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3630 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found


Vanilla Cupcake Hazelnut. I made this on a whim not using percentages, more like 1ml of this, 1/2ml of that... and it tasted so good like an amazing candy rainbow that I need to nail down. So I'm working on it.... It's something like this.

So, if you can believe it, Walmart sells a strawberry cheesecake ice cream that's actually pretty damn good. This is my closest approximation of it. Before you turn your nose up at it, I've given out several samples of this and received nothing but good feedback. It's a very simple recipe, to be sure, but if you're looking for a creamy strawberry cheesecake this fits the bill quite nicely.

INW Biscuit does a nice job giving us the little crumbs of crust that are littered throughout the ice cream.
TPA Marshmallow, CAP NYCC, and TPA VBIC give a nice, sweet cheesecake ice cream without any sour notes and a thick, creamy mouthfeel.
FA Juicy Strawberry was my go-to here because it gives a sweet candy strawberry syrup flavor that stands up well by itself among the creams.

If you don't have Juicy Strawberry, you can probably get away with subbing a Strawberry Ripe/Sweet blend with emphasis on the sweet strawberry, but you'll lose some of the inherent juiciness that you get from FA. I don't think people who get pepper from TPA VBIC will be bothered too badly by it at 1% here, and I wouldn't recommend subbing CAP in because the slight spice that comes from TPA VBIC fills in the body that would be a little thin using NYCC alone at only 3%.

*Edit: I knew I had cribbed this cream base from somewhere, but couldn't remember where. I went back and looked, and I have to give credit to @Thadentman for his excellent work.

Sweet Virginia tobacco spiked with some peppery perique.

My original intention here was to just create perique, and I think I got pretty close to that, but then I realized that there’s a reason people don’t really smoke perique all by itself- it’s pretty intense.

There’s a somewhat fermented dark fruit taste with a peppery kick. For the dark fruit, I put a little splash of INW Dark for Pipe. To get a little bit of that fermented taste, FA Liquid Amber just seemed to make sense. To get a little bit of spicy, peppery kick, I’ve got INW Black for Pipe, FLV Kentucky, and FA Black Pepper. The Kentucky also helps give a bit of depth and body.

VAPers are pretty popular blends, so I figured I’d toss in some sweet Virginias. To get some authentic tobacco leaf taste in there, I went with the INW Virginia Tobacco Absolute. To get things a little sweeter, I went with HS Virginia. I think FLV Virginia would also work pretty well here in place of the HS. They are pretty similar in taste, but the FLV might have a bit more bite to it.

Definitely required a nice, long steep. I tried this final version after about 10 days and prepared to go back to the drawing board. Got busy with other things and tried it after a month and it was perfect.

A fig Bread Pudding with rum sauce.
Just in time for Christmas and New Years. This is particularly boozy for a shake n Vape, and delicious; however if you can let it steep for a few days for the pudding, fig, and rum to meld in with the dough of the bread pudding and sweet dough, it will be mind blowing. The pumpkin spice adds a perfect flavor for a holiday feel. I love this spice. No sweetener is needed for this, unless you just can’t live without it. 😀.
Peace to everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This recipe is one of my all time favs. If you enjoy Vanilla Custards you HAVE to put this juice in your line-up. It could easily be a Shelf Seller even without all the added sweeteners a lot of big brands pile into their juices. Before I started DIY I vaped a lot of Colossus by Cyclops Vapor, which is a bold delicious and very popular Vanilla Custard. When putting this recipe together I kept that Colossus flavor in mind and went for something a little more special with an added creaminess that you don't see coming nor do you know exactly where it's coming from. My special ingredient here is NY Cheesecake! If you vape this mix as a Shake n Vape it is still very good, but you can tell and taste that the Battle between the Cheesecake and Custard has just begun. After a 4 week steep the Vanilla Custard is the clear victor but the battle leaves behind a extra sweet, thick, and creamy coat of armor that the Vanilla Custard wears with the utmost respect! I am very proud of and love this recipe. The way my friends and family try to fight me over it if I have a bottle laying around, i'd feel confident in saying they love it too... I'd love to hear your feedback, just make sure you make plenty because after the 4 week steep it will not last long!

My attempt at a sweet apple cinnamon oatmeal cookie... I feel like I started in the right place and it's really good but it could be better with tweaking... Help me make this awesome!!! Thoughts and opinions are wanted and would be appreciated!

Strawberry I used was Succulent Strawberry by OSDIY, not in database. Requested a month ago. Nutmeg I used was from Fairies Finest; however, RF SC Nutmeg will work well too

Flavor notes:
Succulent Strawberry with the help of FA Liquid Amber provides the Strawberry type jelly inside the pastry. Also added to this is some nutmeg to blend with the Strawberry.
RF Deep fried Sponge Cake is the Pastry wrapping the strawberry. As I was not seeking a very cakey Pastry, all that was needed to boost this flavor was some FA Joy to give more of the fried feel.
As a topping I added OOO powdered Sugar and FA Whipped Cream.

This is my remix of Twelve Monkeys new liquid Harambae.

Their description of the profile is a tangy citrus unison of grapefruit highlights fused with lemon, lime, blood orange and refreshing guava undertones.

This was a relatively straightforward selection of flavours as the profile description is pretty detailed.

I selected Ruby red grapefruit as I find this doesn't have a bad throat hit as some of the other grapefruit flavours and gives the sweet grapefruit flavour which I get from the original juice.

I originally l tried flavor west blood orange as described in their profile description but from testing the original I can smell cap juicy orange in their mix.

The Cap juicy Lemon gives a Tart lemon note with some zest from the Fa lemon Sicily.

Cap sweet guava and Fa lime Cold pressed pick themselves and I feel the percentages here just bend the grapefruit and orange flavours to get pretty close to the original.

TPA dragonfruit is used just to help blend the flavours.

The original liquid seems to have quite a bit more sweetener than this so increase the Super Sweet to 1% to get closer to the original liquid.

This mix is good after a shake but best left a couple of days to reduce the inevitable throat hit from a citrus mix.

Hope you guys enjoy and any feedback or suggestions for improvements are welcome.

This is a remix based on the new Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble. I made this based on the profile before the commercial liquid was released so it isn't exactly as the original. However after getting a bottle of the original I think I prefer this mix.

Flavour Notes:

The Crumble Base

Fa Pandoro, Cap sugar cookie, Cap golden butter, Cap Cereal 27 and Cap graham Cracker V1

This base has been a work in progress for a good six months and is good to use as a base to layer other flavours in for your preferred Crumble recipe. (try it with 1.5% Flv apple filling)

The Pandoro and golden butter give the light cake / buttery element of the Crumble with the sugar cookie and graham cracker giving the biscuit notes.

Cereal 27 really helps to create the authentic Crumble flavour and also helps to meld the buttery and biscuit elements together.

The Blackberry Filling

TPA - blackberry works well on top of the Crumble base and give a vibrant jammy type of blackberry which sits nicely as the top note in this recipe. I find tpa's blackberry as three best choice for this recipe even though I don't think Dinner Lady are using it in their recipe. Fa blackcurrant is used just to add further jam like feel and texture to bend the blackberry into a cooked blackberry.


Super Sweet adds some sweetness and helps to add vibrancy to the mix

AP is not essential as there is a fair bit in the cereal 27 but this helps the texture of the mix and to help keep the layers separate.

Hope you guys enjoy and if you mix it up please let me know your thoughts

Moo E liquids Blueberry Milk Remix ......I Love Love Love Blueberries... but on a side note
yes there are 2 Hangsen Blueberries..However the 2nd One is actually Molinberry Blueberry as ATF still has not added it to the Lineup yet

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