Mixing Your Own Eliquid

Mixing your own eliquid is actually pretty easy, and once you get started, it can save you a lot of money.

This video by New Amsterdam Vape lays out almost all of the basics in a really helpful way:

This video by Enyawreklaw from DIY OR DIE is a great example of how to develop your first simple recipe:

Here are some great resources to buy supplies:

Flavors, VG and PG

Bull City Flavors

Flavor Jungle

Gremberry Farms

Nicotine Base

Note that nicotine is an addictive and dangerous chemical that should be handled with care, only

after educating yourself on the risks and procedures for handling it safely.

Reducing and ultimately eliminating nicotine from your mixes should be your goal.

Liquid Barn

Nude Nicotine

Vape Clarity


Bottles from 510 Central on Ebay

LB 501 Scale (Amazon.com)