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Created By: TakeMeToTheSea
Added On: 02/09/22
Published On: 02/12/22
Updated On: 04/26/23

11/8/21 Never Say Never Got a cluster waffle goin' on here.

First, hide your glucose monitor. Now make a waffle ~ Classic Belgian Waffle, BNB & Rice Crunchies Schmear on Nutella ~ Chocolate Waffle (Glamor chocolate, hazelnut, wafers) In ELR it's known as WW Waffle Next, a large unhealthy scoop of banana ice cream ~ Bananas Foster Force yourself to add whipped cream ~ Whipped Cream Shamelessly drizzle chocolate syrup ~ Chocolate Waffle & Bounty Dress it up with coconut & nuts ~ Chocolate Waffle, Bounty & Hazelnut DX Last, never look at your glucose monitor again.

I never ever thought I would make a recipe that exceeded 20%, but the recommended median % for most of this was quite high. I even tried for a 12% total flavor by cutting it all in half. That did not work at all. So, the lesson is never say never. As always, sweeten to taste.

Thank-you to DEVELOPED site, Discord group and videos for DIY info, help and discussion.

Innokin Ajax tank - Plex 3D Mesh Coil 0.35 ohm - 44W (DL) Innokin Kroma Z - Z Coil 0.30 ohm - 35W (RDL) Smok Nord 2 - RPM Mesh Coil 0.4 ohm - 23W (RDL)

Mood music while mixing - Never Make Your Move Too Soon by Joe Bonamassa (loud works well ๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ˜Ž)


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