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Created By: TakeMeToTheSea
Added On: 02/09/22
Published On: 02/12/22
Updated On: 02/13/22

12/15/20 I'm a 68 yr old gal from Miami, FL; tended bar from age 18-38; began making my own soaps & candles 12 years ago (obviously I enjoy mixing things, especially flavors & aromas); started vaping 10 years ago. In July I bought the Base Kit from Liquid Barn. I heard about that from Wayne & Jennifer on The Smokers Show with Phil & Dimi and got inspired. My vaping libraries are the DIYorD1E site, NOTED & Mixin Vixens. Thank-you Wayne, Jennifer, Emily, Cheeba and Dave. Couldn't have done it without you!

The actual Italian cookies have anisette & hints of lemon & orange peel so I was good with FA Anise & FA Catalan Cream. Catalan Cream adds the bit of spice, lemon and orange notes. I started trying the recipe with minor amounts of marshmallow. The Marshmallow buried the anisette flavor. I switched it out to Meringue. Much better! The Meringue helps give more of an impression of the powdered sugar that you roll the soft cookies in after baking for added sweetness. The Yellow Cake added softness to the Sugar Cookie. Added a light vanilla with Bavarian Cream. I think the Super Sweet is about right, but one can always adjust it to their liking.

Innokin Ajax tank - Plex 3D Mesh 0.16 ohm - 62W (DL) Innokin Kroma Z - Z Coil 0.30 ohm - 35W (RDL) Smok Nord 2 - RPM Mesh 0.4 ohm - 22W (RDL)

Mood music for mixing - Brucia La Terra by Andrea Bocelli


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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSugar Cookie 5
CAPSuper Sweet 1.25
FAAnise 2.5
FACatalan Cream 1.5
FAMeringue 1.5
JFYellow Cake 0.75
WFBavarian Cream SC 1.5
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:14%