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5566 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

A generous scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned with a shot of espresso and a trickle of chocolate...

The Espresso
Although my coffee base is strictly speaking not an espresso, I believe that this combination provides the full bodied coffee base which encapsulates the very best coffee has to offer. Until such time that someone creates a better coffee/espresso alternative, this will remain my go-to...
MF coffee, to me, is the pinnacle of all coffee concentrates and provides an authentic, robust coffee taste, boosted (pun intended) by a touch of FA Booster (tiramisu). I fell in love with this combo when I fist experienced Marietta by @RuntDastardly and have never looked back!

The Ice Cream
My go-to combo of LB VIC and HS FVIC is the perfect adornment to receive the dark, rich and smooth coffee shower. This combo combined the very best of CAP and TFA VBIC and unites them in a creamy, scrumptious union... Period.

The Chocolate
MB Glamour chocolate is the final touch and it sweetens our ensemble just a tad... The cocoa notes in the chocolate compliments the natural cocoa notes in the coffee beautifully and balances the overall taste experience.

This baby requires at least a 2 week hibernation, more if possible, for the coffee to adequately meld with it's new friends...

MF Coffee - Not recommended but FA Dark Bean (espresso) at 0.5 or INW Coffee at 2% can be used as an suitable alternative
MB Glamour Chocolate - JF Milk Chocolate at the same %

This is a chocolate milk vape. Requires 10 to 14 day steep, but it is well worth it. Nummy:)

This is an ongoing project of mine. I love the cranberry notes here. (If you get ocean spray from cranberry concentrates, don't mix this) For me, after ten days it develops into an enjoyable bakery. If this profile tickles your bun, give it a mix.

I've got an end of summer/beginning of fall, Minnesota head-cold... Hard to flavor test, vaping isn't even that much fun right now.
This morning I remembered an old recipe that I haven't mixed up in a while. Here it is:

This really (in my opinion) actually tastes like a lemon Halls cough drop.

Personally I bump the FA Polar Blast up to 1.25-1.5%

I mixed this to test if you could use capella gingerbread in a similar manner but with ginger notes. To be honest I really didn't think this would work and I would end up throwing out another 30ml worth of juice. Shake and vape worthy

This is a solid sweet cookie biscuit. that has a nice buttery cookie taste with some dark sugary notes

I have been messing around with flavor combos for this profile for a while, this is my favorite rendition so far. Its just a simple butter cookie with strawberry and imo its quite tasty. I will continue to mess around with this profile and different flavor combos since its such a tasty profile to experiment with, but this one i think was worth sharing.

This is my attempt at creating the biscoff cookies in vape form. they are buttery graham cracker type cookies with a bit of gingerbread and molasses.

This week's recipe is based on the picture of Biscoff cookies. Unfortunately this recipe is going to need a few weeks steep for all the buttery richness to fully come to fruition, so it's not a shake and vape, and I may be adjusting or adding to it later after I see how it steeps out. But so far the molasses and spice notes are at almost the right balance, so long as the DAAP components of several of these flavors steep out. It doesn't currently have a lot of Baked flavor, if those notes don't come out I may add some FA cookie or some VTA Biscuit base...but I was trying to use the least amount of flavorings I could to achieve the recipe taste I am looking for. Right now it's more like the biscoff cookie butter to me, which was also a recipe I wanted to do too. If the baked part doesn't come out enough after the steep I am going to consider this recipe to be the cookie butter version of these cookies, and will not down here in the description if I do anything to change it to make it more of a baked cookie.


You can omit the tobacco if you don't like it. I would add your favorite vanilla if you choose to do so.