I sincerely hope you enjoy this!

Milk and honey Remix Version 2. To me the first version measured next to real thing had more of that Graham cracker flavor and just a hint of Peanutbutter. So I switched from Graham cracker Clear TFA to FW Graham cracker @8% which seems high but works really well in this recipe and lowered the TFA Peanut butter to .5%. This recipe taste almost 1:1 of the original MH after a 7 day Steep.
If you want it sweeter and .25 cap super sweet.

A nice Pomegranate Lemonade with a little Lavendercandy Twist.

Key Lime for a little push of the Pomegranate, you can sub with 0.5% Lemon Sicily by FA

Ladies and Gentlemen. Enter Citrus Fresh for Satan.
This recipe is 100% SNV Certified.

What to expect:
A beautiful explosion of citrus in your mouth hole. Orange is the main profile, accentuated, brightened, softened and perfected by Cranberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Peach and Ripe Strawberries.

Flavor Notes:
Purlium's Cranberry Orange is the cornerstone flavor of this recipe, providing an ultra realistic orange with a hint of rind and a splash of crisp cranberry juice. On it's own, it's too much. But in this recipe we've bridged the flavor and brought out it's true potential.

TPA Raspberry Sweet brings opposition to the realistic Cran/Orange, bringing a bright and defined sweet flavor to the mix. However, these two flavors don't bond extremely well. I needed a bridge to bring cohesion, returning direction and focus to the cornerstone. For that, I chose TPA Strawberry Ripe.

TPA Strawberry Ripe acts as a flavor bridge, and also bends and softens the brightness that Raspberry Sweet brought to the party.

Purlium's White Peach brings more softness and mouth feel to the mix by accentuating the warm undertones possible with the Cran/Orange. It's absolutely delightful when used in this way and I encourage you to try it. Many people report white peach having some substantial throat hit, but I really dont get that from Purlium's rendition. If you've sworn off white peach, consider trying this one. For me. And for Satan.

CAP Super Sweet is optional, but it does lend itself to adding some serious fidelity to the high notes of this somewhat complex mix. Plus, fucking CAP Super Sweet. Right?

CAP Juicy Lemon is 1/2 of the commitment to the yellow god of fruit. It's brought to this mix to bring some light to the exhale, again reminding you that you're in citrus hell, you're happy here, and even if you could leave, you'd never consider it in a million years. Smile. You're home.

FA Lemon Sicily is the second half of that lemon commitment. I tend to use it just about every time I drop Juicy Lemon. I've even considered mixing the two bottles in the future. I think these two lemons were made for each other and are both extraordinary at complimenting each other. Some of you might question the 20%, as it's kind of taboo. Please feel free to tone down everything a bit, but keep the core balance in alignment. So, if you take down something by a certain percentage, bring the other flavors down respectively.

Please enjoy. Think for yourself. The brightest star you see should always be thee.

Mango lemonade, best lemonade I've had to date... these flavors play off each other beautifully. This mix is bright, tart and very flavorful, not powdered mix shit, this is more full bodied freshly juiced mix. I mix this max VG, but taste great all the way down to 80 VG for RTAs.


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