(WF) Vanilla Ice Cream SC

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Just got wf almond custard and wanted to make something with it.i came up with this recipe,its a good custard im liking it.

ɯɐǝɹƆ ǝɔI / ǝɔıɹoɔı˥ / ɹǝǝᙠʇooᴚ
Now admittedly I’m not big on licorice, but I do like root beer which has a bit of licorice taste in it, the Salmiak Liquorice works great in this mix at 0.5% for my taste....
Mixed 4/1/2021 (April fools day 🤷‍♂️)

Another mixer recommended Inw Green Joy and I went to work trying to make this profile. I am a fairly new mixer and not a lot of notes on Green Joy so here is what I came up with. All input is welcome.

Creamy and delicious (WF) Rootbeer float has a slightly anise note I find pleasant that pairs well with black cherry and the creams tone that down a touch ....


Vanilla Ice Cream, to enjoy on its own or use as a base to top with goodies. This is @ID10-T ice cream base with the new FLV Mangos on top!

For whatever reason, some of us suffer from pepper tasting. Where others taste delicious vanilla ice cream, we taste something like a hybrid of black pepper and oxidized nic. If TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream does not taste like pepper to you, ignore this recipe. Go vape TFA VBIC, you lucky ducky.

For some who can't enjoy TFA VBIC, Capella and Flavor West versions of VBIC are often offered as alternatives, but they're inferior, for most profiles, anyway. Perhaps you can enjoy LB Vanilla Ice Cream, though. If LB VIC does not taste like ice cream with some pepper in it to you, ignore this recipe. Go mix The Trinity Vanilla Ice Cream right now. It'll rock your socks!

But for the most unfortunate pepper tasters, even LB VIC has the some of the dreaded off-note. You might even have thoroughly enjoyed it the past, only to find that it's now starting to make you wonder whether your nic base is beginning to head south. Pay attention, pepper people, this one is just for YOU.

WF Vanilla Ice Cream provides the most authentic vanilla ice cream top note you're going to find, I think. TFA Vanilla Swirl tastes like soft serve, the shittiest form of ice cream there is, but it's got volume for days and it perfectly fills in a little dead space in the middle here. SSA Ice Cream Vanilla is literally the finishing touch, as a touch of it here provides a lingering, satisfying vanilla ice cream finish.

All exclusive Wonder flavors recipe all these flavors are so amazing and I love my cookie dough 😋 five day steep minimum.

This recipe was created in my 2nd episode of DIY all day vape Roulette on my YouTube channel Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews. I attempt to make a ADV in one sitting using %’s that I make up as I go with flavors I pick too toss together and hope to make something delicious. This is a great shake n vape that might need work. I appreciate any thoughts of how I can make this new recipe better only using the included ingredients and maybe swapping one or adding one flavor. Thanks Josh aka Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews

We have a delicious fresh waffle cone filled with awesome Vanilla ice cream and topped with a very satisfying Swiss Chocolate and mild peppermint sauce. My dreams of a tolerable chocolate vape have come true!

A very sweet, decadent Strawberry Ripple Ice Cream using all Wonder Flavors!
This is my first public recipe, & entry into the #DevelopedWF competition.
Off the shake, it's all strawberry & waffle cone, but over time, the ice cream should develop into a fairly rich, full mouth feel, ice cream-so patience is needed with this one!

WF Baked Strawberry (SC)-I absolutely love this concentrate! I think it makes a perfect jammy strawberry ripple!

WF Sugar Cone (SC)-Finding this concentrate recently, was quite the revelation-adding a small amount of WF Cannoli Shell (SC), I reckon, helps the Sugar Cone pop a bit more! They both combine, to make quite a nice old fashioned, traditional waffle cone.

For the Ice Cream-WF Vanilla Ice Cream (SC) wasn’t it for me on its own-so I’ve helped it along a bit with WF Vanilla Custard (SC), WF Buttercream Frosting (SC), & a tiny amount of WF White Fudge (SC). Hopefully, this combo “sells” the ice cream well! 🤞

I did have a couple of other concentrates in mind that would probably help the ice cream along a bit better, but this was also an exercise in making something all Wonder Flavors, from my existing stash only.
I don't generally use sweetener-you could add it if u really wanted/think you need to-but I don't think it needs it.

Hopefully you enjoy! I will definitely be playing with this more in the future, but, this is where it's at at this point!
Please feel free to provide any feedback-be it positive or negative...I'm totally open to that! Hit those comments up!!

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Please, do what you can to keep up with advocacy where you are at in the world-not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of the community...as well as for family, friends, colleagues & acquaintances who are still smokers...for those yet to find vaping...
use that "Google Foo people"
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Tested on: Recurve RDA; Stainless Steel Fused Clapton (24 X 2+40); 5 wrap; 3mm ID; @60W; (.15 Ohms); 510 Drip Tip; Vaporesso Gen S Mod😁

Mixed for DiyDownUnder FB group weekly challenge 24/01/2021

A peanut butter cookie & fudge ice cream

Tested on a Hadaly Rda
single coil Ni80 0.3 alien @40-50w

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