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Created By: Sensory_Overload
Added On: 02/18/22
Published On: 02/18/22
Updated On: 05/23/23

FLAVOUR PROFILE - A devilish concoction of freshly picked, juicy strawberries blended into madagascan vanilla ice cream then sandwiched between 2 homemade buttery shortbread cookie’s

Ever since trying Philip Rocke’s strawberry ice cream sandwich a few years back I new one day I would have to tackle this profile and try and create something equally as delicious. Without coming across arrogant or biased,I believe this recipe is better thanks to the current offerings we now have in this particular profile category.

This recipe definitely benefits from a minimum of 7 days steep to allow everything to properly come together and layer up but can be S&V’d for a more strawberry forward vape. I actually have 2 versions of this recipe,both are equally as delicious, the 2nd version you can swap FA strawberry touch for WF strawberry gummy candy and swap FA vanilla cookie for FA cookie. Both of these changes are at the same percentage. If you enjoy this or any of my other recipes please be so kind to leave a short review and rating for other mixers to see. Take care guys and gals. 😀💙

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