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My entry for the #Developed2Banger challenge, this is my first public recipe.

It's summer so I am only vaping fruit/candy style stuff at the moment, so this was a bit of a challenge. Initially I was thinking what can I do with Wild Berry Gummy as I love that flavour but could not think of anything and after my previous mix worked out less than desired I was like what is a One Shot type of flavour I have in my stash and then EUREKA - 27 Fish and what would pair with it nicely my fav Wild Berry Gummy Candy.
Given it's a candy it must have super sweet and then Finito!


An ice cream mix with a tropical topping
Tested on a profile 1.5 with 0.13 Ohm Mesh at approx 100w

when I found out that hawaiian punch was originally created as an ice cream topping/Syrup I had to see if this would work in an Ice Cream profile.

WF Cotton Candy Jelly Bean added in at 0.5% just to turn the Hawaiian punch into more of a syrup along with Wild Berry Gummy Candy, at 0.75% this thickens it up a little and also adds some wild berries deep in to the background to add depth.

Hawaiian punch at 2% adds in the Hawaiian Punch topping, taken higher than this it starts to take away from the ice cream, 2% gives the perfect balance to this as a topping

FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream used at 4% to ensure that this excellent Vanilla ice cream punches through the other flavours, this is then thickend up with WF French Vanilla thick at 0.75%.

the only possible sub in this recipe would be for the ice cream. first choice would be WF VIC cloesly followed by LB VIC, however I expect this would also work with TFA VBIC.

My notes here are focused on helping newer mixers, how you can take a recipe and still mix with ingredients you may have.

This turned out excellent. It is not a traditional cheesecake, this is more of a summer cheesecake with syrupy jammy fruits. and a little crust.
If you love your super sweet, add in .25 to .5% no rule against it.
if you can't find Blueberry V2 from VSO, just use your fav blueberry, FW Blueberry is excellent.
Also, Raspberry from DV is delicious, but you can definitely sub with your fav raspberry. or a raspberry jam (vape train). or Raspberry Syrup (SSA) or WF Raspberry Gummy.
The cheesecake aspect, you need Strawberry Cheesecake from WF, it is a must is you love berries and creams.
The Digestive biscuit is giving the little crust needed for this and if you sub this, you could can't 1 for 1, but you could use a little graham cracker or shortbread biscuit/cookie. Any questions, please let me know. Tam Vapes


Get a box of Runts candy and pop a handful in your mouth! This is pretty yummy off the shake but will blend together even more with a day or 2 steep! Sweeten if you dare .....this is more than sweet enough for me as is :)

Graphic credit: https://www.melbournegraffiti.com/photos/pieces/Holmesglen/images/2sour_jpg.jpg

My dream for quite a while was to create a velvety smooth vape that is simple for the palette to enjoy day in day out.
Something with depth, with a symphony of my favorite dark syrupy berries complimented with a hint of deep cream to suit.

Aged bourbon cream by WF paired best with FA Vanilla Bourbon here & up against the delicious mix of berries here it's just wonderful.
Adding just a little Cap NY cheesecake helped the depth of those creams a little more and the FLV Vanilla pudding really helped to round this out for an almost silky like finish.

Take out the berries & add your favorite other cooked fruit if you like!
Maybe you might prefer Banana or some baked strawberries.
Give it a go!

But this is about the wonderful blend of berry notes that I enjoy and putting together, that's why Jammy Berry, Mora & Wild Berry Gummy feature here.

There are some things in this mix that need time to meld & grow a little. You can mix this off the shake but the real depth of smooth & bold flavour seems to come in at around Day 4 of the steep.

I enjoy vaping this on a 0.15 SST twin coil RDA build with around a 2/3 open airflow at 70W.

I hope you enjoy these "Velvet Dreams" as much as I did creating this lovely blend.
Let me know what you thought or how you adapted it to suit you, regardless keep having fun with the best hobby in the world & staying off them stinkies!

If you like you can see more of what I do via DIY Downunder on FB or You Tube!

Hopefully my goal is to have everyone get Squished by the end of 2021. Everybody needs to get Squished sooner or later. If you haven't got Squished, now is your time. A simple recipe. Just mix it up shake it and vape it. A squishy, gooey gummy type berry candy. Enjoy!!

Nothing crazy going on here. I got the new WF and Wild Berry Gummy was one of the first that I pulled out of the bag to test. It's got a great gummy mouth feel to it, so I decided to run with it.

Wild Berry Gummy forms the gummy base along with the candy jammy wizard. Forest fruit is there to boost the berry element. The candy wiz really helps to bring the two berries together as one entity.

Super sweet because it is candy after all.

Simple, flavorful, delicious


Wild Berry Taffy

Holy shit Nevans thank you for that Taffy Base

This is. Fantastic.

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