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Created By: TakeMeToTheSea
Added On: 02/02/23
Published On: 02/02/23
Updated On: 09/27/23

1/30/23 WF Contest ~ Philly Dumpster Fire🔥

A boysenberry crumble dump cake with vanilla ice cream. I was having my doubts about this until everything began coming together by the 3rd day of steeping. WF Boysenberry Raspberry is a powerful flavor, but eventually blended in deliciously after a few days. As always, sweeten to taste.

MVP 5 - Plex 3D Coil 0.35 ohm @ 50W (DL)

Kroma Z - Z Coil 0.30 ohm - 34W (RDL)

Nord 2 - RPM Mesh Coil 0.4 ohm - 23W (RDL)

Thank-you Wonder Flavors, Frank & Lynda Marie for the contest.

Mood music while mixing - Wonderful One by Marvin Gaye (played over a dance scene with Fred Astaire & Rita Hayworth)

Comments & ratings are greatly appreciated here & in ELR🌷


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