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Nana Custard

A delectable banana cream custard supported by a savory graham cracker crust.

The Story:

As 2015 wound down, the vaping world was in the throes of a "custard craze." With box mods growing more powerful by the day, airflow designs expanding, and coils becoming ever more intricate, us hobbyists reveled in the era of cloud chasing. Custards were the rave; it seemed daily someone claimed to have concocted the new reigning king of custard.

However, there was a hitch—I wasn't a fan of custards. 😂 The heavier, richly egg-and-milk infused varieties made me feel queasy, and I couldn't imagine using them as my all-day vape. Amidst a landscape where brands competed to outdo each other with increasingly rich custards packaged in opulent glass droppers and sold at soaring prices, our approach remained grounded. We opted for practical plastic bottles and home-printed labels—no frills, just quality and consistency.

Determined to forge my own path, I decided to rework one of our top sellers at the time, Monkey Juice, into a banana custard that I could actually enjoy. The journey was fraught with trials and numerous failures. Struggling with my aversion to the typical egg-and-milk flavor profile, each failed attempt was harder to stomach than the last.

Then, breakthrough—it was perfect. After many trials, I finally crafted a banana custard that was both delightful and digestible, striking just the right balance to delight even a custard skeptic like myself. This creation wasn't just a personal victory; it marked a new direction for our flavors, one where uniqueness and personal preference triumphed over market trends.

"I can tell you that they really nailed it. This one is phenomenal."

###"I've been vaping the t*** off this in my Zephyrus and I just can't get enough of it"

Source: Youtube Review

That’s right, we had officially entered the Custard game. 😎

The buzz was electric—our Reddit reviews were glowing, sometimes even surpassing our expectations. We chose not to sell in stores, preferring instead a direct-to-consumer model that kept our operations more intimate. This connection to our customers wasn't just a business strategy; it was the heart of our brand. We lived by the pulse of community feedback, which not only sustained us but pushed us to innovate continually. Each rave review was a testament to our commitment, and every constructive critique a chance to refine and excel.

Inspired by this journey and the community that supported us every step of the way, I'm thrilled to now share the secret behind Nana Custard. For all the DIY enthusiasts out there, whether you’re a seasoned mixer or just starting your first batch, this recipe is for you.

Here’s how you can make your very own Nana Custard:

  • Vanilla Custard (CAP): 4% - The flavor was originally developed using V1, you can opt to use this more flavorful version if you don't mind a bit of diketone content. We swapped to V2 by mid-2016 due to all of the diacetyl concerns going around at the time.
  • Banana Cream (LA): 6% - This might not be the colorless version like we used. Dashvapes has the colorless version. Colorless will be easier on your coils/pods. I have a ton of this on-hand and can ship anywhere, just hit me up on my supporter page if you need help sourcing any of these.
  • Graham Cracker (Clear) (TFA): 4%
  • Cookie (FA): 1%
  • Sweet Cream (TFA): 1%
  • Sweetener (TFA): 0.5% - You can use Capella's Super Sweet at 0.25% if you already have that.

And that's the secret sauce—or should I say juice?—behind Nana Custard.

Now that you have the blueprint, it’s your turn to play mad scientist. Mix it up, make it your own, or even start a custard revolution from your home. Who knows, you might end up creating something that puts my concoction to shame! Share your creations, disasters, and everything in between. Let’s keep our coils buzzing and our taste buds guessing.

- John

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPVanilla Custard V2 4
FACookie 1
LABanana Cream 6
TPAGraham Cracker Clear 4
TPASweet Cream 1
TPASweetener 0.5
Conditioning Time: 0 Days Total Flavor:16.5%